In need of saving my soul

As Jamie looked out the window at the grounds of Bryce hospital for the insane.

She remembered why she was here she lost her mother her father and sister.


As Jamie got home from work she walked into the house it was dark it was unusual because her parents car was in the drive.

Mom are you home Jamie shouted still no answer but as she was to walk into the living room she was knocked out.

When she came too she was tied to a chair .well look who decided to join us

As she looked up she seen a man with the evilest eyes staring at her .

Oh you have grown up so pretty Jamie as he dragged the blade of the knife down her face . a single tear rolled down her face .

What do you want a where are my parents and my sister .oh they are just over there at the table .

As he turned on the light Jamie seen that her parents and sister were dead at the table .

Their throats had been slit blood was covering the floor

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