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xXx Chapter Three xXx

oOo - Regular Pov - Tayomi & Yuuki - oOo

"...Yuuki? Are ya there? Hello? Knock, knock, anybody home?" Tayomi asked Yuuki, leaning above her and knocking on her forehead. Suddenly Yuuki's eyes shot open and her head collided with Tayomi's nose. Not a pretty sight.

"HOLY FUCK, YUUKI! WATCH WHAT YOU'RE DAMN HEAD HITS!" Tayomi shouted, clutching her bloody nose.(heh, heh, rhymes with bloody rose XD)

"S-SORRY!" Stuttered Yuuki, bewildered.

-Classrooms-Hanabusa's Pov-

I sniffed. Is that... Blood? Its smells intoxicating! Even BETTER than Yuuki's! I should at least check it out. Hanabusa Aidou thought as he got up out of his seat and left the room. The others didn't even ask him why, for they were busy trying to resist the temptation of the bloods' scent. Or trying to find out who it belongs to.

- Back to Tayomi and Yuuki - Reg. Pov -

"Waah! It won't stop bleeding! You're head must've broke something!" Tayomi whined.

This isn't good. This isn't GOOD! If it doesn't stop bleeding, then the Night class may catch the scent of her blood and come to investigate. Or worse, a level E. Yuuki thought, mentally freaking out. She wasn't too worried, but she didn't want Tayomi to know about the Night class being vampires.

"Yuuki? How are you so friggin calm about all of this? And where are we anyways?"

"How should I know? You're the one who brought me here."

"..I've only been at this STUPID school for a few hours, so hope you don't expect me to know where we are."

"I don't. Now lets try and at least get back to the dorms, we need to clean up that bloody nose of yours... Hey, you lost your slang words! I'm so happy~" Yuuki cheered, just realizing the fact. Wow... Now I'm positive she and that ditzy blonde dude are related. Or, he just corrupted the poor girl with his blondie-ness. Tayomi thought with a mental shudder.

"Yuuki. Why is her nose bleeding?" Asked an annoyed male voice, it was familiar to both Yuuki and Tayomi, but only Yuuki recognized exactly who it belonged to.

"Um.. Uh, I sorta hit her in the nose with my head. And it started bleeding. A lot. Sorry Zero." Zero scowled and walked off. To where? No one knows.

"Well, that was awkward." Said a charming voice from behind them, effectively making both girls "EEP!".

"You jackass! Why'd ya do that! Do ya wanna make me piss my pants?" Tayomi screamed at Aidou, but it only made him laugh at how funny it made her look.

"Totally~ Aww, you look so CUTE when you're flustered! Your cheeks are such a cute shade of pink." He cooed affectionately, trying to get closer to her enticing blood.

"Yeah, sure. And I suppose the blood oozing from my nose is cute too, eh? Yer such a sadist." Tayomi grumbled, mentally cursing Aidou for being such a cute sadist.

"It is. Your blood is the most beautiful thing in the World." he replied, turning into a chibi angel with glittery eyes over just thinking of her succulent blood.

"Aidou, control yourself. Unless you want Kaname-Sama to punish you. Again." Called a kind, yet annoyed voice from the rustling bushes several feet away. After several seconds a cute blonde hair Night class student stumbled from the bushes, pulling leaves off of his white uniform and out of his hair. He walked up to the others, causing Hanabusa to scowl.

"Hello, my name is Takuma Ichijo, its nice to finally meet you." Takuma said to Tayomi,with a genuine, kind smile. Tayomi smiled back and replied,

"Its nice to meet you, so far you're the only person with any sincerity at this school. Everyone else is just rude. Or a sadist like mister Ding-Dong over there." she pointed to Hanabusa. Takuma laughed at how Tayomi described Aidou Hanabusa.

"Yeah, but most of the Night class are like myself, its how we were raised." Takuma and Tayomi were basically in their own little world, Yuuki and Hanabusa were starting feel really left out.

"He. Takuma, do you happen to have a bandaid?" Tayomi said, pointing to her nose, still gushing blood. Takuma and both flinched at the sight of the blood pouring from her nose and dripping from her chin.

"I'm sorry, but I don't. We should get that checked out by a doctor or something." Takuma replied.

"Damn... Well, lets just hurry and get it over with. I hate doctors." she shuddered, "They creep me out." And I hate clowns too, she added in her head.

"Lead the way, Takuma-Senpai." Yuuki added.

- About Ten Minutes Later -

"Okay, here's The headmaster's office. I have to leave, but I'm sure headmaster Cross can fix your nose." Takuma said to Tayomi with a usual bright, hopeful smile.

"Bye Takuma, give Kaname-Sama my regards." Said Hanabusa.

