AN: Here's the second episode I know the last one wasn't that good I will have to change it when I have the time

Episode Plot: Nobody knows that Prue has been to see the elders and she isn't sharing anything with any member of her family, but someone does know she has been to see them, the rest of the family are looking for the beast like demon, but Phoebe is not happy that Prue doesn't really seem to care but she's busy stopping a group of demons trying to kidnap a young girl.

Episode 2- Soul

Prue woke up the sun hit her face and she groaned as she rolled over, having only got up to an hour's sleep she wasn't in the mood for light and sun at the moment the banging on the door told her that her mum had other ideas.

"Come on get up!" Phoebe shouted, Prue groaned and began dragging herself up out of bed then left her room to grab a drink of water before getting ready for college.

"You're up late" Pearl commented, Prue glared at her.

"Yeah well I was woken up yesterday wasn't I?" Prue snapped Pearl held her hands up in defence.

"Jesus what's the matter with you?" pearl mumbled Prue just ignored her as she drained her glass of water.

Phoebe walked in as Prue finished Prue groaned and held on to the side of the counter, luckily nobody noticed so she decided to slip out back to her room.

The things the elders told her when she went to see them was still fresh in her mind she really couldn't believe it, an Empath 'that's just great no wonder I was all over the place emotionally' she thought to herself, she then wondered if she should tell her mum, she decided against it for now things might get worse and she didn't need that on top of everything else.

After getting dressed Prue left the flat to go to college, Phoebe and Pearl watched her leave, "What's the matter with her?" Phoebe asked Pearl only shrugged and carried on eating her breakfast, she felt kinda bad for her sister who took all the blame when Pearl came home drunk.

Pearl hadn't told Prue the reasons she left the party that night, when she was supposed to stay over she doubt she would tell her they way Prue was now she might just kill the bloke who tried to rape her. Shaking the thought from her head she put her bowl away and moved to get ready for school.

"Pearl" her mum shouted Pearl rolled her eyes and popped her head out of her bedroom.

"Yeah mum" she replied.

"I want you to tell me if Prue makes you go to another of her college parties" her mum said sternly "just because she is an emotional wreck doesn't mean she should drag you down too" Pearl gulped that wasn't fair of her mum to say.

"Mum" Pearl began as she walked back into the living room Phoebe frowned "it wasn't Prue's fault" Phoebe tutted and shook her head.

"Don't you take the blame for her" Phoebe told her Pearl shook her head.

"Mum you're not listening I went to the party alone" she paused "I phoned Prue up at five in the morning to come pick me up" Phoebe frowned at her daughter Pearl felt ashamed.

"You mean you went out when I told you not too" Phoebe said quietly trying to keep her anger in check.

"Yeah it was me Prue was only doing what any big sister would do, so please stop being horrible to her" Pearl was starting to cry, Phoebe's expression softened and she hugged her middle child.

"What's the matter?" she asked rocking her gently back and forth.

"I miss the old Prue mum, I miss sneaking into my big sisters bedroom when I got scared at night, what happened to that Prue mum?" Pearl asked Phoebe shook her head she wasn't sure how to answer that.

Prue found herself in the town, her last class was cancelled and she decided to look round and get an idea for her sister's birthday so far she found nothing she made her way past an alley and she heard screams, they weren't adult screams more like children's, Prue dropped her bag and ran into the alley to find a group of demons circling a young girl no older than ten or eleven she was hugging her knees close to her chest and sobbing telling the demons to leave her alone.

Prue looked around and saw a huge pole not far from her she walked over and grabbed it before moving forward and hitting two of the demons in their backs, the others looked at her, their big red eyes narrowed but their attention was away from the girl who was now focussing on her.

"It's not nice to scare kids" Prue smirked one demon cast a fireball at her but she easily turned it to ice just before it hit her.

"She's a charmed one!" One demon shouted the rest all circled her each trying to knock her to the ground but she blocked the attacks which was hard considering all she could feel was hate and fear she focussed on the demons around her managing to freeze one of them then sticking the pole in him whilst he burnt into flames.

Prue wasn't sure what happened to the rest of them but when she turned around they were gone, the little girl looked up at her still shaking from the whole experience, and Prue put the pole down and ran over to the girl to make sure she was alright.

"Are you alright?" Prue asked quietly so not to scare the girl more.

"Y...Y...Yeah" the girl stuttered badly she was shaking like a leaf; Prue shrugged off her jacket and wrapped it round her.

