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Interlude - The Reactions to the letters

At Gringotts

Gringotts was in a state of panic.

When the letter of Harry Potter arrived at Gringotts there was a lot of trouble. Having one of the most important clients, an heir of an Ancient and Noble house uninformed about his assets and the things he was going to inherit was just a big no-go. Now they just had to find out which of the goblins should have informed Harry Potter when he first entered Gringotts and did not fulfill his task in order to deal with the goblin after he was interrogated. Then they had to find out if the goblin had somehow harmed the assets of the Potter heir or even given out information he was not allowed to. This was one big pile of things to be done and questions to be asked – just because one goblin decided to ignore or harm the rules of Gringotts.

On the positive side, after dealing with the goblin who committed this whole mess was dealt with and his handling of the Potter assets were completely investigated and the assets secured, they could answer the Potter hair any question he had. The first thing they would answer was his question about the emancipation – because even a surface search on the Potter files showed that the heir in question really was emancipated. The next thing to do would be a search through the vaults for the Lord ring which should now be word by Lord Potter. Then they could deal with the left over mess.

For Gringotts Harry Potter's letter meant that they made a mistake that they had to fix quickly and quietly because it would just not do to have someone pulling strings in the background. Furthermore, if their clients could not trust in Gringotts to safeguard their wealth the whole livelihood of the goblins was in danger.

Gringotts and the goblins were in a state of panic.

With Amelia Bones

Mrs. Amelia Bones was not amused.

At first she was not sure why Harry Potter would write her a letter but after reading the contents she was really, really angry. It was bad enough that a 14-year-old was chosen as a fourth TriWizard-champion even though everyone had assured her that the goblet of fire was protected by a plethora of wards to avert such a catastrophe.

To add to this he was not even aware of the fact that he had a magical guardian which was illegal especially for children who entered the wizarding world as orphans. What made it worse in this case was the fact that the child in question was Harry Potter who was the last heir and member of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter and therefore had some assets that he should be aware of before his 17th birthday. It would not do to have such a wealthy part of their society unaware of his assets and his duties to the society.

What she had to do now was find out how such a thing occurred, who was responsible for Harry Potter being unaware of his role as the heir of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter and how to avert the political catastrophe of the fact that Britain had a minor competing in the TriWizard-Tournament while being under the eye of the international public. Then she had to find out if the magically updating file on Harry Potter showed that he really was emancipated – and she really hoped that it was the case. Sometimes she hated her job.

Mrs. Amelia Bones was not amused.

With Sirius Black

Sirius Black was very angry.

Apart from being on the run because Peter Pettigrew escaped and nobody wanted to face the fact that they had imprisoned an innocent for 12 years he now had a godson whom he could not really help. And said godson had just been chosen as a TriWizard-champion even though he had not entered his name. After hearing about Harry's adventures – could he really call lethal situations adventures? – Sirius was not sure how to react to the fact that Harry had been chosen as a TriWizard-champion. And he was questioning how nobody really expected that outcome since it would just go with the rest of Harry's years at Hogwarts. But a very important and really bad thing that happened this time was the fact that his two beast friends who always helped him during his last 'adventures' did not believe him.

Adding the fact that the Dark Mark had been cast during the Quidditch World Cup and the picture these things painted was one that did not appeal to Sirius at all. It just showed that something important was happening this year at Hogwarts and that Harry – as usual- was just in the middle of all things to come. Sirius did not want to have his godson in another lethal situation. Harry was only 14 years old and had already faced more than other people who were twice and thrice as old.

Now Sirius had to think of ways to go even nearer to Hogwarts than he had planned and he had to think about ways to help Harry. He was really happy that one of the other champions had decided to help the youngest champion ever chosen and he really loved the rules that allowed for outside help in order to train.

So all in all, Sirius Black was very angry.

With Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin felt a lot of things at one.

He was happy about receiving a letter from Harry. He was surprised, shocked and angry about the contents – who the heck allowed a 14-year old wizard in training to participate in a tournament that has an age restriction? He really wanted to know who put Harry's name into the goblet and introduce this person to Moony at full moon.

He was packing because he was going back to Hogwarts to help Harry. There was no way that he wasn't going to help the poor boy through this whole mess – he was just 14. He was going through his books in order to decide what he could teach Harry. He was looking forward to see Harry every day because he would take the option of staying at Hogwarts to support Harry and assist him as good as he could. Furthermore, he was looking forward to spending more time with Sirius now that he knew that the man was innocent. What he was not looking forward to was the explosion that would happen as soon as Sirius found out who had entered Harry's name into the goblet – but on the other hand he could always help Sirius to enact his revenge. He had missed being one of the Marauders - the one who planned but stayed in the background.

The thing his was the most angry about was the fact that Harry did not know that he had a magical guardian – whoever that was would get a very heated talking to. Because let's face it – if this magical guardian had followed the rules than Harry would not have had as many 'adventures' as he did. He did not really want to picture what Sirius would do to that person because according to the rules and the will of James and Lily it would have been Sirius to whom that responsibility belonged – if he had not been wrongfully imprisoned.

So Remus Lupin felt a long of things at once.