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Author's Note: Here' a scene that could be part of a good sci-fi America-centric fic. I did manage to sneak in some PrUK, in this scene. This is the only America-centric thing I'll probably ever write.

Morse Code

America turned away from his boss to the little morse code machine and began sending out the signal.

"P-L-A-N-Space-T-O-Space-T-A-K-E-Space-B-A-C-K-Space-E-A-R-T-H..." America spelled out as he tapped the little machine that he hadn't touched since the advent of telephone.

England, Prussia, and Greece were looking at maps with troop movements on them. Why Prussia and not Germany? They got split up somewhere along the way. Germany was with Italy and France back in Europe. Prussia had managed to bring a contingent of troops down into the Iraqi desert and met up with Greece and England.

Greece was glaring over at Turkey who was on the other side of their clearly on the other side of the imaginary line that divided the camp. They were only vaguely working together. Egypt was over there, too, with the other Islamic nations.

"There might be some reinforcements available here," England said, circling a spot on the map.

Prussia looked at it and traced the imaginary line from were the troops were likely coming from. "If they are, they're cut off from us. We might be able to get a signal, though, if that radio array," Prussia circled a spot on the map, "can boost the signal."

"You mean if it's still there," England said.

Suddenly, Egypt, the quietest nation of all, actually spoke, in fact, he sounded excited. "What did he say?" Prussia asked.

Greece blinked and answered, "He says they're getting a signal on Morse Code."

Both England and Prussia sat down everything and followed Egypt, Turkey, and Greece to a tent where Iraq tore off a sheet of paper and handed it to England.

"It's from America," he sounded surprised. He knew America had been hit in a triple attack that had taken out his two biggest cities and his capital and had honestly expected his son/younger brother to be dead. "He wants to organize a large scale counter offensive."

"Finally, someone has a plan. I hope it's better than his usual ones involving giant robots and heroes."

"It is," England said, sounding surprised.

Germany, France, Italy, and Russia sat around a table looking at the morse code machine that had just sent out the message that could save them all.

"America has finally gained some brains, no?" France asked.

Italy looked a bit fierce and said, "I'll do it!"

Germany looked at him surprised, "You won't run away?"

"I don't have any relatives on whatever planet these aliens are from, they're going to kill us all," Italy said.

"I agree with little Italy, let's send back word to America," Russia said pleasantly.

For once they were in agreement.

Japan looked at the message North Korea handed him. South Korea stood nearby looking more serious than he had ever looked before. Japan and the two Koreas were in one of Japan's underground bunkers, a relic from World War II that had been forgotten about, until the aliens came.

"It just came on morse code," South Korea said.

Japan read it, and nodded, "Send back word in the same manner that we'll join them."

America turned to Canada and his boss, "I just got word from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East."

Canada smiled, "We're going to need more pilots."

For once, no one said, "Who?"

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