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Prussia and England are Vampires

"Could you get any more lame?" England asked his best friend and sometimes lover, Prussia.

"What? It's Halloween, isn't it written in the code book that we're supposed to go out and blend in with the normal humans?" Prussia asked, pulling on the belt that had the fake tail attached.

England blinked, Prussia did have a point, "But still, aren't we supposed to just dress normally?"

"We would stand out, everyone else dresses up and looks like someone they're not," he said as if it were a perfectly normal thing. "I even got a costume for you picked out." He stopped dressing and pulled out a rather Victorian-era outfit in teal blue. "I think you would look dashing in it."

"You just miss the Victorian-era," England pouted, but took the outfit and began changing.

"Can I help it that you were absolutely hot back then?" Prussia sat on the bed and began painting his nails. "Not that you aren't still absolutely hot, but there's just something about you in Victorian-era fashion that turns me on even more than normal."

"So you'll be ready to jump me as soon as we get back," England deadpanned.

"What's to say I won't jump you while we're out tonight?" Prussia said with a fang filled grin.

"Be good, Prussia, or I won't let you pick out dinner for the next decade," England threatened. And this was a threat because England usually choose the people with the worse tasting blood. Oh yeah, they were vampires, dressing up for Halloween. "What are you supposed to be any how?"

Prussia took a breath, unnecessary for anything but talking and smiled as he blew on his nails to dry the polish, "I'm an imp, of course." He pulled on the hoody that he had modified for this costume. It had two black pointed pieces stuck out of the head to make little horns.

"And should I even bother to ask what I am?" England said, painting his nails a blood red, guessing what he was already.

"A Victorian vampire, of course," Prussia said, wrapping his arms around the other vampire's waist.

"Of course," England said sarcastically. "That has to be the least original costume of all."

"Well, I could have made you an Edward costume, but I figured you'd stake me and you're cute with that cape," Prussia said, nibbling lightly on England's neck.

"Quit that, git, before you ruin your dinner," England said. "And you're right, if you had made me dress as one of those god awful excuses for vampires I would have staked you. When are we going to play with that woman anyways?"

"When you finally get up the nerve to cross the ocean," Prussia mumbled.

"It's not nerve I lack, you git, Americans are idiots as we've already discussed, and I don't want to interact with them," England said.

"And you contradict yourself every time you say that. You just don't want to run into that stupid American vampire, what was his name, again?" Prussia asked.

"His name was America," England said, breaking free of the hug to fix his hat. "And it's not so much I don't want to run into him, it's the fact that I might kill him, and it's poor form to kill one's own child unless they threaten the clan. As far as I know, and since I haven't heard anything different, he's not a a threat to us."

"Yeah, yeah," Prussia picked up to plastic buckets and a pillow case, which he shoved into his hoody's pockets.

"What are the buckets for?" England asked.

"Well, I figured we would do a little trick or treating and treat ourselves to dinner on the poor blokes that decide not to give us candy."

"But what are we going to do with the candy?" England asked.

Prussia thinks for a moment, "We'll donate it to an orphanage, anonymously."

England sighed, he suppose it was too much to ask for some sanity in Prussia's ideas, he was an old vampire, though not as old as England. And England realized his ideas weren't much saner, so he sighed and let it go, at least he was guaranteed dinner tonight. "Let's go."

"That's the spirit," Prussia said with a happy smile, grabbing England's arm and pulling him out the door.

There night was pretty successful, the were scolded by a few old ladies about being a little too old for Trick-or-Treating, but were given candy anyways because they looked cute in their costumes. England thought the night would be a bust.

"Come on, one more house, if we don't get dinner here, then I'll let you choose someone," Prussia said.

England sighed and agreed, reluctantly.

They went up to the door and Prussia rang the doorbell. "Trick-or-Treat!" they chorused with bright smiles on their faces. They held out the tubs.

"No," the old man said, "you're too old for Trick-or-Treating, I'm not giving any candy to you."

"No candy?" England asked, almost too hopeful.

"No, now get out of here," the man said. "Stupid kids."

As he was shutting the door, Prussia put his foot in it. "Now that's just rude," their demenor changed from the cute and innocent teenagers they had pretended to be all night, to the seductive predators of the night that they truly were.

"I'm hungry," England said, "won't you spare a bite?"

"What?" the old man backed away from the door as the two vampires opened it and strode inside.

Prussia sniffed the house, "Home alone, I see. And it doesn't smell like you get guests often."

The old man's eyes widened as he turned to run, only to be pounced on by England, "Didn't you hear, I'm hungry, and you're going to feed me."

Two pairs of fangs sank into the old man's neck and soon happy sucking noises could be heard from the teenagers that were not. The man passed out and never woke up again as the two vampires continue their meal.

England licked his lips and looked over at Prussia, "You are such a messy eater," he scolded softly, reaching over and licking the trickle of blood from Prussia's mouth.

"Good thing I have you to clean up after me, then," Prussia whispered, kissing his lover.

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