Why hello there, fans! Guess who's back with another season of Total Pokémon Island? That's right, it's Mew and Mewtwo with…


Join our contestants as they travel all throughout the Pokémon World…from Kanto to Sinnoh and everywhere in between. Here are some things you should know:

Songs will be done in script format, and the words will be italicized if they're singing. However, if someone actually SAYS a line in a song, not sings it, the world will NOT be italicized. For example:

Gengar: Mary had a little Mareep. (Sung)

Houndoom: Shut up. (Spoken)

If the song is a parody of a real song, I'll mention what song it is so you know the tune. But for most of these songs, you can make up a tune in your head! Neato!

Also, this season takes place 3-4 years later. So most of the contestants are around 19-21…OLD ENOUGH TO PASS COLLEGE. OLD ENOUGH TO GET MARRIED! OLD ENOUGH TO BE…OLD! :D

Murkrow has an accent. If I fail…I fail. XD

Uh, other than that, can't think of much. Note the fact that this story will update slower, as it's not completely planned out, and songs take a LONG time to think off. But anyways…here we go…


"Greetings everyone!" said a small pink Pokémon, grinning. "That's right! I'm back! It's me, Mew, and my co-host, Mewtwo! Say hi to all of our waiting fans, Mewtwo!"

Mew held up a walkie talkie.

"They don't care about us saying hi," grunted Mewtwo through the electronic device. "They just want the show to start, idiot."

"There you go, with your extreme lack of charisma," muttered Mew. "Anyways, here's how it works. Behold, my new invention! Roll it in Mewtwo! My new masterpiece!"

And roll it in Mewtwo did. Pulling up behind Mew was an enormous jet that looked like a Kyogre…an extremely large Kyogre, but still a Kyogre. It was a very majestic sight. Mewtwo looked annoyed in the cockpit…probably because he was stuck being Mew's co-host for another torturous season.

"Meet my new plane, the S.S. Kyogre!" said Mew, grinning.

"S.S. is for ships, moron," grunted Mewtwo from the cockpit.

"SHUT…UP…Mewtwo!" seethed Mew. Then he smiled again. "Anyways, it's time to announce all of our returning contestants. I'm going to wait until they arrive before I explain the rules of THIS season. So, without further ado…"

Mew opened the cargo hold and a bunch of boxes fell out. Shouting could be heard from within the boxes. Mew smiled innocently.

"Some of them were LESS than thrilled to be returning, but we convinced them," said Mew. "So, our first competitor."

Mew ripped opened the largest box and Dragonite tumbled out.

"Hi, Mew!" said Dragonite, smiling widely. He was the one person on the show who could never mad at all…even when he was voted out due to bad luck.

"Hey, Dragonite, glad to see you're still enthusiastic," said Mew, grinning. "Next, we have…"

He opened another box and two Pokémon rolled out. One was Wooper, and the other one was Diglett, who was still stuck in a wheelbarrow.

"Wooper and Diglett! Welcome back!" said Mew, waving down at the two.

"Wooper, you said that you received two free tickets to the Resort Area," moaned Diglett.

"I did? Dang, I guess I was tricked…that really sucks! I'm sad, but oh well! Not a huge deal, right? I mean-"

"Our NEXT competitor is…Gabite!" shouted Mew. He opened a third box, and Gabite stopped out, seething.

"You're lucky I don't kill you where you stand, Mew," she snarled, raising an arm.

"Now, now, Gabite, be reasonable. After all we picked you over Primeape, seeing as you were less likely to murder us all."

"Primeape's not returning?" asked Gabite, eyes widening.

"THANK GOD!" yelled another voice from within the boxes.

"Ah, there's out next Pokémon…Golbat!" announced Mew. Mew opened the box and Golbat floated out.

"HEY GUYS!" he shouted in welcome, before the box fell on top of him.

Mew shook his head. "He hasn't changed, has he?"

"I'll say," muttered Mewtwo from the cockpit. He coughed. "Next we have…Bellsprout!"

Mew opened the box, but no one came out. There was whimpering from within the darkness.

