Thank you to Onkoona for giving me a great suggestion. And thank you to Starduchess for reading it through.

Second Anniversary.

Harry lent back against the warm stone and took a long drink from his glass.

The sun was beating down on him and birds were singing in a tree nearby.

"Two years, I can't believe it's been two years today. And people thought we'd never last."

Harry drained his glass and lay out on the warm grass.

"Well, we have forever now."

Harry closed his eyes and the glass fell from his unresisting hand, a thin powder residue left on the rim. The sun seemed to shift and shone brightly on the words carved in the stone.

'Here lays Severus Snape beloved husband of 78 years and father of 5. Our lives will never be the same, you will not be forgotten.'

Let me know what you think of this short little story.

Mrs C