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A/N-Set after doomsday. With a quote from The Satan's Pit. I'm not very confident with this one.

Just a Legend.

"Really though Doctor. You two, who are you?"

"Oh. The stuff of legends!"

And they really, truly were. They were the legends of many planets, heroes of family stories past down from generation to generation, and sometimes, they even had holidays dedicated to them. But all that was gone now. Gone with Rose, and now all he had were the memories. Whispers of something so great, that it couldn't be defined in words. Something great, that never got its chance to shine.

All he had were the painful memories of the girl who stole both his hearts, the girl who made his long life a little more bearable and the girl who saw the beauty in him, even if he didn't really believe it was there. The girl, whose name he could never forget. Not for the rest of his regenerations. Rose. His Rose.

His Rose. The girl who was always brave, no matter how much the odds were against them. She had always believed in him, always believed that he would get them out of trouble, (and then proceed to get them into it again.) But when it had mattered the most, he had let her down. He hadn't got them out of trouble.

He had told her that she was setting new records for being 'jeopardy friendly.' And it had finally caught up with them, in the worst way possible. For him it was worse that dying. Knowing that someone you cared about was alive, but not being able to reach them. It was the most painful of tortures.

He had told her that he would NEVER do domestic. But she was the one that made him think, maybe? He thought maybe they could try being domestic together. But now he would never get a chance to try the one thing he said he would never do. And the one think he was sure he would have wanted to do the most. But not any more.

They were like a universal fairy tale, the two travellers in the Little Blue Box. Except fairytales always had a happy ending. They would never get their happy ending, because it was more like a romance movie that had been cut short, a romance movie that could never be restarted or replayed.

They had faced nightmares and monsters together, and never thought, for a second that the end would come. But the end had, inevitably come and with it came the sorrow of losing, at the least a best friend and at the most, what could have possibly been the best thing to happen to him in a long time. The chance to love again.

The legends of the two travellers in the Little Blue Box would continue to be told. The blonde girl and the tall man who came in and saved the planet…But now, that was all they were, all they ever could be.

Now, they were just a legend.