"Bellsprout, come out," muttered Mew, rolling his eyes impatiently.

"N-no, I'm pretty c-certain that I'll st-stay right in here!" squealed the Grass type. "I r-really don't want to c-compete ag-gain!"

Gabite snorted, stepped into the box, and dragged the flailing plant out.

"Coward," she muttered crossly.

"I'll say," agreed Mew. "In our sixth box, we have…"

The box opened, revealing a Pidgeot.

"Pidgeot, who was just a Pidgeotto last time," said Mew. "You evolved?"

Pidgeot smiled. "Yes. And don't worry! This time, I'm not going to cry and throw the game. I'm in it to win it!"

"Sure…and if you're boyfriend kisses someone else?"

Pidgeot shot Mew a dirty look before flying over next to Golbat.

"Hi Golbat!" said Pidgeot, happy to see her old friend.

Golbat, however, was not as thrilled. He sighed. "Hi Pidgeot," he muttered without enthusiasm.

Golbat (when he was a Zubat) comforted Pidgeot after she was voted off for becoming useless after Gliscor was tricked by Lopunny. Pidgeot had given him a small kiss before she left. Golbat had fallen head over heels for her, but Pidgeot and Gliscor worked out their problems and became a couple again…leaving Golbat to be the one moping. The only problem was that no one tried to comfort him when his heart was broken.

"And in Box #7…one of our fan favorites! IT'S…CACTURNE!" announced Mew dramatically.

Cacturne dusted himself off as he stepped out. "Really cool, Mew. Setting up an actor that looks like Gardevoir to fool me into getting caught."

"She'll be back," assured Mew. "You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?"

Cacturne tipped his hat down in embarrassment, before stepping over near the others.

"And next up is…our fan's LEAST favorite," said Mew, grinning. "The villainess herself! WEAVILE!"

The box opened, but Mew's eager face turned into a confused one. There were two Pokémon in the box. One was Weavile. The other was Hitmonlee.

"Hitmonlee?" asked Mew, frowning. "We weren't trying to get you back-"

"He stalks me," growled Weavile. Hitmonlee was staring at her with hearts in his eyes.

"Well…that's…great," grunted Mew flatly. Hitmonlee had been his least favorite competitor…and now he was back. Words could not express Mew's aggravation.

"Don't worry, Mew! I won't be ruining any songs this time!" shouted Hitmonlee.

"I bet you will, seeing as there'll be a lot of songs in this season," muttered Mew under his breath. "Mismagius, come on out!"

Mismagius floated out of the box hurriedly.

"Why didn't she just go THROUGH the box?" asked Cacturne, frowning.

"Claustrophobia," announced Mew. "She was too scared to even MOVE!"

"Dirty trick."

"I try," said Mew. "But I have something that'll change her mood. Guess who's back…it's BANETTE!"

Banette stepped out of the box, waving to everyone. Mismagius let out a happy shout and hugged him.

"WHAT?" roared Mewtwo in the walkie talkie. "YOU SAID HE WOULDN'T BE BACK!"

"Well, originally, he wasn't, but-"


Mew turned off the device, snickering. "Mewtwo, of course, is LESS than thrilled."

"Glad to be back," said Banette, bumping fists with Cacturne.

"And we also have…Luxio!"

Luxio burst out of her box before Mew could even open it.

"HEY GUYS!" she screamed. Everyone cringed.

"And she's more hyper than before," said Mew, unplugging his ears. "But we also have someone who ISN'T hyper. Say hello to…Bronzong!"

Cacturne groaned.

Banette groaned.

Gabite groaned.

Inside the cockpit, Mewtwo groaned.

Weavile groaned.

Diglett groaned.

Wooper groaned.

Luxio (who had been hyper a moment earlier) calmed down and groaned.

Mismagius groaned.

Golbat groaned, before getting hit by a piece of wood that flew off the door when Mew opened the box.

Hitmonlee shrugged.

Pidgeot groaned.

Bellsprout groaned.

Dragonite waved in welcome.

