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Entry One


Third day in Armoroad, and I still have absolutely no idea how to go about this adventuring business. To be perfectly honest I still have no idea what I'm doing here. According to Alexis I stumbled up to the statue of the Goddess and shouted out a declaration to conquer the Yggdrasil Labyrinth (was there any specification it being the Armoroad one? I think we have at least five of those in Imperial Territory alone) and to bring back trophies from seven fearsome beasts, at least three of which are widely considered to not exist at all.

At least Alexis is handling most of the administrative trivia of things. I had no idea she knew so much about all this miscellaneous stuff; I really don't know where I'd be without her.

Don't tell her I said that, though.


Entry Made: 12th of the month of the Silver Lion, on the Seven Hundredth and Fourteenth year of the Holy Empire.

It appears Armoroad and the surrounding locales keep an entirely separate calendar from ours. Hardly surprising, but all the same, rather inconvenient. I should have expected adjustments coming into this town after all, especially it looks like we'll be spending a significant amount of time here.

In any case, I've made contact with the head of the Explorer's Guild in Armoroad, and we've managed to hammer out some of the details concerning the creation of a new guild. With any luck there should be several new recruits worth signing up soon. I'm not foolish enough to think we'll stand any chance of challenging the Labyrinth without a fully party of good warriors.

I just hope his Majesty keeps his head about him. This is easily the most daunting task he's ever faced (and if I'm going to be candid, it's probably going to be the most daunting task he'll ever face, period), but he doesn't seem aware of that fact yet. I can only hope the Goddess' favour goes with us.