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-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- CHAPTER 1 -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-

Hi, my name is Tayomi Reizo, and I have no family, or real friends for that matter. There really isn't anything special about me. I'm taller than most girls, 5'9, I have emerald green eyes, and silver mid-back length hair. I can be one of the nicest people you've ever met, or your worst nightmare. But I'm usually a good-natured person, so… I tend to not have many enemies… or friends. And when I do make friends, I get switched to another stupid foster-family. Witch means another town… or country. Yeah. My life really sucks. And now I have to go to some weird academy now. It's probably full of a bunch of snobby rich brats that complain about everything. Everyone will probably not like me because of my abnormal hair color. But I really don't care what people think. They're stuck with me now! * yawn* in going to sleep. I hope by the time I wake up, this taxi ride from hell will be over. Too many damn bumps on the stupid road.

-:-:-:-:-:- 2 hours later -:-:-:-:-:-

" Hey. Miss, we've arrived at your destination." Said the taxi driver.

"ugh. I'm so freakin' stiff! I'm never ever sleeping in a taxi again… oh, and thank you sir," I left the taxi and handed him the fee… and some blond headed person, can't tell if it's a man or a woman, running full-speed at me. I avoided the collision and he/she did a perfect face plant.

" Oh! My new daughter has finally arrived!" oh, now I remember! This nut-job is the headmaster. And my new foster- dad. Oh, joy.

"ACK! No hugs! I don't like people touching me." I hope everyone isn't this crazy. And I hope I can make at leas 1 or 2 normal friends. *sigh*.

"…. You're just as bad as zero… all cranky and mean. But at least I still have Yuuki!" he ran and tried to hug a brunette girl, but she side stepped him and he did a face-plant into the concrete. this is gonna be one hell of a first day… and it's only 10 AM. Sucks ta be me.

" well, you didn't just take a 3 hour ride in a taxi from Tokyo and have like… 20 different schools in the last 12 years… and you've got to be one of the most childest adults I've ever met. But I'm sure I can get along with ya. So… hi, my name is Tayomi Reizo. Nice ta meet ya." I hope I can fit in here… but I doubt it. These people just seem too normal. Or not. Looks can be deceiving. O well. At least I can avoid stalkers. Or 2-faced friends. * sigh* it is hard to find decent friends these days.

"yes I am… why don't you go with yuuki, and she'll show you to your dorm and give you a tour on the school." And… now for the tour. And as they approached one of the dorms, they heard lots of… shouting? So these muct be the crazy cross academy fans. They're worse than I thought.

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