The sun was setting quickly as Jackie left the office and walked with Marty to the elevator, ready to help him move the boxes in the basement.

Marty cleared his throat "Just going to warn you now, it's freezing down there!" he said.

Jackie nodded "Good to know." She said.

Marty tried to remain calm, the plan was working so well and he didn't want Jackie to suspect anything was waiting for her down in the basement.

Jackie cleared her throat "You wouldn't have a cough drop on you, would you?" she asked, turning to him just as the elevator stopped.

Marty shook his head "No, sorry…" he muttered.

The elevator doors opened and the dark abyss that was the basement. The cobwebs gave Jackie the sniffles as she looked around the basement.

"Do you have a light?" she asked.

Marty turned on his flashlight "There you go, so you don't trip on anything…or get acquainted with a rat or two." He said.

Jackie giggled "Gross." She muttered to herself.

Marty guided Jackie deep into the basement before she finally turned around and looked at him sternly "Well, where are the boxes?" she asked.

"They're in the way back, they're old…" he said, reassuring her.

Jackie looked at Marty cautiously before turning back and began to walk again, Marty knew he had to inject her with the sedative soon or she WOULD suspect something. Jackie was smarter than she gave off and Marty knew it.

"And why do I have to lead anyway, you're the one with the flashlight!" Jackie asked.

Marty got close to Jackie and pulled the needle out of his shirt pocket "Because, if I was the lead, I wouldn't be able to do this," he said, stabbing Jackie with the needle in her neck.

Jackie gasped, grabbing Marty's wrist as the sedative entered her system and quickly letting her body give up.

"Bastard," she whispered before collapsing on the dirty floor.

Marty smirked as he looked down at Jackie "Sorry, just following orders." He said to the unconscious body of Jackie Gibbard.

Jackie awoke with the headache, she felt a cold chill down her spine and knew she was strapped down to something.

Her eyes were foggy as she slowly woke up, still unable to move anything vital, like her neck "Ow." She winced, alerting the company in her room.

"Jacqueline Virginia Gibbard…we finally meet." The voice said.

Jackie moaned "It's Jackie…" she muttered, trying to get her vision back.

The stranger with Jackie moved closer to her as they touched her arm, Jackie tried to jerk back but had a cold piece of something jab into her side.

"Don't fight it," the voice said.

Jackie sighed, closing her eyes as she tried to regain some kind of posture "Who are you?" she asked.

The voice chuckled "We met while you were getting off the elevator with your friend, Marty, the security guard." He said.

Jackie thought for a moment before she opened her eyes that were still foggy "…Dr. Crane," she whispered.

"Bingo. I've got to say, Jackie, I've been watching you for awhile now…I know the music you like, who you live with, what your favorite color is…you're quite the girl." Crane said.

Jackie took in a deep breathe "Whatever you're planning to do to me, you don't have to…" she said.

Crane smirked "But I want to," he said, letting his long and slender finger slide down her arm.

"Stop," she whined.

Crane chuckled to himself, the silence filled the room before Jackie began to feel the straps that were binding her to whatever she was attached to fall away from her body though her hands were still stuck to something.

"What is this?" she asked.

Crane smiled "It's a gurney…" he said.

Jackie nodded as the wraps on her arms let her go, letting Jackie fall right out of her gurney and into Crane's arms.

"Let me go," she whispered.

Crane shook his head as he stroked her hair "Now why would I want to do that?" he asked, lightly tossing her on the bed that was next to them.

At this point, Jackie could see her surroundings, but still couldn't move.

She wasn't in her casual t-shirt and jeans anymore, her converse shoes were gone as well. Jackie was in a lace corset dress that clipped in the front with stockings and garter belts.

"Did you redress me?" Jackie asked.

Crane shook his head, taking off his tie "No, Marty did…" he said, throwing his tie aside.

Jackie tried her best to move, but at that point whatever she was on, was working pretty well.

Jackie attempted to scream but nothing came out as Crane slowly laid on top of her, stroking her hair softly as he looked into her eyes.

Crane's cold blue eyes only scared Jackie as his fingers lingered on her skin, letting goosebumps rise as she felt the bulge in his pants rise.

"Stop, please…" she whispered, closing her eyes so she wouldn't have to witness the horrific events.

Crane's belt came off immediately following were his pants as Jackie felt his hand rise up her thigh and spread her legs out.

Jackie silently cried as she felt the air in between her legs indicating that definitely couldn't be a good sign as she looked away from Crane, closing her eyes again.

"Look at me." Crane demanded, forcing Jackie's face in his direction, but her eyes remained shut tight.

Crane let his hand slide further up her thigh as he let his growing manhood escape his boxers, letting Jackie feel the slight penetration in between her legs.

Jackie let a hurtling scream out, her body still paralyzed from whatever meds she was on as she sobbed out loud.

"Let me go!" she screamed.

Crane looked at Jackie "Now why would I want to do that?" he asked.

Jackie took in a deep breathe as Crane thrusted in Jackie with no questions asked. Jackie continued to scream, no matter what she did she was still a girl, and a virgin.

As Jackie laid on the bed paralyzed and shocked, she couldn't believe she would feel a man inside of her under these circumstances, she didn't want to believe this was how she lost 'it'.

Crane took his time with Jackie as she just screamed and pleaded with Dr. Crane to 'stop' or 'let her go', honestly enough, this was play time for him.

He finished off with a bang as he came inside of Jackie, whose screaming turned into sobbing as Crane looked at her.

"See, that wasn't so bad was it?" he asked.

Jackie ignored him, ignoring his glance and his touch as she denied it all. Dr. Jonathan Crane *didn't* rape her, and that she *didn't* feel his touch or his cum enter her.

Jackie's mind caved into itself as she finally blacked out, giving herself a moment to 'die'.