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Quick Synopsis:

Fed up with defeat after defeat, Snaptrap decides to take T.U.F.F's greatest weapon, Kitty Katswell and turn her against Dudley and the rest of T.U.F.F. Can Dudley's feelings for Kitty really be true and can they break Snaptrap's grip on her mind?

Chapter 3: Bad Kitty

"I'm sick and tired of getting our butts handed to us time and again!" a voice exclaimed.

"Dur, boss it's usually your fault we always get defeated." another voice replied.

"Yeah." someone else chimed in.

"Larry, Francisco, be quiet!" a voice exclaimed again.

"Snaptrap, you need a brilliant plan to squash T.U.F.F. once and for all." someone else said.

"Ollie, you have a point there." Snaptrap replied. He rummaged through a box by the wall.

"What are you looking for?" Francisco asked.

"Ah-ha! Found it!" Snaptrap exclaimed. He held up a gun.

"A gun?" Larry asked.

"It's not just a gun Larry!" Snaptrap stated, "It's a hypnotizing ray gun! I can take control of any person I want with this baby! What's cool is they'll be at my beck and call! I can do whatever I want with their feeble mind!"
"And how does the hypno gun help us defeat T.U.F.F?" Ollie asked.

"I'm glad you asked Ollie!" Snaptrap replied, "We'll turn their best agent against them!"

"Who?" they all asked.

"Who's tall, has a tail and claws?" Snaptrap asked.

"Your mother?" Larry asked.

"What? No!" Snaptrap replied. He walked up to Larry and slapped him across the face.

"It's that Kitty Katswell!" Snaptrap exclaimed.

"Oh!" they all replied.

"You guys have no idea who that is do you?" Snaptrap replied. They all shook their heads no.

"Here's the plan though…" Snaptrap began.

At T.U.F.F HQ, Kitty was at the computer and Dudley walked up.

"Hey Kitty, what'cha doin'?" Dudley asked.

"I could ask you the same thing." Kitty replied, not moving her eyes from the screen.

"No, I'm serious. I have no idea what your doing." he said. He then moved besides Kitty. "It looks like you're just pressing random keys over and over again." Kitty turned to Dudley and hit him on the head with her fist.

"I'm looking up dating advice." Kitty replied. She then covered her mouth with her hand and her cheeks blushed bright red.

"…Are you pulling my leg?" Dudley asked. Kitty chuckled.

"Yes, I am." Kitty replied. She turned her attention to the computer and found an anonymous e-mail. She clicked on it and the e-mail told her a location to go to. Almost like a drone, she got up and walked out the door.

"Kitty, where are you going?" Dudley asked.

"I'm going out for a walk." Kitty replied.

"Oh, okay then. Have fun!" Dudley replied.

Kitty reached the destination, as said via the e-mail. It was a dark alley with trash cans overturned and rats scurrying around.

"What the? The e-mail was a trick!" Kitty exclaimed. Out of the shadows came Snaptrap.

"Yes it was!" Snaptrap exclaimed.

"Snaptrap, figures you would be behind the stunt." Kitty replied.

"I want to make amends Kitty. I'm sorry for dragging you out here." Snaptrap replied.

"You are?" Kitty replied.

"Yes, because if I didn't I couldn't be able to say, 'Get her boys!'" Snaptrap exclaimed. Francisco and Ollie appeared out of nowhere and grabbed her arms and legs, preventing her escape.

"Let go of me!" Kitty said, struggling to break free.

"Not a chance!" Snaptrap replied.

"What do you want from me anyway?" Kitty asked.

"I want you to join me." Snaptrap replied.

"What, never!" Kitty replied.

"If I use this ray gun on you, you won't have a choice!" Snaptrap replied. He fired the gun at Kitty and laughed maniacally.

Dudley looked everywhere for Kitty and was getting really worried.

"Chief, where do you think she ended up?" Dudley asked.

