Well…I this is the fastest 10 pages I wrote…but Brightside is I'm getting some ideas on how to continue this and deal with Ben being a 10 year old! Its just…well my original idea was to follow the seasons but with so many episodes already out I'll have to deviate a bit from it and try to make something work…well anyway I apologize for the long wait but I did say this is on a 50% hiatus since I'm changing several things from my original idea.

"Master Ben do you even know where we're going?" Damien or Big chill asked as they walked down the street.

"Any place that looks good enough to eat." Ben grumbled shoving his hands in his pockets.

"I see…do you have currency to pay for food?" Damien asked making Ben groan.

"I…left my money back at the base." Ben grumbled.

"We can just go back there and quickly get it, "Damien suggested but Ben shook his head, "then I'll go back and get it, do you think you can just stay here?"

"Yeah I won't go anywhere, its under my bed in my bag." Ben said as Big Chill's human form nodded and turned transparent disappearing.

Ben sighed as he looked around at all the stores and noticed that a lot of them were decorated with pink, white and red hearts forcing Ben to make a face.

"Whats with all the cheesy decorations?" the 10-year old muttered to himself before he looked behind him and saw that it was Valentine's day today, "oh gross its that holiday where everyone gets all mushy and romantic…"

Suddenly there was a constricting feeling in his chest as if he was in pain.

"What's going on…why do I suddenly feel sad and upset?" the young boy mumbled to himself confused. The feeling wasn't going away anytime soon so he surmised it must have something to do with the stupid holiday, "but why would I care about this holiday its stupid…"

"Heeeeey Ben!"

Ben looked up and saw both Cooper and Alan running towards him waving.

"What are you two doing out here? I thought you were training." He asked.

"We decided to keep you company since everyone else was busy." Alan replied smiling, "is that alright?"

"Of course that's alright, I dunno what I'm going to do but its better to have someone to hang out with!" Ben replied happily.

"Great! So what's on the agenda?" Cooper asked.

"Food…uh you guys have money yourselves cuz I don't think I have enough for all three of us." Ben said looking at the other two.

"Don't worry about us we'll fine!" Cooper said nodding, "why were you just standing here anyway?"

"Oh Big Chill went back to get my money I kinda stormed off without it." Ben replied chuckling sheepishly, "by the way did you guys know its Valentine's day today?"

"What! Oh no I don't have a gift for Gwen!" Cooper said panicking as Alan and Ben stared.

"My cousin? You're actually interested in my cousin?" Ben asked looking at Cooper.

"Y-yes! She's really kind, gorgeous, smart…" Cooper said dreamingly while Alan just blinked.

"Uh right, come on Cooper its time to come down from space and back to Earth." Alan said hitting the blonde's back to get his attention.

"Ben! You know what Gwen likes you can help me pick out the perfect gift for her!" Cooper said looking determined at Ben.

"I'm sure she'll like whatever you give her as long as its personal she'll like it." Ben replied, "that's what all girls like right?"

"Who knows, some people are picky when they want something." Alan replied shrugging, "they could want something as cheap as store bought chocolates or something extravagant like a collectable or jewelry."

"Guess you'd really have to like the person to get them something expensive like that." Ben said rolling his eyes before he suddenly felt as if he was hit by a 2x4 and tottered around making Alan and Cooper worried.

"Ben! What happened!" Cooper asked wondering if something had attacked Ben.

"Ben? Ben can you hear us?" Alan called wondering what had happened to the shrunken teenaged hero.

Ben could hear them…just barely but at the moment he was seeing what felt like a memory from his teenaged self.

oOo Flashback oOo

A teenaged Ben felt a sense of accomplishment as he looked at the armlet he was holding. It took a while and had him called in several favors of aliens that owed him a thing or two but it was finally done.

"With this Kevin will always have the best materials to absorb." Ben said as he couldn't help but laugh imaging the look on Kevin's face when he saw the item and tried it out himself. "though I wish when I knew when his birthday was so I wouldn't' have to give this to him next week on Valentine's Day…"

With a sigh he put it back in its protective case, before putting it back under his bed and looked at his calendar once he stood back up.

"The FIFA world cup is playing Kevin like's sports I'm sure he won't mind watching soccer with me." Ben murmured to himself as he walked over to his desk and dialed Kevin's number

oOo End of Flashback oOo

Ben shook his head trying to clear his head as Cooper, Alan and Damien who had just come back looked apprehensive.

"Master are okay? Your friends were panicking." Damien said worriedly.

"Its…nothing I just had a flash from my teenaged self's memories." Ben replied making Cooper's eyes widen.

"You get flashes from your teenaged self? Do you have any idea how this happens? This could help us get you back to normal!" Cooper said eagerly.

"I'm not sure…the first time I had a flashback was the first day I saw all of you guys? I had a dream or memory of when me, Kevin and Gwen were fighting this huge white alie that had Grandpa?" Ben replied.

