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Episode one- unawares

It had been twenty years since the ultimate battle but that wasn't the only thing the sisters had to fight for, they also had to fight for her morality her crimes against the world almost got her killed the sisters had to rehabilitate her which took a lot of time and energy.

Now however it seemed worth it, Piper was up early she had missed cooking and after the battle she decided to go back to her roots and start cooking again, though she still had P3 to look after she had employed Billie to manage it whilst she went on a new adventure of opening a restaurant.

The house was quiet as piper set to work making pancakes for when her hungry brood wake (mainly the boys and Leo) Piper heard footsteps coming down the stairs and knew instantly it was her youngest Melinda so she was surprised when she turned around and saw Melinda walking in.

"Good morning" piper said in a happy voice which only caused Melinda to groan in displeasure at her mother's cheery voice.

"How on earth can you be so happy in the morning?" Melinda asked Melinda was much like her aunt Prue; Melinda had an attitude a big one for a sixteen year old.

"Well it's a lovely day, it's not my fault you didn't sleep till very late last night" Piper pointed out as she continued her cooking.

"I did sleep early just Chris and his latest girl were very noisy" Melinda replied Piper blushed at the thought of her middle child doing those kinds of things and her youngest hearing them.

"Would you like me to have a word?" Piper asked her throwing the pancakes onto a plate and starting on the next batch.

"No it's fine maybe just tell him to go back to his own flat if he is going to be doing that" Melinda replied as she began making the coffee.

The boys rose around nine just as Piper finished cleaning up, the table was set with a huge pile of pancakes in the middle, the front door opened and Piper saw Prudence and Penny walk in.

"Hello you two" Piper said giving each of her nieces a hug Penny was very enthusiastic when it came to hugging her favourite aunt though she was only thirteen so she could get away with it Prudence however just half heartedly hugged her Aunt Piper and set her sisters bag down before moving to see her cousins.

"Is your sister alright?" Piper asked Penny, Penny hung her coat up and looked at her Aunt she shrugged.

"I don't know she's been like this for a while mum thinks it's just hormones, dad asked if she was pregnant and Prue got really angry" Penny replied as she and Piper moved into the dining room.

Chris, Wyatt and Leo were all sat ready to eat, Prudence moved to sit next to Chris as Penny sat near Piper and Melinda was next to Wyatt which she didn't look happy about.

"So what's everyone up to today then?" Piper asked to break the silence.

"Prue is dropping me off at school I've got a test" Penny began as she happily poured syrup over her pancakes.

"Oh right how about you Prue?" Piper asked as Prue just moved her pancakes round her plate not really paying attention; piper noticed that Prue had a really strong grip on her fork.

"Hey mums talking to you" Chris said nudging her Prudence threw her fork to the table and ran outside Piper looked at the fork and noticed it was all out of place she then stood and followed Prue out of the house.

Chris looked to Penny "what's up with her?" he asked Penny shrugged and filled her mouth of pancakes as a way to not talk.

Piper found Prue angrily kicking the wall, tears were streaming down her face, and Piper didn't say anything just watched her.

"Suppose you want to know what's going on?" Prue asked Piper seemed surprised that Prue knew she was there but then she remembered Prue could read minds so she probably heard her.

"Are you alright?" Piper asked as Prue sat down Piper didn't make a move to join her obviously something was bothering her.

"I'm fine it's just life" Prue chuckled "Sounds stupid doesn't it?" Prue asked Piper sat opposite her on the steps and shook her head.

"How's your mum?" piper asked Prue only snorted "What's happened?" Piper asked sighing.

"Nothing she's just all about Penny because she has a new power" Prue replied "I feel like I'm left to handle Pearl and she is just too much" Prue wrapped her arms around her legs pulling them closer to her.

"What's Pearl done now?" piper asked moving closer to Prue but only slowly.

"Oh she stayed out then called me up at five this morning to pick her up" Prue paused "she was totally trashed"

"Sounds like Phoebe when she was a teen" Piper laughed, she noticed that Prue looked so young and so much like her own sister when she had to look after Phoebe Piper pushed a lock of her brunette hair behind her ear Prue smiled properly.

"I don't mind it don't get me wrong, just mum saw us come in and thought I had taken Pearl out with me" Prue wiped her tears "accused me of being a bad influence on her"

Piper pulled Prue into a hug as she sobbed she clung to Piper tightly as Piper stroked her hair and whispered that it would be alright.

