MasTro Chiefs queost..

One day, were averted truble and good because halo 3 were over and mastrar ceef have jump the ship get of a big planet and file away to moonbase where wer in rocket luncher room.

Matserchef have be in ruckt launchiar room filing up rocket wit many rockets alon with colleague boB who was drinkin Kaugh-E to clench thirsty after of jump the pump. Suddenly WAS SPILL! He wear on fire stamp it out although he now have serious footprints , this were no good some revenge gotta be have!

Then bob checked in the coffee for noats, and there were 2 t'was false advertising and was other was message for a dude, it say "helo, i wil fite u because i are better, come to my place in desert, har! I want battle of wits an booksmarts" Upon reading the letter, Master chief frowned, he recognised the devious tactics of the unknown sender from a number of past experiences, then bob say "let go get kill at him , I clever."

Later recruit ments were happen but no good turnout ebecause they wer really bad and they got ppls like gman and doctr kliner and doctor klieners friend chester, who wer seriously crap at stuff, but wer desperate times, so btw he also terrible.

Wen build car thing was done, everone hop aboard go to desert. Suddenly they hit the pump and bob was angry so he called everyone crap and then he was sad due to error of bad. Luckily everyone look around area and got the parts then they got on the bandwagon for great win except gman because was too fat and crap.

When at nase, everyone except mastster chof and bob goin go in while others part vehicle and deal with toll booth to hell. Wem they gone in and then they see sSpionen and shock because he was sent out mail askin for challenge. Spionen jump to platform and say "glad to see you make it!" and he also say "hay look over there" and bob looked at the wall and spionen pulled out a cork gun and shot him with deadly precision and it hit bob an he tumbe into lava of cause of die. Maltser kheef was guna get get sad but hadn't to break character acting when chester come in and say "bob, there a bigger pump than ever and we aren't jumpin it soon, we need bob nao" but bob was really scorched like when spill kaugh-e, find out wat happen wen there is another script.

The end, by Borf, Dogbin, Evan, Shovelchin and not Shovelchin.