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The next morning, I drag myself out of bed and downstairs. Lily has coffee waiting. I slide into a chair, grabbing a cup like a lifeline.

"Megan, you'd best put on some concealer or makeup of some sort today, or everyone is going to know you cried yourself to sleep." Lily slides the sugar and milk over as she speaks.

"Is it that bad?" Lily nodded. "Thanks."

After running back upstairs to cover up the dark circles under my eyes, I hurry towards town to see what is going on.

Most of the company is still on leave and furlough, so there aren't very many men scattered around. Finally, I find Col. Sink.

"Colonel, what is on the agenda for today?"

"Ah, hello. Nothing really. The companies will all be back by next week, so all the men are doing now is staying in shape and relaxing. I think some supplies came in for the medical teams, so you could sort through that."

"Excellent! I'll get right on that." I hurry off to the aid station, never hearing Col. Sink speak after me.

"It's like she's running from something…"

All week, I throw myself into working as hard as possible so that I don't have to dwell on Ron and Amanda. Unfortunately for me, my preoccupation and dedication to staying too busy to think is noticed.

Lew and Dick come to me first about midway through the week as I'm finishing for the day. "Megan, are you ok? You've been really distracted lately."

"I'm fine, Lew. Stop worrying. We're safe in England. Save that for when we ship out again."

"Megan, you know we're just looking out for you."

"I know Dick, but I'm fine." I gather up my supplies. "Can I go? I'd like to get some dinner."

"Sure. See you later." With those parting words from them, I head towards the house.

By the end of the week, Lip, Bull, and Martin come to confront me. "Megan, what's going on? You're acting as though someone died."

"No one died. I'm just tired and need to get this work done, Lip."

"Ok, but remember to take care of yourself. You look really tired."

"I will, Bull. Y'all have a good rest of your day." They leave, but I see them throwing glances over their shoulders. I guess I'm not as good as I thought at hiding my feelings.

Over dinner that night, Lily and Paul corroborate my thoughts. "Megan, it's not that you're horrible at hiding what you're thinking. True, you're not great, by any means. It's just that those men know you very well, and they can see the toll that stress is taking on you."

"I guess you're right Paul."

"And Megan, if I'm not mistaken, you were a little reserved when you got back from Dublin. Did something happen?"

"Lily, nothing happened, I just had to relive one of the worst nights of my life."

Her face turns to even deeper concern. "What happened?"

"Until this last weekend, the last time I'd been in London was the day the night bombings started. I was there with a friend from school, Sophie. We were at a concert when the bombings started-" My voice broke on a sob. "Sophie was killed by a falling wall and there was nothing I could do to save her."

Lily comes over and gives me a hug. "You poor dear."

I smile at Lily and hug her in return. "When I returned to Dublin, I had nightmares. They started again just before we deployed to France. The guys don't know about what caused the nightmares, but they know I hadn't been sleeping or eating. It's why they're even more persistent about making sure I eat." I chuckle a bit. "I guess having Ron get married so soon on top of everything just made me go a little crazy."

Paul chimes back in. "Megan, it'll all work out. You just have to have faith."

"I know. And the good thing is all the boys will be back tomorrow, so things will get back to normal." Getting up from the table, I remark. "Makes me think of when I read Gone With The Wind, a book about the Civil War in the states. The main character would say 'tomorrow is another day.' I'll see y'all in the morning."

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