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Chapter 1 The Beginning

The Great Hall in Hogwarts was full of stares and whispers after the arrival of the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students. Overall there was nobody who was speaking loudly but groups whispering to each other could be seen and the stares everybody was shooting each other. There were three persons which seemed to be watches the most. All three of them were going to another school and it seemed as if they were used to the stares and whispers. Watching them closely it became obvious that these three really were used to this kind of behavior in their vicinity.

One of the three was Viktor Krum a students from Durmstrang who was well known because he was the seeker for the Bulgarian Quidditch team and just prior to this school year he caught the snitch in the game against Ireland which made him even more famous.

Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons Institute of Magic was the second one to get a lot of glances and whispers and seeing her it was no wonder. Fleur was very beautiful and it was whispered that she had some parts of a Veela in her blood which made her an even more interesting object to the gossip.

The last one was also the youngest and most famous one. Harry Potter who was also known under the name boy-who-lived was seated at his usual place at the Gryffindor table and even though he was kind of used to the stares and whispers he didn't like them because they always made him feel uncomfortable.

The students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons and even their headmasters were looking at Harry Potter trying to figure out what made this small and a little scrawny looking boy so famous for defeating the darkest wizard of the time. They were wondering how a boy who looked so average should be able to be so powerful. The Hogwarts students which were used to Harry were watching Viktor and Fleur because to them these both were a novelty and maybe they could try to befriend them. All in all it was an atmosphere filled with awe, questions and expectations because everyone knew that in the following year they would get to know each other a little better and that the TriWizard-Champions would become the ideal for their houses.

While everyone was staring there were two males who seemed to ignore all the whispers and looks because they were used to this kind of reactions. One of them was Viktor Krum who knew that this kind of behavior was expected from the people around him because for them he was an idol and a celebrity. The other one was Harry Potter who was used to being stared at since he entered the wizarding world at the age of eleven through the 'Leaky Cauldron' and even if both males didn't like the attention there was nothing they could do but to ignore the whispers around them.

In a first moment of unity Harry and Viktor locked eyes through the crowd around them and in the eyes of both boys a look of understanding and accepting could be seen which was passed between them. These two knew the problems with the attention centered on oneself and they knew that this tournament would likely shed more of this attention on them because they were well known right know but with the press which would be attending the tournament there was no saying what would happened when they were at Hogwarts.

They didn't know it yet but it would be the both of them together who would attract an attention level that was even unknown to them.

The meal in the Great Hall passed without interruptions and after Dumbledore told the student body about the rules and possibilities for entering the Triwizard-Tournament as their school champion the students started to leave.

In front of the big entrance doors the fourth year Gryffindors and the Durmstrang students almost ran into each other. Standing there glances and stares passed between the two groups and this staring was interrupted by the new Defense against the Dark Arts Professor Alastor Moody who watched the Durmstrang Headmaster Igor Karkaroff paling while looking at Harry.

"Yes Karkaroff, that is Harry Potter!" he snarled "Now stop staring and walk on. There are some others who would like to leave the Great Hall!" Karkaroff paled even further before he stalked out of the hall clearly expecting his students to follow him. Most of them did but there was one group of for Durmstrang students who still stood in front of the Gryffindors. One of them, a tall guy with broad shoulders and muscled arms stepped in front of Harry and held out his hand.

"Viktor Krum" he introduced himself while shaking Harry's hand and sent a small grin to Harry.

"It's a pleasure!" Harry answered "I'm Harry Potter"

It didn't take long for Viktor's and Harry's friends to start snickering because that situation seemed quite funny to them. Two of the most famous wizards of their age introducing themselves to each other. But for Viktor and Harry it was more than that. For them it was the possibility to introduce themselves without a shocked or awed look.

The snickering turned laughter stopped when Karkaroff turned around, looked at his students and snarled "We're leaving to our boat!" gesturing to his students to follow him. After this the Durmstrang students hurried after their headmaster and the Gryffindor students left for their tower.

The week between the arrival of the foreign students and the choosing of the Triwizard-Champion passed quickly and in the evening of the choosing the students entered the hall quietly and nervously. Everybody was waiting for the names the Goblet of fire would spit out in order to represent their schools.

The Goblet lit for three times and spat out the names of Viktor Krum for Durmstrang, Fleur Delacour for Beauxbatons and Cedric Diggory as the Hogwarts Champion and Dumbledore told them to leave the Great Hall trough a door behind the teacher table when their name was spat out. Everybody thought that the selection of the Champions was finished but then the goblet did something it wasn't supposed to do. It lit for a fourth time and spat out a fourth name. Dumbledore paled slightly after reading the paper slip and then his eyes locked on Harry's. "Harry Potter" he read aloud and the Hall became deadly silent after that declaration. Everybody was looking at Harry and was watching him become deadly white and start shaking. Because of their surprise they didn't notice the look of fear and surprise upon the young saviours face and it would be just after the first task when everybody would really think about the fact that Harry left his place at the Gryffindor table rather reluctantly after being told that he had to join the other champions in the room behind the teachers table.

When he entered the room nervously Cedric looked at him and asked "What are you doing here, Harry? Do they want us to come back into the Great Hall?" but before he could ask any more questions they were interrupted by the arguing teachers and headmasters entering the room. Listening to them the other three champions suddenly understood Harry's reason for entering the room.

When he was questioned by the teachers he denied putting his name in the goblet or asking someone else to do it for him and then everyone started arguing about his participation in the TriWizard-Tournament again.

Viktor was watching the scene playing out before him quietly and he observed Harry getting paler and paler with every passing minute listening to the raised voices of the adults. When the Hogwarts teacher, Viktor thought he heard the name Moody, told them about his suspicion that someone had charmed the goblet to accept Harry in order to harm him Viktor quickly walked to Harry trying not to attract any attention because the 14-year old hero looked as if he was about to faint. He positioned himself next to Harry and started rubbing soothing circles on the back of the younger boy and hoped it would help him to calm down. When he was younger his mother used to do the same thing when he had an important Quidditch-Game and was nervous.

Viktor felt Harry tensing at first because of the surprising touch of some unknown person but then the circles helped him and the tension in the body of the young savior left and Harry started to relax into the soothing motions. After calming down a little Harry looked at him and gave him a weak smile "Thanks! You have no idea how much you just helped me!" Viktor just looked at him and shrugged

"I believe you that you didn't put your name in. I mean come on it is a tournament where others have died in the past and you are just 14. Honestly, I hope they find a way that you don't have to compete!"

While they were talking the arguments around them started to die down and when everyone was quiet Dumbledore explained to Harry that he had to compete because it was a magical and binding contract that had been entered the moment that the goblet spat out his name and the repercussions of breaking the contract would be bad for his magic. Harry felt as if the whole world was spinning around him and he didn't know what to do but then his eyes found the ones of his fellow champions and they were looking at him in sympathy and understanding. None of the other three TriWizard-champions believed that he had put his name into the goblet. Cedric didn't believe it because he was one of the few Hogwarts students who knew that Harry hated his fame. Fleur didn't believe it because as a part Veela she could feel little waves of emotions sometimes when they were very strong and all that she could feel from Harry was a fear and Viktor didn't believe that Harry had put his name in because he had been watching his reaction the whole night and the surprise and the fear his fellow champion were feeling were genuine emotions.

Harry smiled at the three of them weakly because he knew that even if they believed him he still had to compete and he couldn't shake the feeling that soemthing was going to happen.