"I don't know Dudley." the Chief replied, "It's not like she has a locator chip embedded in her head!"

"Actually she does!" a voice exclaimed.

"Keswick?" the Chief replied, "Why did you put a chip in Kitty's head?"

"All T.U.F.F. agents are re-re-required to have a ch-ch-chip placed in their heads when they j-j-join the organization." Keswick stated.

"So that's why this part itches so much!" Dudley exclaimed. He sat down to scratch underneath his ear.

"We can track her whereabouts no matter where she is." Keswick replied. The screen blinked on and showed her current location.

"There is she is! P-P-Petropolis National Bank!" Keswick exclaimed.

"Why would she be there?" Dudley asked. The screen suddenly turned to static to show a news anchor.

"Breaking news! The Petropolis National Bank has been robbed!" the anchor exclaimed.

"What?" the Chief replied.

"We have video surveillance showing the robbery as it progressed." the anchor continued. The showed the video of Snaptrap and his goons robbing the bank and he points to someone off screen and that someone jumps up and slashes the camera. They got a picture of the person and flashed it on screen.

"That's Kitty!" Dudley exclaimed.
"What?" the Chief replied.

"But it doesn't make any sense!" Dudley replied, "She would never do anything that criminal!"

"She must be under Snaptrap's control!" Keswick replied.

"That would totally explain why she robbed the bank." Dudley replied.

"Dudley, I'm sending you to DOOM HQ to get Kitty and snap her out of it!" the Chief exclaimed.

"I'm on it Chief!" Dudley exclaimed. He saluted him before darting out of the room.

"It worked! It actually worked!" Snaptrap exclaimed. He was sitting on a pile of coins.
"But, Snaptrap, when are we going to defeat T.U.F.F?" Larry asked.

"Yeah, we have their best operative on our side, now's the time to strike!" Ollie chimed in.

"No, we must wait for the fish to get the bait." Snaptrap replied.

"What do you mean boss?" Ollie asked.

"We have the bait with Kitty here and now we must wait for the fish, meaning Dudley to come and try and save her." Snaptrap explained.

"Oh!" they all exclaimed.

"You have no idea who Dudley is, do you?" Snaptrap asked. They all nodded their heads no.

Suddenly the door busted open.

"Kitty, I'm here to rescue you!" Dudley exclaimed.

"Fool! She's under my control!" Snaptrap replied. Dudley saw Kitty standing in front of him. She was completely normal expect for the fact her eye color was now bright red.

"You are apart of T.U.F.F, the enemy." she said dronly, "Therefore you must be eliminated!"

"Eliminated? But you can't!" Dudley replied.

"Watch me." she replied. She bared her claws and lunged at Dudley. Snaptrap eagerly awaited the demise of Dudley. Dudley had to think fast otherwise he'd be sliced and diced. He did the only possible thing he thought of. He grabbed Kitty's hand she lunged closer and kissed her on the cheek.

"You fool! You think a silly little kiss can break my grip on her?" Snaptrap exclaimed.

"It is if it's a true love kiss." Dudley replied.

"Don't get all mushy with me!" Snaptrap replied, "You two don't have true love!"

"I think we do, because take a look." Dudley replied. Snaptrap screamed as Kitty regained control of her thoughts.

"That's not possible!" Snaptrap exclaimed.

"Hey Snaptrap!" Kitty said.

"What do you want?" Snaptrap replied. She took her net gun and fired it at Snaptrap, ensnaring him in the net.

"I will now plot my revenge!" he exclaimed.

"Kitty, are you okay?" Dudley asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine now." Kitty replied.

"You know Kitty; you're going to have some explaining to do." Dudley replied. She grabbed Dudley's lips.

"Let's just get back to HQ and we can tell them the whole story." Kitty replied, angrily.

END Chapter 3!

(In Chapter 4, Dudley is assigned to stay the nights at Kitty's place to prevent the Chameleon from exacting his revenge on her. Chapter 4: Operation: Sleepover!)