"Great…I'm back here. What a happy occasion," muttered Bronzong.

"Don't worry, we'll get rid of you soon enough," growled Weavile angrily, cursing their bad luck.

Mew chuckled. "Well, we've got someone else to come back. Say hello to Charmeleon!"

Charmeleon kicked the door to his box open. He waved to everyone and settled by Gabite.

"Good to see you, man," said Banette, nodding to the fiery reptile.

"Thanks," said Charmeleon. He grinned at Gabite. "It's especially good to see YOU."

Gabite huffed and looked away.

"Lileep and Clefable!" said Mew, smiling. Clefairy had evolved into a Clefable over the years…but Lileep remained the same. They waved and blew kisses to the audience, before Lileep wrapped her fronds around a happy Bellsprout.

"Welcome back, third place," greeted Mew.

"Oh, don't worry Mew, I'm following Gloom's example and going all the way to the top!" assured Clefable, smiling widely.

"We'll see about that!" said Mew. "Gengar, come on down!"

Gengar stepped out of his box, smiling. "It's good to be back!"

Banette high fived his fellow ghost.

"And…next up, is Gliscor!" said Mew, clapping. Gliscor glided out of the box, smirking.

"No stupid mistakes this time," he vowed, before settling next to Pidgeot and hugging her. Golbat drooped even lower. Gliscor gave him a wave that was not returned.

"Let's welcome the most beautiful contestant on the show," announced Mew. "Who I brought back for eye candy-"

Cacturne was restrained by Banette and Gengar from punching Mew.

"Eye candy?" he hissed angrily.

"GARDEVOIR!" announced Mew. Gardevoir stepped out.

"I'm the most beautiful?" she asked modestly. "I don't know-"

"Of course you're not!" protested a voice from within an unopened box. "I'm the prettiest!"

Mew sighed. "Lopunny is here as well. Yippee."

Lopunny hopped out of her box. "I'm back, and tougher than ever," she said, smirking with determination.

"You forget the fact that we all don't like you," pointed out Weavile, folding her arms.

"Takes one to know one," said Gengar, snickering.

"For you information, Gengar, I've turned over a new leaf," said Weavile. "I'm going to try and win FAIRLY this time."

Silence. Then everyone burst out laughing, except for a few of the more serious contestants.

"What?" asked Weavile, offended.

"Right…and I'm not picking on Mewtwo ANYMORE!" howled Banette, leaning against Gengar for support.

Meanwhile, Cacturne smiled at Gardevoir. "It's good to see you again."

She smiled. "You too."

"Kadabra is also returning!" said Mew, smiling with wickedness. The others exchanged uneasy glances- they weren't too thrilled to have the genius back. But Kadabra smiled warmly as he stepped out of his box.

"Greetings, everyone," he said, in that sophisticated tone they remembered so well. "Good to see you all again."

"Okay…who are you and what have you done with the arrogant jerk that is Kadabra?" asked Weavile, glaring daggers at him.

"I've turned over a new leaf," said Kadabra, smiling at her.

"I already tried convincing them of that," said Weavile with a snort.

"Well, realizing that I still don't have a good chance of winning, I've decided to try and become kinder and enjoy the competition more…I mean, even if I was still evil, I'd probably be voted out as a threat…so why not try and get along with people while I'm still here?"

Some of the others were nodding. Weavile gaped. They all forgave him? She had said the same thing just a few minutes ago! What the heck? And couldn't they sense it? He mentioned that he'd be voted out as a threat. There was that old arrogance, deep down inside…

"Piloswine, our runner up, is also back!" shouted Mew. Piloswine leaped out of his box and landed next to Luxio.

"HEY THERE!" he shouted to everyone.

"HEY THERE, HANDSOME!" screamed Luxio, nuzzling the hairy hog.

Piloswine fell over suddenly, groaning in pain.



"Wow…it's been a couple years, and not many of us have changed," muttered Gengar.

"I'll say," muttered Ninetales, shaking off dust as she hopped out of her box.

"Ninetales is back as well!" said Mew cheerfully. "Aren't you all happy?"

