A/N: Loved last night's episode, but I wanted to know what Charlotte said to Addison. Don't get me wrong, I know why they didn't show it—they wanted the audience to think she was calling Cooper—but whatever.

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Addison had just turned off all the lights and climbed under the covers when her phone rang. At first she cursed into the darkness, angry at the pregnant woman who decided this was the moment she had to pop. The shrill ring broke the silence again and she sighed, "Montgomery."

"Addison?" Charlotte's accent poured through.

"Charlotte?" Addison sat up in her bed. The voice was harsh and she could tell Charlotte was pissed about something, but she also heard a slight shake to her voice.

Charlotte swallowed, "Addison, I need you to come to the hospital."

Addison pushed the covers aside and swung her legs off the bed, "Yeah, what's up?"

She heard Charlotte scuffle something and then heavy breathing, "Something's happened," she whispered.

Addison paused as she buttoned her pants, "Are you okay?"

Charlotte swallowed again and took a sharp breath in, "No."

A silence filled the line for a few seconds before Addison came out of her daze, "I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Thank you," Charlotte's voice had a cover again, her accent thicker than normal, and then the line went dead.

A/N: I really like the idea of Charlotte and Addison's friendship, but I heard it was Charlotte and Amelia that were going to bond… bummer. Anyway, review please!