"Come on let's get you home" Prue said softly picking the little girl up and making her way from the alley she also picked up her bag and put it on her shoulder.

Paige had decided to search for Prue's demon in the book of shadows just for the simple fact that she was bored, the night of the attack Phoebe had called both herself and Piper to tell them about what happened to Prue Paige could tell with just one look that Phoebe was tired, she spent too much time arguing with Prue instead of finding out what was wrong with her which Paige could tell was something serious.

Paige finished flicking through the book; she couldn't find the demon anywhere, then again it really shouldn't be her researching, this was Prue's demon but it seemed to her that Prue didn't really care or at least tried to avoid it, whether that was because Prue was scared of the demon killing her next time or if she just can't be bothered to deal with it.

Paige slammed the book shut as Piper walked in "Whoa what did the book ever do to you?" Piper asked handing Paige a mug of coffee.

"I don't see why I'm doing this, Prue found the demon it should be her researching it" Paige pouted Piper chuckled.

"Well Prue is new to this stuff it will just take time" she paused "like it did for you" Paige groaned which meant she agreed with what Piper was saying but she didn't have to like it.

Prue found herself at her Aunt Pipers house the little girl had fallen asleep so she decided to carry her in, blue orbs filled the room and Wyatt was stood in front of her.

"What are you doing here Prue?" Wyatt asked Prue glanced at the girl on the couch then back to her cousin.

"Wyatt I need your help" Prue said quickly she opened her mind and knew her Aunt Piper and Paige were upstairs in the attic; Wyatt unfolded his arms and looked at her concerned.

"What's the matter?" he asked quickly he was giving her a once over probably to make sure she wasn't hurt or something.

"I'm fine Wyatt" Prue dismissed his concern quickly.

'Is this girl on her period or something?' Wyatt asked himself he was beginning to smile until he saw Prue glare at him 'damn forgot she could read minds' he cursed to himself he then saw Prue grin.

"Look I need you to take someone into your room for me" Prue started Wyatt looked a little scared "It's fine Wyatt they aren't evil it's a little girl she was attacked by demons she is pretty worn out and I don't want your mum or Aunt Paige to find out" Prue explained.

"Prue why don't you just tell them it's not like you will get into trouble for it" Wyatt shrugged Prue rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Forget it then I just needed her out the way whilst I looked in the book" Prue said moving to check the girl was alright but she was still sleeping.

"Well mum and Aunt Paige are with the book they will find out anyway" Wyatt tried reasoning.

"I already know that Wy besides I can tell them I am looking for the demon who attacked me" Prue shrugged Wyatt thought for a minute but it would be no use trying to change Prue's mind she already knew he would help her, Prue grinned then kissed his cheek "thanks Wy" she said running upstairs to the attic.

Wyatt watched her 'she is like a yoyo these days, man girls are emotional' he thought to himself as he picked the girl up and orbed her to his room.

Prue opened the attic door to see her two Aunts talking on the couch they both looked up and saw her.

"Hey stranger" Paige said smiling she stood and pulled Prue into a hug which Prue returned she then did the same for Piper.

"What brings you up here?" Piper asked.

"Oh I just wanted to look in the book" Prue began "to see if I could find the demon" she explained Piper nudged Paige in the ribs and gave her a smirk Paige handed Prue the book; she then walked to the stand and placed the book on it.

"Won't do much good though" Paige said standing up Prue looked at her "I couldn't find the demon anywhere" she added Prue nodded but opened the book and began searching anyway.

Piper and Paige left Prue alone as they returned downstairs they saw Wyatt leaving his room "hey" Paige said punching his arm, Wyatt looked at them and hoped the girl didn't start screaming now.

"You alright?" Piper asked frowning Wyatt nodded quickly and left Piper looked to Paige who just shrugged and followed Wyatt downstairs.

Prue was flicking through the book each demon was beginning to tick her off, she couldn't find them, the change in mood told her that someone else was in the house along with her Aunt's and the thoughts she heard told her it was Billie, she continued flicking through the book each flick getting angrier and angrier until finally she snapped the book closed.

There was a swirl of lights and when she looked up she saw Chris orb in, he seemed surprised that she was here.

"Oh hey" he began Prue gave him a nod "What you doing here?" he asked placing the book back in the middle of the stand she moved away from it.

"I was researching the demon that attacked me yesterday" Prue replied she then noticed the love bite on his neck and smirked.

"What?" Chris asked nervously.

