T.U.F.F Puppy

Love Has No Boundaries


Kitty Katswell: T.U.F.F's top agent, she's an expert in martial arts and can speak 120 different dialects. She was assigned to train the newest operative, Dudley Puppy. But, even though out the outside they're cats and dogs; something tells us Kitty has something to hide.

Dudley Puppy: A young, energetic young dog, he joined T.U.F.F after unknowingly defeating some of Petropolis' most wanted villains. He's a little stupid, but he has Kitty to assist him. He also has something to hide involving his feelings for Kitty.

The Chief: The Chief is a flea who runs T.U.F.F (Turbo Undercover Fighting Force). He's very knowledgeable about T.U.F.F and was the person who assigned Kitty to be Dudley's tutor.

Keswick: Keswick is the brains behind T.U.F.F. He creates all sorts of gizmos and gadgets to help T.U.F.F defeat DOOM. He also has a stuttering problem and can't speak a single sentence without stuttering a word or two.

Verminious Snaptrap: A big rat who leads DOOM (Diabolical Order Of Mayhem). He became an evil villain because he's the only rat in the world that is allergic to cheese. He's also a bit immature and ineffective at times.

Larry: Larry's only apart of DOOM after marrying Snaptrap's daughter. He's usually the brunt of Snaptrap's aggression.

Ollie: Ollie is another DOOM operative. He has a somewhat British accent.

Francisco: Francisco is a big alligator and the brawns behind DOOM. He usually doesn't speak and packs a powerful punch.

The Chameleon: A master of disguise. His suit can make him transform into anything he desired.

Chapter 1: New Agent in Town?

Quick Synopsis: A traveling operative stops by T.U.F.F and Kitty falls in love with him. It causes Dudley to become jealous and tries to get to Kitty before the suave operative gets his hands on her.

T.U.F.F Headquarters

"Agents!" a voice shouted, "We have a special guest visiting us today!"

The voice came from The Chief, head of the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force, or T.U.F.F. for short.

"What is it Chief?" another voice asked. This voice came from Dudley Puppy.

"Dudley! Will you just focus on what the Chief has to say!" someone hissed. The voice who hissed was Kitty Katswell.

"Sorry Kitty." Dudley replied. Dudley and Kitty were paired up together by the Chief as Kitty is the agencies best operative and Dudley is the newest.

"As I was saying, today we're being visited by the world famous agent, Kenny Kat." the Chief proclaimed. In stepped Kenny, a tall male cat as tall as Kitty is. He wore an all white jumpsuit, opposite to Kitty's which was all black. He also wore a pair of dark sunglasses. He lowered the sunglasses and laid his eyes on Kitty.

"Poetry couldn't work when describing you, my precious." Kenny exclaimed, taking Kitty's hand.

"Oh my gosh, that's so sweet!" Kitty exclaimed. Dudley's cheeks grew bright red and his clenched his paws together. Kenny took Kitty's hand and the two exited the room.

"I'm going to spy on Kitty and Kenny." Dudley told the Chief.

"Are you insane?" the Chief replied.

"No. Something tells me Kenny's not who he says he is." Dudley replied. The Chief nodded and Dudley darted out of the room and the building and began to spy on the two.

Streets of Petropolis

Kenny and Kitty were walking down the streets of Petropolis.

"Ooh wow, you're so muscular." Kitty cooed, feeling his muscles. Kenny chuckled.

"I work out a lot." Kenny replied. The two stopped by the local deli.

"How can I help you two?" the deli man asked. Kitty was about to open her mouth when Kenny cut her off.

"She'll have an anchovy sandwich; hold the mayo, a side of tuna fish and a bottle of milk." Kenny said. Kitty blushed.

"How does he know my usual order?" Kitty thought to herself.

"And I'll have a tuna fish sandwich." Kenny said.

"That'll be $ 7.75." the deli man said. Kenny pulled out his wallet and proceeded to pull out the money when a picture fell to the ground. Kitty bent down and picked it up. It was a picture of her with a crudely drawn heart around her face. Kitty smiled and folded up the picture and put it in her pocket.

Kenny had the food on the tray and the two sat down and began to eat. Dudley, disguised as a bush, pulled out a pair of binoculars and began to spy on them.

"I have to find out what that suave cat is hiding. Kitty doesn't deserve a guy like him!" Dudley said angrily. His cheeks became bright red as he retreated back into the bush.

"What am I saying? Kitty's way out my league! Even I do tell her my feelings; she'll probably call me an idiot or a moron or think I was put up to it by someone else." Dudley thought to himself. He snapped himself out of his trance and saw Kenny eat a bug.

"Wait a second. Only one person I know does that; THE CHAMELEON!" Dudley exclaimed. He darted out of the bush and towards the restaurant.

"Do you always eat bugs?" Kitty asked, weirded out.

"Not all the time…ooh, Silverfish!" Kenny exclaimed. He shot on his tongue and ate the bug on the ground.

"Not so fast Kenny. Or should I call you, THE CHAMELEON!" Dudley exclaimed.

"Dudley!" Kitty exclaimed.

"So, you've caught onto my disguise!" Kenny said. He glowed black and his form reverted back to normal.

"Yes, it is I; THE CHAMELEON!" he exclaimed, "Oh great, now I'm going around exclaiming my name."

Dudley pulled out his blaster and proceeded to try and shoot the Chameleon. He missed every time, one blast took the sandwich out of Kitty's hand, another caused Kitty's milk bottle to explode and one caused the kitchen window to break.

"You shoot like you're cross-eyed!" the Chameleon exclaimed. He started to laugh.

"Not so fast, Chameleon!" Kitty exclaimed. She grabbed Chameleon's tail. She expanded her claws and proceeded to rip a hole in Chameleon's transformation suit. The suit malfunctioned and caused the Chameleon to rapidly transform. She stopped and the Chameleons' suit continued to malfunction and it caused the Chameleon to transform into a pile of goo.

"I believe we did this gag already." the Chameleon said.

"Who cares, you're going to be behind bars again, so what's it matter to you?" Dudley replied. Kitty pulled out a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed Chameleons' arms together. Dudley got a big spatula and led the Chameleon to the police car and tossed him into the backseat. The car drove away and Dudley turned to Kitty.

"What were you doing?" Kitty asked, angrily.

"Spying on you." Dudley replied.

"What, but why?" Kitty asked.

"I knew something was up with Kenny. I knew he was the Chameleon when he ate that bug." Dudley explained.

"I can't believe I let my emotions get ahead of my job as a secret agent!" Kitty said.

"Kitty, there's something I want to tell you." Dudley said.

"Really what is it Dudley?" Kitty asked.

"Kitty…I think I love you." Dudley replied. Kitty just stood there frozen in place and bug-eyed.

How will Kitty react to this news? Find out in Chapter 2!