Gardevoir and Lapras nodded. Ninetales looked around.

"Where's Scizor?" she asked.

"Not here. We tried getting her back," muttered Mew.

"What happened?"

"Mewtwo had a black eye for a week."

"Five days," growled the co-host.

"And once again, Mewtwo proves how much of a failure of a co-host he is," said Banette, cackling loudly.

"SHUT UP!" roared the mutant loudly.

"And it is my pleasure to announce that Electrode is returning!" said Mew.


"Uh…who?" asked Piloswine.

"Sounds familiar, but I don't know," said Wooper, tilting his head to the side.

"Get a load of this season's winner!" shouted Electrode, laughing loudly.

"Who are you?" asked Diglett.


"I'm sure I've seen you somewhere," muttered Cacturne.

"Were you an intern by any chance?" asked Luxio, frowning.


"Doesn't ring a bell," said Lopunny.

"I'm a bell, and even I admit that," said Bronzong, shrugging.


"And our last two contestants that are returning, Lapras and Houndoom!" announced Mew, cutting off Electrode's ranting.

Lapras crawled out, saying a happy hello before settling next to Dragonite. Houndoom shook himself off, before nuzzling his head against Ninetales.

"It's good to be back," he said, smiling a little. He glanced at Weavile. "Mew, you said no rats would be on the plane."

Weavile stomped her foot. "Can I NOT be submitted to verbal abuse?"

"No," said Bronzong, his voice deadpan. Weavile opened her mouth to snarl a reply, but Mew cut her off.

"However, despite 27 of you returning, that's not all we have!" said Mew. "Remember last time? I said there would be five new contestants!"

"Did you?" asked Charmeleon, frowning. "I don't remember-"

"WELL I DID!" shouted Mew. Taking a deep breath, he motioned for Mewtwo to open the door of the plane.

"Alright, our first newcomer is…Murkrow!" shouted Mew. A fairly large bird flew out of the giant Kyogre plane. It was a dark black bird with a yellow beak and talons. Its head looked like it had a hat on, but it was actually the way the feathers looked.

"Hello," said the Murkrow, shaking herself off (yes, it was a GIRL!). "Nice ta meetcha, nice ta meetcha!"

Everyone stared.

"Dude…did Mew really bring a gangster here?" whispered Gengar to Houndoom.

"A FEMALE gangster," confirmed Houndoom. "I didn't think they existed."

Murkrow frowned. "Whaddya all starin' at?"

"Nothing!" said Gardevoir quickly. "It's nice to meet you, Murk-"

"Are you a gangster?" asked Luxio interestedly. Murkrow frowned. Gardevoir glared at Luxio, who shot her a look that said plainly "What?".

"I don't really cares for the toim "gangsta"," explained Murkrow. "I prefers…the toim 'associate' of my group."

"What's your group?" asked Piloswine.

"Gangsters," muttered Cacturne. Murkrow shot him an annoyed look, before settling towards the back.

"Next newcomer is…Arcanine!" announced Mew. A large Pokémon that looked like a cross between a tiger and dog bounded out of the plane. He had a rather handsome face, and a smooth grin.

"Hello everyone!" he said, eyes darting from contestant to contestant. "Guys, hanging with you is gonna be great. And girls…well, let's just say I hope we'll get acquainted."

Gardevoir and Mismagius rolled their eyes. Arcanine just gave them a confident smile. He hopped down and walked past everyone. He would nod or say hello to them.

"Hello…hello…hey there…good to meet you…and-," he stopped midspeak in front of Ninetales. "He-LLO."

Houndoom growled. Gengar grabbed his tail, just in case. Houndoom was someone who got jealous easily. Ninetales looked embarrassed, and glanced at Houndoom, before muttering a short hello to Arcanine.

"Easy there, tiger," said Gengar.

"I don't like him," snapped Houndoom. "Did you say the way he was eyeballing her? I bet he's going to try to make a move on her of some sort!"

"Houndoom, my guess is that he flirts with every girl like this," said Gengar. "He's probably trying to push your buttons…and it's working."