"Did your latest girl take a chunk out of you or what?" Prue laughed as Chris blushed hiding the bite with his hand. "I wouldn't bother doing that either your thought's are loud and clear" Prue grinned as she left the attic Chris then moved to the book, he flicked through until he landed on 'demon bites'

Prue jumped down the last step as she made her way out then jumped down the steps of the manor, she was about to go round and ask anyone (in the magical community) if there was a demon group around.

"Oh Prue your still here" Melinda said smiling Prue held back a groan and looked at her little cousin.

"I was just about to go out" Prue replied.

"Oh I just wanted to see if you could take me to the underworld" Melinda asked sheepishly Prue looked at in a look of disbelieve.

"You're not supposed to go down there" Prue pointed out Melinda rolled her eyes.

"Come on please I'm so bored at magic school" Melinda whined "Come on you're the cool one in our family" Prue clenched her jaw tightly.

"There is nothing cool about risking your life everyday" Prue said harshly "just go to magic school and grow up I don't have time for this" Prue spat then walked away leaving Melinda watching her dumbfounded.

Prue shook off the feelings of anger as she walked down the street, she jumped on to the bus into town she sat at the back and put her headphones in she was going to ignore the world.

The bus got into town Prue jumped off and made her way back to the alley way she found the girl at; she didn't notice the two demons following her or the other three that had just shimmered in

"Now where do I start?" Prue asked herself as she looked around.

"How about telling us where the girl is?" A voice said behind her, Prue turned only to be knocked out.

Piper heard the door open and slam shut, she looked up and saw Melinda storm in "What's up with you?" Piper asked.

"Nothing I don't know what crawled up Prue's ass and died" Melinda replied before running upstairs, Piper looked to Paige who gave her an 'I don't want to know' look.

Prue woke up she was groggy and saw; she groaned as she woke up fully, she was in a cave she looked around and saw five men watching her.

"Oh no" she whispered to herself the leader grinned.

"Oh yes you're in huge trouble witch" he spat Prue rolled her eyes and smirked "Now not only did you ruin our ritual but you have the cheek to smirk about being kidnapped" he snarled.

"Poor attempt if you ask me" Prue replied, the leader slapped her hard across the face Prue kept her eyes to the floor, she felt blood running down her lip, she could even taste it.

"Now be a good little witch and keep this" he grabbed her jaw "shut" he let go of her and left them alone.

Phoebe saw her girls doing their homework when she got back home from work, she saw her husband reading a paper and drinking coffee.

"Hey guys" Phoebe said hanging her coat up both the girl said hello as coop stood and kissed her "where's Prue?" Phoebe asked looking around.

"I don't know she hasn't come home yet, probably in college still" Coop replied Phoebe nodded.

"Yeah she probably is" she grinned and kissed him again before going to get changed.

Prue wasn't sure how long she had been kept here; the chains were tough she had tried countless times to break them it didn't work Prue hit her head on the wall when she tried a fourth time, Prue opened her mind.

'I wish we could just kill the girl, all this time wasting is making us late to summon the source' she heard one of the demons think the source where had she heard that name before?

The source, the source, it was on the tip of her tongue, she groaned she hated the underworld, suddenly her eyes snapped open, the source of all evil!

"Why are you bringing the source back?" she asked the demon looked at her and snarled.

"What's it to you?" he asked Prue smirked.

"Well you see my family destroyed the source" she replied the demon walked closer to her "and I could probably find an easier way to bring him back for you" she smiled sweetly she opened her mind again.

'I shouldn't really but well I could kill her after' he was thinking to himself.

"How?" he asked

"Well last time a demon tried to bring him back they used my cousin to do it and it worked" Prue left out the part in which her family arrived and destroyed both the demon and the source.

"Fine how are you going to do it?" He asked moving closer.

"First you will have to untie me" Prue whispered the demon moved behind her and cut the chains binding her, Prue acted quickly she used the chain and wrapped it round the demons neck "Now shimmer me back to the manor now" she hissed in his ear, he shimmered them away just as the others arrived.

As soon as they arrived she froze the demon "WYATT!" she shouted, Wyatt soon showed up orbing beside her.

"What's happening?" he asked quickly noticing the demon, he then noticed his cousin covered in dirt and bloody.

"Doesn't matter there are a group of demons trying to bring back the source" Prue said quickly she turned to Wyatt "get mum and Aunt Piper and Paige" Wyatt nodded and orbed out.

