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A/N: So a little look at Tessa who, I'm fairly certain, is my favourite character. Yes Martha and John are cool, and poor Jose needs more love (screw Anthony... I never really liked him), but Tessa is more awesome, so HA! Excuse my babbling... So yeah. Basically just a little bit of a look at Tessa's possible background and stuff. Enjoy, review, criticise - whatever you like really. If you're going to criticise at least make it constuctive though, not just: 'I hate Tessa, this is shit.' Kay, thanks, bye.

I'm the computer geek, the tech whizz.

I'm the one they bullied at school because I could handle technology better than them.

I'm the one who sat in the corner, waiting to be noticed by somebody, by anybody.

I'm the one who sat in the doctor's office, lying about the cuts and bruises, pretending I was accident prone.

I'm the one who sat in the school counsellor's office, talking about why I cut myself and tried to hang myself with my own tie; refusing to tell them the whole truth.

I'm the one who hid away in my room and cried myself to sleep.

I'm the one who leaped at the chance to escape home and make something of myself.

I'm the one who flew through college and university.

I'm the one who made a job for myself in the police force.

I'm the one who joined the Identity unit to put my skills to good use.

I'm the one who pushed the past to the back of my mind.

I'm the one who thought only of the present and future.

I'm the one who ran forwards and never looked back.

I'm the one who got where I am through blood, sweat and tears.

My name is Tessa Stein and I'm the one who won't back down.