"That would be a high commander of the D.N. Aliens…" Cooper replied, "any other time? Do you know what triggered it?"

"No it sort of just happened…as for another memory…well it wasn't really a memory but I heard my older self demanding me to save 'our' Kevin." Ben replied quoted.

"Your Kevin?" Cooper, Alan and Damien repeated as Ben's face turned red.

"Hey it wasn't me that said it! It was my teenaged self! I have no idea where he got the idea that Kevin was 'ours'." Ben shot back.

"Well that's interesting it seems like your teenaged self appears when it involves Kevin." Cooper said making Ben blanch.

"Why would he do that!" Ben exclaimed as Alan and Cooper looked at each other.

"Don't take this the wrong way Ben but as a teenager you'd have a sort of…interest in Kevin." Alan said slowly, "like you'd always make sure he was okay first before taking care of Gwen."

"Not to mention you two sometimes would just give each others these looks like you were silently communicating." Cooper added.

"So me and Kevin are what? Best friends?" Ben asked as he saw a giant smoothie sign appear in the distance.

"Sort of lets just leave it at that, maybe if you tried you could try contacting your older self for answers." Alan replied.

"I guess not like there's much else I can do about this situation." Ben grumbled as they walked into the Mr. Smoothie parking lot as Cooper thought to himself of what he had just learned.

'Maybe his feelings for Kevin aren't as buried as I thought they were.' Cooper thought to himself as he looked at the flustered ten-year-old, "so what was this memory about?"

"Uh some trinket he got…can we stop by my house before we go back to the base?" Ben asked.

"Sure I don't see why not but why don't we go get something to eat and find something else to do." Damien said.

"Hey Ben we can go to Mr. Smoothie!" Cooper said, reminded of Ben's favorite place to hang out, eat chili fries and drink smoothies.

"Mr. Smoothie? What's that?" Ben asked making the two stare at him before they looked at Big Chill for an explanation.

"I'm guessing that while Ben was younger they didn't have a Mr. Smoothie until later when he turned to a teenager." Dmaien said.

"Guess that makes sense, come on you'll love it its your favorite place to go!" Alan said.

"And after we eat you guys can help me find something to get Gwen!" Cooper said.

"Wouldn't it be easier for you to make something with your abilities?" Alan said looking at the blonde, "and it'd save you money too ya know."

"Oh yeah forgot about that." Cooper said laughing nervously.

"Really, once you have Gwen on the mind you really forget the obvious don't you?" Alan said shaking his head.

"Hey I can't help it if she's on my mind a lot!" Cooper defended.

"Maybe too much…" Alan muttered under his breath.

"What'd you say?" Cooper asked.

"I said I wonder why kind of smoothies we should get." Alan quickly replied.

"Right…" Cooper said as they walked up to the counter, since they were too short to see over the counter Damien ordered for all three of them.

Three orders of chili fries and smoothies later the four of them were sitting at a table enjoying their snack.

"Wow this is really good!" Ben said slurping his smoothie happily, "this is the best place ever!"

"I see your love of Mr. Smoothie hasn't disappeared." Alan laughed as he picked up a few chili fries and stuffed them into his mouth.

"Aren't you going to eat Big Chill er.…Damien?" Ben asked turning to his alien companion.

"I'm quite content, I don't need to feed that much and besides its your food." Damien replied.

"You sure?" Ben asked frowning a bit.

"Thank you for the offer Master but its fine really." Damien insisted as Ben nodded and put his drink down to grab some chili fries for himself.

Ben, Alan and Cooper just chatted with each other about random subjects but mostly Alan and Cooper were answering questions that Ben had about what his teenaged self was like and what he had done.

Damien found it amusing that Ben seemed fascinated hearing everything he had done as a teenager, the spark in his master's green eyes looked close to hero worship, which was nonetheless hilarious.

Soon the three's stomach were stuffed full of chili fries and smoothies as they headed to Ben's home to pick up the item Ben's teenaged self had gotten made for Kevin. When they got there, Ben let out a relieved breath to see that his parents weren't home and taking the hidden key that was under a fake flowerpot used for emergencies he opened the door.

"This shouldn't take too long." Ben said as he ran upstairs once more to his room where he dropped to his stomach once he was near his bed. He instantly spotted the case he had seen in his memories and grabbed it. The item was a bit heavy for him but he managed to carry it down stairs where the others were waiting for him.

"That's it? I kinda expected it to be bigger with how muscular Kevin is." Alan said looking at the box.

"I guess my teenaged self thought about it? Anyway did you figure out what you're going to make for Gwen?" Ben asked as the four of them headed back to the base.

"Maybe an object that'll have any spell she'll need?" Cooper said.

"Uh wouldn't you need to KNOW all of that to put into the device?" Alan asked.

"You're right darn it what can I make…maybe something to amplify her powers? No that's too common…it has to be unique…" Cooper muttered.