Prue sat down opposite the demon who was still frozen she really didn't want to be here when he unfroze.

Wyatt orbed back with Piper, she looked at the demon, just as Paige and her mum orbed in.

"What happened?" Phoebe shouted as she ran and hugged Prue tightly.

"I'm fine mum" Prue whispered hugging her mother tightly "it's a groups of demons trying to bring back the source" she explained.

"Who's the source?" a little voice asked everyone turned to see a girl standing by the door she then saw Prue "You saved me" she whispered, Prue moved closer to her and nodded.

"Listen what you know about the men that were around you?" she asked the girl shrugged.

"What's happening?" Piper asked as she looked at the little girl.

Suddenly a demon shimmered in, Prue moved the girl behind her as she turned to him.

"We have your little sister, bring us the girl and we won't kill her" he smirked Prue growled as he shimmered out.

"We have to go and save her" Paige said, Prue stopped them.

"No this is my problem I will save her" she told them she turned to Wyatt "orb me down" she orders him, Wyatt looks at his mum she shrugs she can't do anything to stop her he waved his hand and she disappeared in blue orbs.

Prue arrived back in the underworld she looked round carefully to see her little sister chained to the same wall she was, she could see Five Demons.

Prue moved from behind the rock, Pearl noticed her first she smiled Prue grinned back before clearing her throat "you know it's illegal to kidnap girls" she said the demons growled their leader stood in front of her, he looked around her and smirked.

"No girl" he said he moved his hand and he had Pearl next to him he gripped her arm hard, Prue could feel her pain she narrowed her eyes and snarled him.

"Let my sister go" she hissed the demon grinned a sly grin and shook his head.

"Well you see now I have something you want, you have something I want are you getting the whole idea of this?" he asked Prue clenched her fist tightly, Prue noticed that the other demons were circling her, she held up a hand and froze them she then looked back to the leader and his grin had now left his face.

"You really don't want to piss me off" Prue whispered moving closer to him "Now let go of my sister" she asked again.

The demon didn't listen to her, he made a fireball, jumped back and threw it at Prue, Prue held up her hand and the fireball the demon had let go of Pearl and she ran behind her sister the other demons unfroze and began attacking, Prue pushed her little sister to the side and began blocking and punching the demons that came close to her with the ice ball still in the air, Pearl used her hand to move it, the ball of ice landed on a demon which caused him to move away from the fighting to confront her, Pearl was scared she stood and began levitating from the ground so the demon couldn't touch her and used this advantage to help her sister out.

Prue was being punched and kicked left right and centre she then noticed that some of the demon had been moved away and she noticed her little sister in the air concentrating. Prue used this time to freeze the remaining demons she moved away from them and grabbed a sword that was by a fire, she then in turn vanquished all the demons in the room, Pearl slowly came back down to earth and ran to her sister for comfort.

"Hey it's alright I'm here now" Prue whispered into her little sisters ear.

"I'm sorry mum blamed you for me being drunk" Pearl said moving back to look at her sister "I told her it was my fault that you just came to pick me up" Prue smiled and kissed her little sisters head.

"I'm sorry for ignoring you" Prue whispered "it's just been hard" she whispered Pearl frowned.

"What has happened?" Pearl asked.

Prue looked at her she was unsure if she should tell her, but the look in Pearl's eyes told her she could.

"Pearl, I, I have a new power" Prue began Pearl smiled.

"How's that bad?" she asked clearly confused by her sisters sadness.

"Pearl I'm an Empath" Prue finished, Pearl looked at her wide eyed "so that and what the elders told me has me on edge" both girls sat down.

"What did they tell you?" Pearl asked

"They said that mum was pregnant before us, to the source" Prue looked at Pearl "You know Cole?" she said Pearl nodded "the elders thought that if they could trap the soul of the child they would have had, they could put it into another of mum children" Prue stopped and clenched her fist, Pearl held her hand "so they did, and" Prue began crying "Pearl I have the source in me" Pearl held her tightly as Prue began sobbing into her shoulder.

"Sh, it's going to be alright" Pearl whispered.

"That's why I've been so angry I've got all this blackness in me" Prue pulled away "I'm evil Pearl"

Both girls returned home as their mum pulled them both into tight hugs "I'm so sorry I didn't believe you" Phoebe whispered in Prue's ear, Prue smiled then glanced at her little sister, Pearl noticed Prue's eyes flame over, Prue must have noticed too because she blinked and shook her head a little.

This was going to be one bumpy ride.