"Fine…but I'll keep my eye on him. Make no mistake of that."


Inside the bathroom of an airplane, Gengar frowned. "Y'know what I realized? I was the hottest guy on the island last time, and I was one of the few that never got a girlfriend! And he's jealous? I mean, come on, at least he's got a girl! What the heck?"

He looked around. "And why is the confessional in the bathroom AGAIN? Is Mew trying to spy on us or something?"


After Arcanine had finished flirting with half of the females, Mew cleared his throat. "Our next contestant is…Hypno!"

A yellow Pokémon stepped out of the plane. He had two pointy ears and a fairly long nose. His eyes were kind and there was a ring of white fur around his neck. His body was yellow, but all in all, he was fairly handsome looking for a Hypno. He stepped down to greet the others.

"It's good to be here," he said. "I'm Hypno."

"So…are you a hypnotist?" asked Piloswine curiously.

Hypno let out a chuckle. "Well, I am, but I told Mew that I wouldn't be hypnotizing anyone during this competition. He seemed disappointed. How is everyone?"

There was a general murmuring in response. Most of the men thought Hypno was okay, and many of the women thought he was good looking, although they didn't say it.

"He seems to be decent," said Clefable.

"He don't seem like a bad guy," agreed Murkrow.

Hypno's eyes passed over everyone until his eyes locked with Weavile's. He smiled at her. Weavile was shocked, before shaking it away.

She looked to Kadabra- he was the only one that would even stand next to her after all of the things she had done last season. "He's hot! Did you see the way he looked at me?"

"I did," confirmed Kadabra, his tone flat. Weavile gave him a strange look, before turning away. Most of the campers were smiling at Hypno. In fact, the only one that wasn't was Kadabra. Kadabra was eyeing the second psychic with distrust.

"Our fourth new contestant is Froslass!" said Mew. A white Pokémon floated out of the plane quietly. She had a head that resembled a skull with two bright eyes. Long arms extended from her head, and her body seemed to be a kimono, complete with a red bow tied around her waist.

"Hello…," she said, her voice quiet and shy.

"Hi there!" said Clefable kindly.

"So I ain't the only new goil?" asked Murkrow. "That's a relief."

Houndoom nudged Gengar. "Seems like a wallflower, eh?"

Gengar didn't answer. He was staring at Froslass with wide eyes.


Gengar was pumping his fists in the confessional. "YES! SHE'S HOT! THAT LACK OF A GIRLFRIEND IS GOING TO CHANGE!"

He grinned. "Watch out, Froslass! Prepare yourself for some first class Gengar seduction!"


"And our final new contestant is Trapinch!" said Mew. A small red Pokémon bounced out of the plane. Her body was small with stubby legs, but her head was large and resembled a claw.


"Holy shit, dude," muttered Banette.

"I'm Trapinch!" announced the Pokémon. "And I'm here to win, become friends with all of you, and win over the man of my dreams!"

Most of the males took a step back (while Diglett was wheeled backwards by Wooper).

"Uh…I'm taken," muttered Houndoom.

"Me too," coughed Cacturne.

"And me!" added Wooper.

"Oh, don't worry!" said Trapinch. She smiled. "I'm not a man stealer! My true love is single!"

The taken males let out relieved sighs.


"Well, there aren't many guys that aren't taken," said Golbat. "The only single ones are Diglett, that red and white guy, myself, Bronzong, Kadabra, Hitmonlee, Gengar, and maybe Wooper and Charmeleon, since Mawile isn't here and I don't know if Charmeleon and Gabite are official. Unless we count the new contestants, and Mew and Mewtwo."



"And now, my victims, let us get onto the plane!" said Mew happily.

"Wait!" said Wooper. "Where's Mawile?"

"Uh…she's not here. She's not coming back," said Mew, smiling.

"But…but…Mawile is my girl!" protested Wooper.

"Well, it sucks to be you, now, doesn't it Wooper?" asked Mew. Wooper sighed, drooping over.

