"Will you hurry up?" Yelled Rosalie as she waited in front of her brand new BMW.

It had been five years after Valencia agreeing to be a part of our family, my family. And at the sight of Rosalie yelling at Valencia to hurry up with her morning routines was just too funny to pass out. Rosalie never yelled at anyone in the morning. She never did like to attend school anyway. So when she had eternity to attend school over and over, she grown to hate the place. So now that we were starting a new school in London (Yes, London!), she wanted to be early for God knows why. At least I wasn't the one that she was nagging about for a change. She was nagging at Valencia. The Phoenix girl was taking too long to get ready.

"Hurry up before we leave without you!" Rosalie yelled again.

"I have a car, don't I?" Came Valencia's remark from upstairs.

Rosalie's left eye twitched, literally, and I couldn't help but giggle at that. She immediately turned to me, sending those ferocious glares at me. I shrugged at her before turning to face Bella. My girl was dozing off at the back of Rosalie's BMW. I guess we did a little bit too much of 'exercise' last night. And the night before that. I suppose I shouldn't have used her to my advantage; the girl still needed rest after all.

Emmett cruised his Jeep up towards us with Edward scowling next to him. He didn't like not being in his Volvo. But it was either Emmett's Jeep or Emmett being at home. The big guy didn't quite like the Volvo, saying that it wasn't his taste to be seen in one.

"So ladies," Emmett made a halt, looking over at us with an amused smile. "When are you going to be ready? Don't say you're going to be late this time."

"If we are going to be late then you are as well, Mister." Rosalie shot an annoyed glare at Emmett and the said guy pouted.

"Aww, c'mon babe! It was just a joke! Chillax!"

"I will not chillax if that BITCH up there will not COME DOWN RIGHT NOW!"

The area around us began to warm up a little, indicating that Valencia had already arrived.

She flicked a strand of her ebony hair back and looked at the couple blankly. "You know Emmett, you're not fulfilling her needs at night. No wonder she's so uptight in the morning."

Emmett was out of his seat the next millisecond and wrapped his arms around Rosalie. The blonde was fuming at the other girl, trying her best to get out of Emmett's strong hold.

"LET ME AT HER FACE!" Rosalie screamed as she thrashed about in Emmett's arms. "I WILL KILL YOU!"

"You can try darling," Valencia rolled her eyes as she moved over to the other side of the car. "You can try." She poked her tongue out at Rosalie, then getting into the front passenger seat.

Oh boy…

Edward stuck his head out from Emmett's window and smirked down at me. "Don't crash on the way to school."

"Go away Edward." I sighed.

He chuckled and moved back to his seat as Emmett let go off of Rosalie. She muttered something to herself that only Emmett could hear her. If his face wasn't pale enough, it gone even paler than before. Whatever Rosalie just muttered, it wasn't good. As in, it was murderous…

Emmett got back into his car and slowly drove up towards the road. I situated myself next to Bella, carefully lifting her head to rest it on my shoulder. Rosalie finally got into her driver seat. But before she turned on the ignition and drive, she turned to Valencia and glowered at the girl.

"One of these days I'm going to leave you at home, and you won't be able to use your car to get to school."

Rosalie's ice cold tone of voice sent shiver down my spine, not the good kind. However, Valencia just looked on at Rosalie in disinterest before shrugging.

"You're not the only one that can work a car, Rosalie." She replied before turning her head, her eyes looking out at the window. "If you're not going to drive right now I guess we will just be late."

Rosalie growled quietly before turning back to her car, igniting the engine. I wondered how many days I would be enduring this. I could always get out my own car but that would leave Rosalie and Valencia alone with one another.

In this car.


Which would never be a good thing.

"Can you just take a break or something?" Valencia started. "It's not like it's the end of the world! And I'm quite positive that you've been there, Rosie."

Rosalie and Valencia bonded somewhat. Actually I wasn't quite sure whether it was a bond, or it was some kind of twisted hate-love thing. Valencia knew exactly how to tick Rosalie off, and calling her 'Rosie' was a few of them. Rosalie hadn't found anything that would piss off Valencia yet. It also didn't mean that she had given up. When the blonde had absolutely nothing to do, she would begin to plot her 'revenge' that'd seem to always fail. I wish I could give her a hand but my visions refused to work around the phoenix. So when Valencia was around, Bella's blurry future would disappear. It frustrated the living hell out of me but…the spontaneous moments always cheer me up. Like when Bella tried to cheer me up when I, unexpectantly, couldn't see her future. She was so focused on getting me to stop pouting that she didn't sense Emmett quietly sneaking up behind her, until he actually jumped on her. To be honest I did stop pouting only to look down at them with an absolute horrific expression splattered on my face. I was so afraid that Emmett might've had squashed her beneath his gigantic body! It turned out that my girl wasn't that weak. Thank God for that!

Anyway, back to the matter at hands, Rosalie was actually gripping at the steering wheel while glaring at Valencia. I sighed and circled my fingers on my temples.

"You two are giving me such a headache."

"Vampires don't get headaches, Alice." Came Valencia's nonchalant remark.

"When I'm around you two, aren't I? Of course I would get such a headache when you two can't learn to tolerate each other for one minute!"

"You don't have to ride with us, you know." Rosalie answered.

"I know, but if I don't then you two will be at each other's throat and I will be left cleaning up the mess that you two create. I do not want to do that!"

"SHUT UP AND LET ME SLEEP!" Bella roared. Yes, she roared!

We all turned to look at her, except Rosalie since she was using the back mirror to look at her. She had just woken up from her small nap because of us bantering. Oops?

"Sorry." The three of us muttered out an apology. She rolled her eyes before closing them, getting herself back into a nap that she wanted.

Rosalie turned her eyes back to the road while Valencia turned her eyes to me.

"You know, you shouldn't wear her out every day." She commented softly. "It's a bit unhealthy when she needs sleep too."

"Yea, I know, but I can't help it."

"So you prefer to have her roar?" She asked with a small giggle.

I narrowed my eyes at her, thanking to God that I couldn't blush. "Quit teasing me about it."

"Oh my, are you a tad embarrassed? I'm going to use this as an excuse to tease you then." She turned back into her seat as she giggled some more. That bitch!

I was still glaring at her when I felt Bella shifting closer to me before laying her head on my shoulder. I could feel her hot breath on my neck and when she spoke, it sent pleasant shiver down my spine.

"So you prefer to hear me roar?" She asked quietly. I could hear the teasing tone in her voice.

I pouted and nudged her hard enough for her to feel it. "Shut up unless you want me to stop touching you."

She went completely silent before sighing in defeat. She went straight back to sleep after that.

The school that we were driving to was a bit far but with our speed we wouldn't be getting there late. We did take a five years break from school and society after all. We still missed Jasper though. He would always be in our hearts for all eternity. Now with Valencia here it felt like a family again. Even though Valencia couldn't fill Jasper's place, but she at least filled in the empty space that she had taken away.

As for Heloise, Aurora and Sylvester, they decided to travel the world. Sylvester was still oblivious to the fact that Heloise didn't love him. Heloise didn't even mind about him following her like a puppy. Aurora wanted to skin the boy alive, as usual. They did pay us a visit time to time and like always, we had fun.

There was no unnecessary war to participate. Aro no longer needed nor wanted Bella to join him. I got my soul-mate in my arms. That was all I ever asked for in this existence.


I thought since I opened the story in Bella's POV, I could close it in Alice's POV. :P

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