And so we are at the final! The votes have been tallied, so who's going to win? Will it be Wooper...or Gardevoir?


From two different doors, Gardevoir and Wooper emerged, both closing their eyes at the harsh light that was slowly dying down. When there was no more pressure, they both opened their eyes.

Wooper stared. "Whoa."

Gardevoir froze. "Wow."

They were standing in a glorious, bright colosseum of an arena- Wooper and Gardevoir blinked in shock at the sheer size of the place, as this room put the previous four rooms they had fought in to shame. The floor was a white marble, while the walls were an equally radiant stone. There were three black paths that led from each of the doors (although Hypno was not seen at the last path), and the three paths eventually merged into one black one that went straight to the opposite side of the battlefield. Gardevoir frowned. Was it a simple race to get to the other side?

Wooper on the other hand, gasped. High above, there many chairs surrounding the battlefield. Wooper gulped. Of course...just like last time, this would be viewed in front of a live audience!

Gardevoir backed away and bumped into Froslass, who had followed her. "What do you think?"

Gardevoir blinked. "Of what?"

"The arena!" said Froslass, looking around. "You've made it! You're at the final frontier! You have to have something to say!"

"Not...really?" asked Gardevoir. "I'm just sort of...stunned. This is way more crazy than the last one!"

"Well, of course!" said Mew, grinning as he descended from the stands. "I have to live up to my standards! So, Gardevoir and Wooper, you are the finalists this time! Before I explain the final challenge...let's welcome everyone who didn't make it to this point! Introducing, the Total Pokemon cast! First, those who didn't compete...Venonat, Rhydon, Kabutops, Mawile, Scizor, and Primeape!"

All of them entered the room, with Venonat, Primeape, and Mawile sitting on Wooper's half of the stadium. Rhydon, Scizor, and Kabutops moved to Gardevoir's half. Primeape glared down at Wooper before nodding gruffly at him, while Mawile was avoiding his gaze. Wooper frowned. He had been hoping she wouldn't be awkward about this...

"Bellsprout, Lopunny, and Dragonite!"

Bellsprout entered, waving around his leaves wildly before sitting on Wooper's side. Lopunny scoffed and sat on Gardevoir's. Dragonite sat in a convenient spot between them- Gardevoir assumed that was Hypno's area...but wait.

"Where's Hypno?" asked Gardevoir, looking up at Dragonite's section. "That area looks like it's reserved for him."

"Ah, Hypno did not complete the challenge!" said Mew, giving a chuckle of amusement. "He has been taken out of the game, courtesy of failing to beat Banette in the Ghost room he had! He's out of the game, so I say that middle spot is for those who have no preference as to who wins or loses!"

Gardevoir froze. "Hypno's gone? Banette got him?"

Froslass looked at her, eyes shining. "No way!"

"YES!" shouted Gardevoir.

"WOO HOO!" yelled Wooper.

Everyone who had sat down began to cheer loudly.


"I deserve a LITTLE recognition for abandoning him," sniffed Lopunny.


"He's OUT!" shouted Wooper.


"I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to take him down on the big screen, but Banette got to do it?" said Gardevoir, smiling happily. "I knew he'd pull through for me in my place!"


Wooper noticed that Clefable, who had been eliminated before Dragonite, was missing. "Wait, where's-?"

"Next is Cacturne, Lapras, and Lileep!" announced Mew.

Lileep and Lapras made their way over to Gardevoir, with Cacturne, who seemed to be as good as new, following them. Gardevoir waved up at him, smiling, and he gave her a smile in return.

"Trapinch, Pidgeot, Electrode, Gabite, and Diglett!"

Trapinch and Pidgeot entered, with Trapinch pushing Diglett towards Wooper's side. Wooper positively glowed with happiness- his friend was okay! More than okay, actually, judging by how Trapinch was sitting in his wheelbarrow with him. Pidgeot perched on a railing nearby on Wooper's section, while Electrode rolled over to Gardevoir's. Gabite sat beside Dragonite, just glaring down at the competitors with interest.

"Weavile, Luxio, Honchkrow, Crobat, and Gengar!"

Weavile slowly walked in, sitting in the middle beside Dragonite, who gave her a smile that she hesitantly returned. Luxio bounded over to Wooper's side, laughing maniacally before waving down to Piloswine, who gave a shout of greeting. Crobat and Honchkrow flew over to Gardevoir's half of the stadium, while Gengar followed them at a more leisurely pace. He blew a kiss down to Froslass, who opened her hand to catch it. Gardevoir smiled and rolled her eyes. Those two were SMITTEN.

"Good as new Gliscor, with Charmeleon!"

Gliscor sat on Gardevoir's half, grinning down at her while sharing a brief hello with Crobat and Honchkrow. Charmeleon sauntered to the middle section, looking at Gardevoir and Wooper with a smirk. He seemed more eager to watch some heads get bashed in rather than picking a team.