They all climbed into the giant Kyogre shaped plane. Inside, there was a large room with tables, as well as a set of chairs.

"This is our cafeteria, and also our elimination room," said Mew, smirking. "Things are going to be pretty similar to last time. Mewtwo will be serving all of your food-"

"Food here meaning 'death on a plate'," said Banette.

"…and this will be where you eat," finished Mew. "Now then…like last time, there are going to be two teams. When you win an elimination challenge, then you're immune for the evening. The losing team will come here, and then you'll have to go through the elimination ceremony."

"What happens when you're voted out?" asked Pidgeot, frowning.

"Instead of leaving on a Wailord, you need to jump out of the plane!" said Mew.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" asked Lapras. "That's a lethal drop!"

"We'll give you a parachute…and eventually, we may send a large bird to pick you up," muttered Mew. "Y'see, this is why Mawile didn't come back. She hates heights."

Wooper looked even more crestfallen. Piloswine patted him comfortingly.

"Follow me into the next room," ordered Mew. He led them into a back room, where there was nothing but a few benches with seatbelts.

"The losing team sleeps here," announced Mew, smirking. "It's pretty uncomfortable, so I wouldn't want to be resting in this place. In order to NOT be stuck in here, you have to win a challenge."

"And where do the people who win stay?" asked Gliscor. "The cargo hold? Lucky us."

"Well actually…," said Mew.


"Wow…what is this place?" asked Lileep. They were in a large room with cushioned chairs, beds that were attached to the sides of the plane, a snack bar, a vending machine, and a bunch of other places.

"Just like home," said Froslass.

"This room kicks ass!" said Banette. "What do I gotta do to stay in here?"

"The WINNING team stays in this area," said Mew, smiling. "So you get immunity AND first class."

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, this is so AWESOME!" squealed Trapinch. She nudged Diglett. "RIGHT?"

"Uh…sure?" asked Diglett, weirded out.

"My PRIVATE cabin is far up ahead…and then there's also the cockpit, but both of those rooms are off limits," said Mew. "They are MINE. Understood?"

"Selfish bastard," grunted Houndoom.


"Nothing," said Houndoom quickly.

"Now then, before we divide up the teams, I have a special announcement," said Mew, smirking. "In this season…you all have to SING!"


"Wait…wait," said Mismagius, frowning. "You said that last time we WOULDN'T really have to sing. You said it was some dumb trick to make everyone THINK we were going to."

"Yeah…but instead of tricking everyone else, I tricked you guys!" said Mew. He was met with more stunned silence.

"You've GOT to be kidding," said Ninetales, narrowing her eyes at him.

"I'm not doing it," said Bronzong.

"Well, if you don't sing…or if you refuse…unless I SAY you don't have to sing, you've got to…or else!" said Mew.

"Or else what?" asked Golbat, already knowing the answer.

"Or else you'll face…"

"Automatic elimination," finished all of the veterans at once.

"Great…great…just murder me right now," groaned Houndoom.

"At least it can't get any worse!" said Dragonite brightly.

"Thanks for reminding me, Dragonite!" said Mew. Houndoom glared at the dragon. Mew pressed a button and the sound of music notes played.

"Whenever you hear that, then it's time for you to sing!" said Mew cheerfully. Outraged protests filled the room.

"You mean right now?" gasped Lileep.

"What the heck are we supposed to sing?" asked Electrode incredulously.

"You have to make up the song yourself!" said Mew, grinning. "That's the tricky part…and also the most entertaining. You'd better get started…I'm an impatient man!"

Gengar sighed, walking over to the window. Some of the others followed him as the plane took flight. The ground was now further away, and all of the buildings of the Pokémon world looked tiny as the giant Kyogre shaped plane was entering the skies.

((Author's Note: You'll see one of these right before the song, telling you the tune and such. For this one, I imagine it to be kind of fast (minus the beginning and Cacturne and Gardevoir's part). But, I hope you like the first song. It's called "Here We Go!"))

Gengar: Well, here we go.

Bellsprout: We're gonna die now!

Diglett: (to Wooper) You've just gotta cheer up, dude.

