Title: Not Alone

Rating: K

Post ep for ep 1-7, The Recruit

Pairing: Alex/Tom

Tom holds me back, keeps me safe, as Robbie is taken away. I both love and hate him for it. Once the others are gone I turn in Tom's arms and bury my head in his shoulder. His strong arms hold me tight as I cling to him. Sometime later – Minutes? Hours? I don't know or care – Tom leads me away. We're soon in my room, and I collapse on the bed. He hesitates, and I take his hand, pulling him closer. I don't want to be alone. He lies down beside me, and holds me close. I nestle even closer. His solid warmth keeps me from shattering into a million pieces. Neither of us speaks, but neither of us sleeps either. We just lie here holding on to each other. Taking comfort from each other. Taking comfort in not being alone.