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*In his study room *

"These girls just don't get it, didn't they? Can't they just leave me alone?" Ichigo mumbling inside and frowning.

He was facing his computer, replying the messages that he received from two unknown girls.


Another message popped out.

"What the-… shit! Another girl? Oh well, I'll reply it like this." He replied the new message.

Suddenly, the door went open, revealing the orange-haired little girl. Ichigo was shocked and quickly minimize the messenger boxes on the screen.

"Daddy?" his daughter approached to him.

"H-hey, Himechi. W-what is it?"

"Mummy told me to get you for dinner." Himechi said with a big teddy bear in her left arm.

"Right, of course. Go on ahead. Daddy will be right over. Thank you, Hime." He kisses his daughter on the forehead.

Then, Himechi went out from the room. Ichigo smiled at the closed door and returns his attention to the computer.

Then, he types his message.

To all Bleach's fan.

This is Ichigo Kurosaki.

I'm afraid I can't fulfill your request to be with Rukia because I've already married to Inoue Orihime.

I love her, and I don't like it when you girls compare her to Rukia.

Rukia and I were just friend, and for your information, Renji had already married with her.

So please, if you wanted to e-mail me, and if it's about me getting together with Rukia, then consider what you did was useless and SHIT!


"There and post! Now it's time for dinner!"

After shutting down the computer, Ichigo went to the kitchen.

*At the kitchen*

"I'm here." Ichigo said with a smile.

"Ichi-kun, what are you doing up there?"

"Nothing much. Just replying some stupid messeges."

"Stupid…messeges?" She poses a confusing look.

"Yeah. Just ignore it."

Then, he sneeks behind her and hugging her by the waist.


"I don't care whatever people want to say, but I just wanna tell you that how lucky I am to have as my wife, Orihime Kurosaki." He whispers her.

Orihime smile.

"Ichi-kun… I'm glad to have you as my hubby, too."

Ichigo turns her around to face him and quickly kisses her on the lips.

"Mummy, daddy? What are you two doing?"

Their 4 years old daughter asks, making them stop the kiss.

Ichigo bent down to face his precious little one and patting her head.

"Daddy is showing mummy that he loves her." Ichigo said with smile.

"Daddy was showing his 'lawf'?"

Ichigo laughs at the funny statement that his daughter made.

"Someday, you'll find someone and be like mummy and daddy too, Hime."


"Haha, you sound just like your mummy. Well, let's eat. Daddy is hungry."

After make a quick peek kisses on Himechi forehead, he lifts her and setting her on her the baby chair.

Before sitting, Ichigo and Orihime make a quick kiss, too.

After that, they were all having their usual family dinner.


"Oi, you brat hubby! Get over here right now, we're having dinner!" Rukia demanded her husband.

"Just a minute!" Renji replied.

"You have been in front of that computer for hours. What exactly are doing with it?" Rukia approaches to him.

"I know that, but these girls keep on saying that I stole you from Kurosaki! Damn it!"

"Didn't I tell you to mind those stupid under aged girls? Geez…" Rukia slaps her forehead.

"But! Rukia…"

" No buts! Dinner, now!"

"Okay, okay. I'm going now!"

The End