Late Night Phone Conversations

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Playful Kiss/ Itazura na Kiss

Characters: Baek Seung Jo, Oh Ha Ni, Jeremy, and other people.



"HE ALMOST KISSED HER. I SWEAR HE ALMOST KISSED HER!" I screamed in mind as I started ripping the newspaper I held in my hand to discuise myself to not look obvious.

I walked the other direction from them and stopped. I realized something.

I think I like Ha Ni..

Chapter 6: I honestly don't have a imagianation to think of a chapter name

No One's POV

"J-J-Jeremy. You can let go of my hand now" Ha Ni stuttered as she was walking next to Jeremy.

"Why? I like holding your hand" Jeremy smiled as he held onto Ha Ni's hand tighter

Many people around the two couple started whispering and saying how cute they look together.

Not many people saw a very handsome man walking around that has blonde hair.

Ha Ni's POV

I looked up at Jeremy as we continued to hold hands. His blue eyes, but you could tell he was asian. His messy Blonde hair that had a mix of black. His cute lips. "WAIT! WHAT AM I THINKING?" I yelled to myself mentally as I made faces.

"Whats wrong Ha Ni?" Jeremy asked as he looked at me with his worried eyes. WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO CUTE?

"N-Nothing. I'm okay" I said as I started holding onto his arm while holding his hand.

It feels like we're a couple, but we're not. We're just friends. We're great friends. I stll don't even know if he has a girlfriend or not.

We still had about 10 minutes until he reached my house. Jeremy stopped walking and looked at me.

"Let's take the long way Ha Ni." He said as he held my hand tighter and turned us around from where we were walking.

Today was different from the rest of the days. It wasn't like the times where he was teaching me science.

I have butterflys in my stomuch. I feel safe.

"Ha Ni?" I heard someone say my name.

"Baek Seung?" I said out loud. I don't think I should've said that.

"No. Jeremy" the person that said my name turned out to be Jeremy. He slowly let go of my hand..

"I'm sorry Jeremy! I was thinking too much! I didn't mean to offend you!" I said as I held onto his hand tighter.

"How stupid of me! Why did I even say that guys name! Jeremy probably hates me now!" I thought to myself while mentally slapping myself AGAIN.

Jeremy held back onto my hand litterly squeezing my hand now. He gave mea small smile and we continued to walk together.

I wonder whats he thinking about.


"Ha Ni?" I said to her as she looked like she was deep in thought. It worries me when she has that face on.

"Baek Seung?" Ha Ni said as she quickly snapped out of her deep thinking.

"Did she just say his name?" I yelled in my mind as I kept a calm face. I slowly started letting go of her hand. I feel pretty hurt.

She knew I started letting go of her hand and she squeezed my hand. It shocked me. Does she have feelings for me?

She started saying sorry millions of times.

I just smiled at her and held onto her hand even tighter.

She Makes Me Happy.