Shinagawa grunted in dismay when a woman sat down next to him. He didn't know why, but he'd gotten pretty popular in university. This was a woman he'd barely spoken to, and frankly said, she was quite annoying. It's not like he'd shown his interest in her, since he didn't have any.

He wasn't even available, damnit!

"Shinagawa-kun, do you want to have lunch with me today?" the forward woman asked, leaning towards him.
Glares from other women bored into the one right next to him, but she didn't seem to notice, or was just ignoring it.

He shoved her away. "No, I'm already having lunch with someone else."
She put on a pouty look, then tried to look seductive, though failing miserably. "Then let's go on a date after school."
He opened his notebook, looking at the notes from his last class. "I'm already going on a date this afternoon."
"Eh? ! With who? !"
"None of your buisness."

The woman was getting really curious now. 'I'll definitly find out what bitch's stealing him from me!'


After school, and lunch with Hana, Shinagawa headed to the small café where he was supposed to meet his mentioned date.
He waved when he spotted his lover. "Gaku!"

The short raven waved back, answering the light kiss when Shinagawa bent down to greet him.
"Made it through the day, I see."
Shinagawa nodded. "Wanna go see a movie after this?"
"Sounds good."

Once they had ordered, and said orders arrived, Shinagawa took a swig of his coffee and pulled the smaller close to him. Tilting his head up by the chin, he crashed their lips together in a hungry kiss.
Izumi closed his eyes as the hand pressing towards the back of his head played in his hair, Izumi wrapping his arms around the blond's neck. A tongue licked his lips, asking for entrance, and he willingly opened his mouth to feel the others tongue roaming in his mouth.

A moan was surpressed by Shinagawa's mouth when the blonde snuck a hand inside Izumi's shirt to pinch a nipple. He pushed him away when he remembered where they were, pinching Shinagawa's nose.

"Ow! What was that for? !" The taller asked as he covered his nose.
"Do you want us to get banned from this placed too? ! Daichi, we've already been banned from almost ten places around here!"
"Hai hai, warui."

"Why did you even do it this time? If you're horny, just say so and we'll go somewhere private!"
"Annoying woman in class."
"I thought they all were."
"Okay, extra annoying woman in class."
"Is she about my height, black hair this long in that poofy way that reminds you of Anna's hairstyle? And lots of make-up?"
"..Yeah. How'd you know?"

Izumi pointed over Shinagawa's shoulder. "She's been glaring at me with enormous killing intent since she got here."
Shinagawa swirled around on his chair, eyes wide.

When the girl realized she'd been noticed, she walked over to their table with a confident stride.
Izumi looked her up and down, chin resting on his hand. "No, not Daichi's type at all."
She glared at him with hatred obvious in her eyes. "What do you know? !"

The raven man leaned his elbows on the table. "Considering I've been dating him for about two years now, I guess I could say I know quite much? Say like.. all quirks and kinks he has when it comes to sex?"

The womans face paled and she screeched, stomping away.

Shinagawa leaned back in his chair. "I think everyone in school will know I'm pretty gay by tomorrow."
"Just pretty gay?" Izumi pouted, crossing his arms.
The tall blonde admired the cuteness that was his boyfriend. "For you, completely gay." He kissed him.
"Very well, that's acceptable." Izumi smiled.

Pfffsh, Yanmega is awesome. But I'm still wondering if that "Ryo" is Izumi's older brother.