"Want me to have a word with your mum?" Piper asked Prue shook her head "ok so what's Penny's new power then?"

"Deflection she scared mum when she was cooking the other day and threw a knife at her but well Penny deflected it" Prue explained.

After a little more talking Piper and Prue made their way back inside, the rest of the family had eaten and were cleaning up whilst Prue told Penny to get her stuff ready for school whilst she helped clean up.

"Don't you want anything to eat?" Piper asked as she washed the last dish. Prue shook her head.

"Come on Pen!" Prue shouted, Penny ran in and hugged Piper before moving outside to wait in the car.

"Thanks for the talk" Prue whispered Piper nodded Prue stood still for a second then quickly followed Penny out.

Piper had checked the club as she made her way to Phoebe's she decided to see why her sister was being so hard on Prue even though she said she wouldn't but if Phoebe wasn't careful Prue would leave she was the type of person.

Piper stood outside Phoebe's apartment she then knocked "one sec" Phoebe had shouted Piper laughed as she heard the crashing in the living room, either her and coop were having fun or she was very busy, Phoebe wasn't known for being the most multi tasking person on the planet.

The front door opened and a red faced Phoebe stood the other side, Piper laughed as she noticed a wire tangled around Phoebe's right foot, Phoebe frowned then looked down and smiled.

"What's up not another demon is it?" Phoebe asked worried that there could have been attacked, but it was bound to happen any day as it had been fairly quiet this past year.

"No, no demons just thought I would come and see you" piper shrugged Phoebe moved aside and let Piper in.

"Oh right well" Phoebe started then looked around and blushed at the thought of her apartment being a mess and Piper seeing it.

"Spring clean?" Piper asked raising her brow at the mess.

"No I couldn't find a paper I was doing" Phoebe explained "For research" she added, Piper nodded.

"I saw Prue and Penny this morning congratulations on the power" Piper told her Phoebe smiled when she thought of her youngest and how excited she was about it.

"That's good, did Prue say anything?" Phoebe asked carefully Piper nodded.

"She seems pretty upset about you accusing her of being a bad influence on Pearl" Piper replied.

"But she was she took Pearl to a party, a college party" Phoebe stressed the college part, Piper rolled her eyes.

"Who told you that?" Piper asked Phoebe frowned.

"Pearl did said Prue gave her no choice" Phoebe replied "Don't tell me how to raise my kids Piper I know what I'm doing" Phoebe snapped.

"Phoebe how can you think Prue would do something like that?" Piper asked "did you even as Prue what happened"

Phoebe looked to the floor in shame Piper groaned "Phoebe you have really upset her she broke my fork" Phoebe's head looked up quickly and she frowned

"Prue's been moody for a couple of weeks, I don't know what to do anymore she gets into fights and not with demons" Phoebe began explaining Piper placed her hand on Phoebe's back.

"Have you tried talking to her?" Phoebe snorted like Prue had that morning.

"No she won't open up to us, I'm surprised she spoke to you" Phoebe replied in a defeated tone "We just aren't that close anymore, in fact none of my children are, Prue just doesn't seem to bother with them anymore and it's upset the other two especially Pearl"

Piper pulled her sister into a hug "Do you want me to see if she will talk to me?" Piper offered Phoebe looked up at her and nodded slowly.

Prue sat at a desk in the library she tried to concentrate on her assignment she had been given by her Anthropology teacher yesterday, but it was hard to concentrate with everyone's thoughts in her head she groaned she could feel a head ache coming on.

Sex that's all anyone thought about either them wanting it or they had, had it and were thinking about how bad or good it was and it annoyed her.

Gripping her pen hard she heard someone cough in front of her, she looked up to see a pretty Asian girl looking at her.

"I don't mean to interrupt but you're in Mrs Cuts Anthropology class aren't you?" the girl asked, Prue nodded slowly the girl smiled in relief she looked nervous but Prue could feel it.

"Is there something wrong?" Prue asked carefully the girl sat down opposite her and put her books on the table.

"Well we're studying witchcraft aren't we?" the girl asked Prue nodded "well I've been having trouble learning it and well your really good at it and I was wondering do you mind helping me?" the girl asked shyly.

Prue looked shocked it's not like she was a social bee in college, in fact she kept herself to herself with her current situation she felt she had too, so the fact that someone paid attention to her disturbed Prue a bit.

"It's ok if you don't want to" the girl said standing up "probably a stupid idea anyway" Prue felt disappointment roll through her in waves and it wasn't coming from her it was from the girl.

