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October 26, 1985
2:00 AM PDT

It was a very early Saturday morning, and the parking lot of Lone Pine Mall was nearly empty - except for four people. Two Libyan terrorists had crashed into a photo booth, which sure had caused them to get injuries. Dr. Emmett Brown, the local scientist, was lying unconscious on the ground - as a teenage boy was weeping brokenly over him.

The teenage boy, who went by the name of Marty, felt terribly hopeless. He had just returned from the year 1955, when he successfully made his parents fall in love - and ensured his own existence. However, he was just way too late to save the scientist.

Suddenly, he quite sensed some movement behind him. As he turned around, he saw his scientist friend was starting to get up. He could hardly believe his eyes, as he just felt a mixture of relief and confusion. After all, the scientist had torn up the letter.

"You're alive!" Marty gasped, swallowing and blinking back tears. He watched, as the scientist unzipped his radiation suit. "Bullet proof vest,"' he gasped, as he reached to touch the flares. Then he quite drew back, stunned. "How did you know? I never got a chance to tell you." Remaining quite silent, his friend handed him a taped-up letter. "About all that talk about screwing up future events, the space-time continuum?"

"Well, I figured, what the hell," replied the scientist, with a grin. He then drew Marty into the hug - as the latter began to, once again, cry. "Look, Marty, I'm very sorry."

"Oh, Doc, I have been so worried about you all week," Marty sobbed, as he buried his face into the scientist's shoulder. "I just couldn't stand to lose you, again. I, uh, uh, I, uh..." Marty was crying so hard he could no longer speak. He just felt terribly upset.

"Shh, Marty," the scientist replied, softly. He tenderly began to stroke Marty's back, gently rocking him back and forth. "Just let it out. Believe me, when I say I feel very bad. We can't stay here for long, though. You mom will be quite worried about us."

Marty continued to weep, as he was confused by what the scientist said. His mother had no idea that he sneaked out in the morning, did she? After all, he just knew that she would simply be very furious about it. Also, why would she be worried about the scientist. She never approved of Marty's relationship with the scientist, after all.

Marty figured that older friend had just misspoken. However, he really hoped that his mother did not notice that he was gone - or else she would be likely to tell him that he was no longer allowed to see the inventor. He could not stand the thought of that.

Within moments, Marty finally stopped crying. After all, he realized just how fortunate he was - and that he friend was still alive. He also felt rather exhausted, realizing how busy he had been. He then glanced up at his older friend, and managed a small smile.

"C'mon, sport, it's time to go home," Doc suggested, giving Marty's shoulders a gentle squeeze. Marty felt real confused, just as he stood up. The inventor had never called him 'sport' before. It was almost as if Doc thought of himself as... Marty's father. "It's quite disturbing to me, knowing how upset I made you. I feel terrible about what..."

"It's okay, Doc," Marty replied, as he smiled at the scientist. After all, he sure had no reason to be mad at his friend. Realizing something else, he whispered, "By the way, Doc, I... I left the DeLorean at the Courthouse Square. It wouldn't start, so I... I..."

"I understand, Marty," Doc replied, softly. "We can drive over there in my step-van, and then we can head home. Your mom really must be worried sick about us, as it is. By the way, I noticed that you keep calling me 'Doc'. It just seems strange to me."

"I have always called you 'Doc', though," Marty replied, confused. The inventor shook his head, as Marty, "You would quite rather I call you 'Dr. Brown', then?" The inventor continued shaking his head. "Then maybe you want for me to call you 'Emmett', huh?"

"Sport, we have so much catching up to do," the scientist commented, sighing. "It's a bit of a long explanation - but the short explanation is, you're quite in a new timeline. So, uh, you might be in for a few surprises. I'm not too very certain of why you don't remember anything of this new timeline - but I hope that you will remember, in time."

Marty sighed, as he followed the inventor to the step-van. Even though he really was not that happy with his old life, especially his family - he had wanted for everything to return to normal. He sighed, as he wondered just what all about his life had changed.


Dr. Brown and Marty were both silent on the way home, as there was such an uneasy tension between there. It was not that either felt very angry with the other, but both felt quite uncertain of what to say. Marty could tell that his friend just had a lot to say to him, but did not know where to start. Marty wondered if this was all just a dream.