"Don't try to dwell too much on it, it'll come to you." Alan said patting Cooper's back.

"But I only have a few hours until Valentine's day is over!" Cooper wailed.

"You're a genius at technology just relax!" Alan said folding his arms at Cooper.

"I guess so…" Cooper muttered.

Once they got to the base the group separated.

"I'm going to go work on Gwen's gift! I need all the time I can get!" Cooper said jogging off to his workshop.

"I'm going to go with him and make sure he doesn't burst a brain cell trying to come up with the perfect gift for Gwen." Alan said, "good luck giving your gift to Kevin, he's in the medical bay."

"Right thanks Alan I'll see you later." Ben said as he waved to the heatblast child who followed after the larger blonde boy.

"Do you want me to go back to the Omnitrix?" Damien asked.

"No…could you stay out so no one walks in? I don't really feel comfortable with having someone watch me give Kevin of all people a gift." Ben replied.

"Sure thing Master." Damien replied patting the younger boy's head as they headed to the medical bay.

Damien stood by the door way as he pushed Ben inside as the younger boy clutched the case tighter to him suddenly feeling nervous.

"You'll be fine Master," Damien assured him, "just give it to him and see his reaction."

"If you say so Damien." Ben murmured as he walked deeper inside, looking around for Kevin. He had to pull back a few curtains and he finally saw the older dark haired boy asleep on the bed.

"Crap…he's asleep I can't just leave it here…." Ben said.

"Leave what here Tennyson?" Kevin's voice asked making the younger boy jump.

"You were awake!" Ben said as Kevin sat up.

"I tend to be a light sleeper…something I ended up learning." Kevin replied before his eyes closed in on the case in Ben's hands, "what's in there?"

Ben muttered something under his breath as he walked towards Kevin's bed and sat on the stool by the bed before holding it out to Kevin and the ex-con took it.

"I have no idea what it is all I know that I'm suppose to give it to you today since its Valentine's Day and my teenaged self doesn't know when your birthday is." Ben replied.

"I see." Kevin said as he opened the case and stared when he saw the armlet and took it out, "what is all this?"

"How should I know! I don't have all my teenaged self's memory." Ben said scowling.

Kevin shrugged and put the case aside as he placed the armlet on his wrist. He was surprised when the item seemed to expand to accommodate how big his wrist was and saw it grow a bit until it became like a fingerless glove that went half-way on his wrist.

"Hmm these look like materials…" Kevin said as he tapped the green looking stone and was surprised when the glove turned the same color and he could feel his whole body absorb the material, "this is…taedenite… "

"What's that?" Ben asked.

"It's an extremely strong material rare too…" Kevin said amazed as he turned back to normal, "so not only does his have tandenite but it probably has other materials for me to absorb so I don't have to use what's around me…and you got this made for me?"

"Uh…I guess so though you have to remember it wasn't me it was my teenaged-" Ben started before he was surprised when Kevin hugged him tightly, which was awkward for Ben since they were both guys.

"This is an amazing and really useful gift Ben…" Kevin said resting his head on the brunette's shoulders, "after everything I put you though I don't deserve it…."

"You're right you don't deserve it…but I had it done for you and there was no point in me keeping it for myself…you wouldn't believe the favors I had to call in." Ben replied but for some reason the voice sounded different to Kevin's ears.

The dark haired teen pulled back and to his amazement he saw the normal 16 year old Ben.

"Ben? Is that seriously you!" Kevin gawked.

"I think so…dunno how long I can stay like this though…when I saw how happy you looked when you got the gift I couldn't help but want to be here in person to see your reaction." The older Ben replied laughing, "and boy was it worth it!"

"I'm so sorry Ben, I was the one being a moron I shouldn't have yelled at you like that!" Kevin quickly said surprising Ben, "I'm sorry for giving you nightmares when you were a kid…"

Ben's face softened when Kevin said that.

"You found out about that huh…" Ben said quietly.

"Kinda not hard to when your ten year old self was adamant in keeping me away from you." Kevin replied and was surprised when the teenaged Ben patted his shoulder.

"You'll win him over don't worry Kevin, you just have to get him to trust you like you got me to trust you again." Ben said.

"You make it sound easy Tennyson." Kevin replied sarcastically.

"Hey nothing good ever came easy." Ben replied giving the ex-con his trade mark smile which had Kevin's lips twitched at how much he missed seeing that.

"Tell Gwen I forgive her as well…urgh…" Ben said grimacing as he started to sweat, making Kevin more worried.

"Oi Tennyson what's going on!" Kevin said as he caught Ben as he was leaning forward, as his face contorted in pain.

"guess my time's up I'll try to help as much as I can Kevin…just…take….care….of…me…" Ben murmured as his body went limp and Kevin watched as the teenaged body of Ben started to shrink back until it was back being ten-years old, only Ben was unconscious this time in Kevin's arms.