"Wait!" Prue said quickly as the girl turned to leave, she stopped and turned to look at her, Prue smiled "I'll help you if you really want it" Prue whispered, the girl looked delighted and sat back down.

"I'm Katie" the girl introduced herself as she held out her hand Prue took it and laughed.

"I'm prudence but you can call me Prue" Prue told her Katie nodded.

"I actually didn't think you would help me" Katie admitted Prue looked from her work to her "it's just well you seem like you're not very social" she paused "which isn't a bad thing" she said quickly Prue laughed.

"I know what you meant and yes I am" she replied "so then which part of the course is confusing you?" Prue asked as Katie pushed her book towards her, Prue scanned through it, she hadn't noticed before but as it was silent she did, it was a strange tingling sensation it started as soon as she shook hands with Katie and now it was moving through her whole body Prue tried to concentrate.

"Just" Katie paused then blushed "most of it" she admitted Prue smiled and the two began going through the course.

Prue got home a little after four she had spent a few hours helping Katie out and told her to meet her in the same place tomorrow, the house was quiet she saw a note stuck to the mirror she pulled it down and began reading it.

'Prue we have gone to see Aunt Piper come meet us if you feel sociable mum x' Prue scrunched the paper up and threw it to the floor, that's when she heard it a growl she turned to see a huge beast like demon stood behind her Prue stepped back the beast moved forward Prue held up her hands and tried to freeze it, the beast just laughed and hit her, she went in the air and landed against the wall and hit her head.

Prue groaned as she tried standing back up the beast made a fist and it was going to hit her, she managed to put her hands up and catch it, she was kind of glad that she was strong because this thing was heavy she took a deep breath before pushing it back, the beast stumbled which gave her time to stand up.

The beast picked up the coffee table Prue tried to move away but her back hit the wall the beast then threw it on top of her, the table broke and Prue slumped unconscious underneath the pieces.

Prue began coming round she coughed and felt dry blood on her head she pushed the pieces of table off herself and tried to stand a sharp pain in her ribs told her that the ribs were broken or at least some were, she stumbled from the mess and tried to catch her breath, she noticed that the beast like demon was nowhere to be found, she heard the lock on the door and it opened, the light shone on her face and she winced there was a gasp and the light was switched on.

Her mum, dad and two sisters were looking at the mess in the apartment Prue leant against the wall for support she wondered if she would get the blame for this.

"What happened?" Phoebe shouted she then checked the rest of the place before coming back with a look of pure anger on her face "You missed your Aunts dinner for a party at our house!" She screamed Prue was angry how her mother dare assume it was her fault.

"No actually a demon was here and it wouldn't freeze then it threw a coffee table at me!" Prue screamed back her anger getting the better of her and she could see the fear in her mother's eyes.

"A demon?" Phoebe whispered Prue nodded as she stood up she winced in pain and leant back against the wall "You're hurt" Phoebe commented

"Yeah no shit" Prue spat her dad moved round to help Prue sit down.

"Paige!" Phoebe shouted about a second later blue orbs filled the room and Paige orbed in she looked round.

"Whoa what happened here?" she asked Phoebe didn't answer she just pointed at Prue and Paige went to work her magic.

"What did it look like?" Phoebe asked when Paige was finished.

"A big beast thing, it was really strong and I couldn't freeze it" Prue replied sitting up and stretching.

Prue didn't want to argue with her mother she was too tired, "look can we talk about this tomorrow I'm really tired" Prue said yawning her dad nodded Phoebe looked like she wanted to protest but eventually she just nodded Prue smiled then went to her room, she stripped off and climbed into bed but when she closed her eyes she saw the beast, then she saw the beast with Katie.

Prue woke up in a cold sweat she noticed she had only slept for an hour she groaned she heard her parents talking.

"I don't know what to do with her coop" Phoebe was saying she heard her dad sigh.

"Maybe we should speak to the elders they might know how to deal with anger" her dad replied Prue imagined her mum had nodded.

"I've never been so scared in my life she looked like she wanted to rip me apart" Phoebe whispered Prue felt guilty she didn't mean to get so angry with her mum, in all honesty she didn't know what she was doing now.

Prue got up out of bed and got dressed she didn't want her mum and dad going to the elders, she was going to go herself she opened her bedroom window and jumped down quietly she then made her way across the roves of the other flats before finally jumping down one last time, she started then making her way to golden gate bridge unaware that someone was watching and following her the whole way.