"All right, Marty, we're at home!" the inventor called out, as he began to pull into the driveway of a two-storey yellow house. "I suppose you must simply be feeling rather exhausted, but... I could fix you a nice cup of hot cocoa, while your mom and I..."

"All right, Doc!" Marty called out, rather impatiently. "Or whatever I'm supposed to be calling you. What going on here, huh? Are you quite saying that you live with us? This was not my home, when I left for 1955. You didn't live in this house, either! What..."

"Let's just head in," the scientist replied, softly - as he turned off the engine. "I do not blame you for being confused." The two men stepped out of the car, as he added, "At least, your mom and will be rather understanding of what you must be going through - even if your brothers and sisters don't yet know about the situation. It'll be okay."

Marty swallowed, as he and the inventor entered the house. It seemed so strange to think of Doc as being a friend of the family. He quite wondered why the scientist lived with the family. He wondered what in Doc, somehow, had burnt down his old garage.

"Oh, Emmett, honey!" called out Lorraine, as she stepped into the kitchen. She kissed the inventor on the cheek, then hugged him - as she added, "It's sure nice to just see that you're still rather safe and sound." She turned to hug Marty, as she added, "And how about you, sweetheart? How are you doing? You must've had a very long trip."

Marty swallowed, as he felt as if he was going to faint. It was tough enough to accept that his mother was even on friendly terms with the scientist, but she was quite acting as if they were more than just friends. She was acting as if she was his... his wife!

"Oh, sweetie!" Lorraine murmured, as she held Marty close. "By the way, I would like to apologize for how I acted towards you... back in 1955. I just had no clue that you were my son. At least, I now know why kissing you felt just like kissing... a relative."

"Mom! Dad!" called out Linda, just as she ran into the kitchen. Marty took a close look at his sister, who looked a little thinner - and not quite as frumpy. "Wow! Just what is going on here? Why is Marty acting as if... What is Marty acting so... so strangely?"

"Go to your room, Linda!" the scientist instructed, sternly. Linda promptly obeyed, as she left the kitchen. "I must admit, Lorrie, I really was not anticipating that... It quite seems as if Marty originated from a timeline that... that differs considerably from this one. Apparently, we weren't married - and, in fact, you didn't even approve of me."

"You hardly approved of anyone," Marty added, softly. "You also didn't quite approve of Jennifer, and you simply barely approved of my band. You..." With a sudden gasp, he added, "Wait a minute! You and Doc are married? Doc is actually my... my Dad?"

"That's right," Lorraine replied, softly. "You're saying that... that the other me... was a very disapproving person? I sure can't imagine disapproving of sweet Jennifer. And I wish nothing but the best of luck for you and your band. I just love Emmett dearly!"

"So, Doc, I..." Marty stammered, nervously. "I call you... Dad? You're my dad?" The scientist nodded. "I really cannot believe this. Granted, in the old timeline, I sure did often wish that... that you were my dad. But, still... No offense, but it's sure gonna be hard for me to call you... 'Dad'. It's not that I don't love you, of course - but I..."

"Why don't you sit down at the table, son?" Emmett asked, softly. "I'll make you a cup of hot cocoa, and then we'll explain everything to you. Y'know, I rather had to search my mind - in order to remember everything you had told me, back in 1955. It was..."

"So, Emmett, are you actually telling me that I lost my dear son?" Lorraine cried out, as she was on the verge of tears. "Only to be replaced by this boy... who looks and sounds like my son... but is not really him? Emmett, please tell me that it's not true!"

"Oh, honey, he's still your son," Emmett replied, softly. "I will be honest, and say that I don't know how exactly the... the memories thing... works. Like you, I really do hope that the ripple effect brings him his memories of this timeline. In fact, I feel quite certain that he wishes for the same. But, please, don't act as if he's not your son."

"I'm sorry, Emmett," Lorraine replied, sighing. "And Marty. I was not meaning to reject him. Of course, I will always love him as if he... he is my son. Well, I guess time will tell if he ever remembers. It's just that I have quite so many fond memories of Marty, and it would just break my heart - if he and I could never talk about those things. I just..."

"I love you, Mom," Marty commented, in all sincerity. "I simply would like to remember, as well. Partly because my other life wasn't simply as... as happy." Suddenly, realizing something, he asked, "So, uh, what about Dad? I mean, what about George McFly?"