These are the last of this batch. But rest assured there will be more.

Prompt: The Point of Vanishing For: wanderingfriend

Eliot followed her and Parker hadn't expected it. She skipped straight to Europe went through London, Madrid, Rome; when that wasn't enough Cairo; Asia was next, then Australia. Parker kept running and Eliot kept chasing her. She was done now, though. She was tired of running and if he wasn't going to give up then she'd just wait for him. So she did, on a rooftop over looking Sydney and it was a beautiful sight. The sun was setting over the water and it was breath-taking. He was quiet but Parker heard him, felt him when he was only feet away from her.

"You don't take a hint." She didn't look at him, not even when he stepped up beside her.

Eliot grunted, "You just disappeared, Parker. What did you expect us to do?"

"Us?" she glanced at him, sharply.

"You don't think the others are looking for you? We split up, took different directions." A small ball of warmth started in her stomach.

"And you're the one who kept on my trail," She pointed out.

Eliot rubbed his neck. "Was it my fault you ran?"

Parker scuffed her toe against the gravel rooftop and watched the stones fall to the ground. "No, not really. It was me." Eliot didn't look convinced. "I'm not use to... Wasn't sure how to respond to you." He took a slight step closer to her and slipped his arm around her back. She shivered at the feel; Eliot's skin sliding against her own was a well missed feeling. Something she had grown accustomed too and part of the reason she had run. "I've never leaned on someone before. I've always watched out for myself."

"I'll show you, darlin'. I'm not letting you runaway that easy." He pulled her against himself and hugged her tightly. It took her a moment but she mimicked the movements. She sighed against his neck. There wasn't a point in vanishing, not when she had Eliot and her family to have a home with.

Prompt: explaining to Parker why their PDA may make others uncomfortable For: rockerbaby423

Eliot rubbed at his temple before turning his glare back on Parker. "What were you thinkin'?"

Parker shifted from one foot to the other, and peeked at him from behind a lock of hair. "You kissed me, Eliot," she stated firmly. He groaned. "You did!"

He shook his head and beckoned her closer, when she was in grabbing distance he pulled her between his legs and rested his arm across her lower back. "I did do that, but Parker yo-" She pushed her leg closer pressing against his crotch. "That. You might have as well given me a hand job, Parker." Her eyes lit up and she quickly straddled him. "No, damn it, girl." He tried to push her off but she held on fast with her knees digging into his sides.

Parker pouted, "all I recall doing was giving you a friendly pat." Eliot grunted, a cavity search was less private. She shifted and settled until there wasn't any space left between them.

"You made everyone very uncomfortable. Did you see Hardison's face? It was red, actually red. I thought Nate was going to have a heart attack and S-"

"I think Sophie was turned on," Parker cut in and Eliot didn't disagree. Sophie was the only one that had looked less bothered and more intrigued.

Eliot nuzzled her neck and Parker snaked her arms around his. "Next time I kiss you in public, keep it at a kiss."

"What if we're hiding in a closet during a job?" Eliot laughed and pulled her mouth against his; he wouldn't have his twenty pounds of crazy any other way.

Prompt: kissing in the rain For: crazy4orcas

Eliot leaned against the door frame watching Parker twirl about in the rain. Crazy girl dancing during a thunderstorm; he couldn't stop grinning though.

Parker had her arms raised high over her head, with it tilted back, smile growing bigger with every boom and flash. She did a sudden cartwheel, her hair loose for once and grazing the ground. Eliot grimaced when she wiped her muddy hands on her cheeks and forehead.

"Get out of the rain Parker, before you catch your death!" he shouted, losing the smile on his face to appear more serious.

She turned to him and with a devilish look, crooked her pointer finger and beckoned him out into the storm. Eliot shook his head, she pouted.

His resolve last all of ten more seconds as she unleashed her deadly puppy-eyes. Eliot couldn't resist those eyes. With a heavy, put-upon sigh he walked out into the yard.

Parker danced around him, grinning the best cat got the canary grin. She threaded fingers with his and he didn't even care about the remaining mud. The grime on her face rain-streaked now, too.

He let her lead as spun them around as the storm grew stronger. The lighting flashing more and more with resounding booms of thunder following quickly in it's place.

With one bright flash of lighting Eliot saw her eyes smirk with an idea. Before he had a chance to protest whatever had popped into her mind he found himself on his back with a move he had shown her.

"Nice job," he said proudly.

Parker straddled him and smiled as she settled herself. "Thank you." She ran her hands up his chest and around to lace behind his neck. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "I love the rain."

"I noticed," he said dryly, but smiled too.

"Storms make me..." she wiggled her hips.

Eliot groaned, "you're going to-" Parker silenced him with her lips. Eliot worked his hand through soaked hair and pushed her more deeply into the kiss, licking at her lips begging for entrance.

Parker, in her true teasing fashion, trailed her mouth away from his kissing his jaw, down to his ear. "We're going to get sick out here," she reminded him.

Eliot flipped them over, Parker's breathy moan made him smirk. "I make an awesome chicken noodle soup," he countered.

"Served in bed?"

"Anyway you like it, Darlin'," he promised, kissing her again.