"Nice try, but my original objective was to return with you. That was Kaname-Sama's orders." Takuma waved Good-bye to Tayomi and Yuuki, and practically dragged Hanabusa with him.

Tayomi turned to look at Yuuki and said,"Heh,heh, now that's awkward, ain't it?"

"Yeah, it is. But don't worry, they're always like that. Except Aidou-Senpai is usually worse." Yuuki said, remembering a few days prior, when Hanabusa bit her hand.

"...He can be worse? Wow. Who wounda guessed? ...What about the other blonde? Is he always like that?"

"Takuma-Senpai? Oh, yeah. He's always like that. And you didn't use your slang words with Takuma-Senpai like everyone else, how come?"

"Eh, it doesn't matter Yuuki. Now, lets get rid of my bloody nose before I bleed to death." Tayomi said as she opened the door. To their amazement, the headmaster was asleep on his desk, pen in hand along with about a thousand page pile to his left. And about double that on his right. Poor guy.

"Hey, big-blondie! Wakie, Wakie, I needs your helps with muh nose. I think Yuuki broke it." He was basically out cold, you could tell because he was slightly snoring, and drooling all over his papers.

Tayomi quietly walked up to his desk and poked him in the face, though this time she was far enough away not to get hit in the face with a head. He swatted her hand away(still asleep), and them she thought of a new idea. If he is as girly as he looks, then the same tricks just might work on him too. Pull the hair. And that she did.

"EGAAAH! Not the hair!" He screamed like a little girl, jumping up and effectively over the chair and landed face first into the ground.

"Heh, heh, yer crazy. Hell, I guess all of the blondes aroun' heah are crazy. But for the reason I came, don't you think you can fix my nose?" Tayomi said. Headmaster Cross was now standing, rubbing the lump on his forehead, walked over to Tayomi and examined her nose,

"Hmm.. It looks like it isn't broken, I should be able to fix it." He said. Then, before she could protest, he pinched the tip of her nose and pulled. There was a loud POP and her nose was fine. It also quit bleeding.

"Fuck. That hurt like hell. But its fine, just like that you fixed it. I thank you." Tayomi said, rubbing dried blood from her face with her sleeves. Again. So now her once black shirt was stained with dried blood. Though its hardly noticable by sight, even humans could smell the blood.

"It seems as though you need a uniform too, am I correct?" Cross asked, shaking his head disapproving her current attire.

"Yeah, and my jeans bit the dust, I've had these things for years." Tayomi replied, looking down at her jeans. They were holy and had plenty of rips where the material just wore out.

"Looks like it. You probably wear a few sizes larger than Yuuki. And as for you dorm, I think you could room with Yuuki and Yori if none of you mind. We're a bit tight on dorm rooms due to so many female students attending now."

"Heh, I've noticed. But there couldn't have been many more than perhaps two hundred total. And when I first arrived, I saw how large the dorms are."

"Well, you see, the girls are rather... Territorial. And there's high chance that they saw you with Takuma-kun and Aido-kun. They get jealous, so I don't think you'll want to room with any of them."

"...Heh, makes sense I guess.. But what about the Moon Dormitory? They seem rather nice."

"... If its alright with Kaname Kuran, then you could room there. The only problem, is if you'll be able to attend the day classes, or the night classes."

"In actuality, I can't say I even care. I could easily handle anyone. For a girl I'm pretty strong and I have a black belt in karate, I was at the top of my class in kendo too."

"Well, then it shouldn't be a problem then~ I'll have you notified by noon tomorrow." The headmaster explained cheerily,"And your luggage is by the door."

"Huh, I wondered what happened to it. But it doesn't matter if I lost it or not, its only clothes anyway. All replacable. My only important possession is this bracelet," Tayomi pointed to an beautiful bracelet. It was made of pure silver, it had a golden cross having from it inside a silver circle with a ruby carved into the shape of a rose in the middle of the cross. "My mother gave it to me when I was three. Right before she... Died." Tayomi said sadly. She missed her mother a lot, she was the only person who ever gave a damn about her. And the bracelet she gave her means the world to her, she's never taken it off before. And if she does, it'd be for a good reason.

"Oh, well, there are a few students here who know what its like to loose loved ones like that." Cross said, trying to cheer her up.

"Yeah, but I've gotten over it by now and maybe here I can start anew. Forget the past. But for now, I'll keep my memories of mom close to my heart." She said with a happy smile.

"Yes, we should all think of the positive aspects of life. And its about time I suppose, that you should go find a dorm. I'm sure your new Night class friends will help you move in."

"Yeah, I suppose. I'll see ya around Cross. Good-Gye." Tayomi grabbed her suitcase and opened the door. As she walked out the door head master Cross said,

"Your uniform will be delivered in the morning. Good-Bye for now." He waved as she left.

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