Wooper: I know…but I just want to cry now.

Mismagius: Because guess WHAT, guys?

Banette: We're all screwed!

Dragonite: Oh, come on guys! Look on the bright side! We're all back here, we're with our friends.

Lileep: I don't really know…I just want to know…just when this journey ends…

Pidgeot: It's a new adventure, it's time for us to travel all around the world!

Bronzong: Here's a bright side; Hitmonlee just hurled.

Hitmonlee: BLEAGH! GACK!

Murkrow: I think you're all forgettin'…and I think it's kinda funny…because if you don't all pick up da pace…I'll win all da money…

Everyone: NO!

Gliscor: Here we go! It's time for me to take this game, and make it mine, (to Pidgeot) and yours!

Electrode: Here we go! Oh yeah, it's the tour to end all other tours!

Trapinch: I'm looking for love!

Piloswine: I'm looking for food!

Luxio: I'm just gonna go CRAAAAAAAZY, dude!

Clefable: Well, here we go! It's time for another season!

Ninetales: Houndoom, are you sure you're not going to sing?

Houndoom: Positive.

Arcanine: Well, here we go! Better get started, before it's all too late!

Hypno: It's good to be here. I'm sure we'll get along great.

Weavile: (staring at Hypno) Look at him! I think this all was fated.

Kadabra: That attitude will get you eliminated.

Froslass: I don't know why I came here, but I guess I'll just compete…

Lopunny: Careful, girl, you're fighting the elite-

Banette: You mean me, 'cause it sure ain't YOU!

Lopunny: Ugh!

Golbat: I might as well try one more time…and this is what I'll do…HERE WE GO! It's time for me to go all the way!

Charmeleon: Here we go! I'm back! And I am here to stay!

Gengar: I'll be the winner!

Gabite: You'll be my dinner!

Lapras: Let's not fight before the show!

Ninetales: You'd better watch out!

Houndoom: NINETALES!

Hitmonlee: Because HERE! WE! GO! (everyone covers their ears)

Gardevoir: (to Cacturne) Why are you so quiet? Don't you like to sing?

Cacturne: No offense, but no…it's not really my thing…

Gardevoir: But if you don't, you'll get eliminated! What are you going to do?

Cacturne: …

Gardevoir: Do it for me? Please?

Cacturne: (sigh) I guess this once…I can do it for you…

Gardevoir: YES! YOU'RE STILL IN!

Everyone (minus Houndoom): HERE WE GO!

Charmeleon: It's time for a sweet, awesome new sensation, showing up on all TVs, and being viewed across the nation!

Everyone (minus Houndoom): HERE WE GO!

Pidgeot: We're being launched into a brand new game, with a single winner who gets money and a life of fame!

Everyone (minus Houndoom): HERE WE GO!

Ninetales: Houndoom! You have to sing!

Houndoom: I won't!

Mew: Are you sure? The clock is ticking!


Ninetales: HOUNDOOM!

Houndoom: FINE! (Silence) Total Pokémon World Tour!

Everyone cheered, as Houndoom scowled and muttered threats under his breath.

Mew smirked. "Not bad…most of you were good…and the song was almost ruined by Hitmonlee, but since he only sang like…a few words, we're okay."

Hitmonlee sighed and his body slumped over. Charmeleon snickered at him.

"OY! MAGGOTS!" roared Mewtwo over the intercom. "Stop making my ears bleed! Especially you, asshole! You know who you are!"

"You hear that, Hitmonlee?" asked Banette. "He can hear you from here."

"I MEAN YOU, ASSWIPE!" shouted Mewtwo. "Anyways, we're pulling into our first stop."

"Our first stop?" asked Lileep nervously.

"Well, here we go," said Gengar.

"Oh…are we going to start singing again?" asked Pidgeot.

"NO!" shouted Houndoom. "NO, NO, AND NO AGAIN!"

Mew chuckled silently in his head. This was going to be a great season.


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Charmeleon: It's time for a sweet, awesome new sensation, showing up on all TVs, and being viewed across the nation!

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