"Arcanine, Houndoom, Ninetales, and Mismagius!"

Houndoom and Ninetales walked in and headed straight for Gardevoir's side. Wooper noticed that they both looked happy, though still a bit awkward. Arcanine stepped in, and Wooper felt a pang of pity- he didn't look nearly as happy, and he sat down in the middle behind Dragonite. Dragonite kindly patted him on the back and Arcanine gave him a weak smile. Mismagius also sat in the middle, to Gardevoir's disappointment.


"I GUESS I'm cool with Ninetales and Houndoom now," muttered Arcanine. " still sucks, you know? Going on TV, flirting it up, and getting crushed for all to see...I just wish I could've been told to back off sooner...maybe if I hadn't focused so much on her, I could've won."


"Time to watch some folks get wrecked!" said Charmeleon, chuckling.


"We're trying to go slow, but Diglett agreed that we could sit together and maybe go on a date in a week or two!" squealed Trapinch. "EEEEEEE-!"


"Alakazam, Bronzong, Hitmonlee, and Banette!" shouted Mew. "Due to some personal issues, Hypno decided not to attend."

Bronzong floated in quietly and paused in the middle section. Gardevoir sighed. He really DIDN'T care, did he? But her annoyance turned to surprise as Bronzong moved over to Gardevoir's side. She smiled up at him, and he scowled back, before moving back to the middle. Gardevoir covered her face with her hand. He may have switched, but she still saw it.

Hitmonlee sat beside Weavile, who quickly moved away. He slumped over unhappily. Banette chuckled as he passed him, but grew solemn when he passed Mismagius. Frowning, he moved to Gardevoir's side quickly and sat beside Cacturne, waving to Gardevoir, who smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Banette laughed at that and returned the gesture, while Cacturne chuckled in amusement.

Finally, Alakazam and Gothitelle entered, sitting beside one another in the neutral zone. Weavile looked over at them, a bit somber, before turning back to view the finale. Mew grinned. The stadium was packed! Time to get started.

"Welcome, one and all, to the finale of Total Pokemon World Tour!" shouted Mew, waving to the crowd. "We have our finalists the blue corner, we've got the mudfish with a winning wish, the water type with lots of hype, the ever positive and adventurous...Wooper!"

Wooper bounced up and down while his side cheered, Luxio being the most enthusiastic of all.

"And in the red corner...the glamorous doll who wows us all...the psychic chick that knows how to kick butt, the beauty with the duty to kick bad guy booty...I present to you...Gardevoir!"

Gardevoir blushed and waved to everyone, with Banette, Cacturne, and Kabutops all applauding hard.

"So's time for the final challenge of the Pokemon League Finale!" said Mew. "And oh boy, is this one interesting, because unlike last time, you won't be directly battling each other! I call this battle...the Three Way Duel!"


"A duel only has two people," drawled Bronzong. "Wonderful name, Mew. Really shows off your grammatical prowess."


"If it came to a straight fight, I think Gardevoir would smoke Wooper," admitted Kabutops. "Maybe that's why Mew changed things up this time around."


"So...rather than simply fighting each other, this challenge is more difficult," said Mew. He pointed across the room to the end of the path. There, a podium rose out of the ground. On top of it was a suit case. Gardevoir and Wooper's eyes were glued to it.

"Interested? You should be...that's the prize you've worked so hard this season for...a suitcase full of cash!" said Mew, laughing. "The object of this game is to get that suitcase!"

"That can't be it...," said Gardevoir, frowning.

"Well, no, but that's the base of the challenge. You see, you're going to be duking it out to see who can get that suitcase first. Essentially, you and Wooper will attack each other and knock the other away from the suitcase while making a mad dash to try and get the cash money!"

"So it's basically a game of keep away until one of us gets it," said Gardevoir.


"That still seems too simple," said Wooper. "I was expecting something bigger for the Championship!"

"There's still more," said Mew, smirking. "After all, neither of you are champions yet...didn't you listen...I said it was a Three Way Duel, not a duel."

"Three Way?" asked Gardevoir, folding her arms. "Hypno isn't why is there a third party?"

"Because I can't just leave that case unattended!" said Mew. "So, the Champion will be guarding it from the two of you!"

"'s the Champion?" asked Wooper. Mew grinned, pressing a button in his hand. A large door beyond the podium opened up.

"The champion...ah yes...he is a Pokemon who has been in the spot where you two stand now...a Pokemon who has already proven his prowess and strength as a competitor...someone who fought all the way to the top...and kept fighting to make it to where he is now."

The door was dark. Then slowly, soft footsteps filled the air as two Pokemon emerged from the door. One of them was familiar, pink and tall- Wooper smiled as he recognized Clefable. But the other Pokemon...that was certainly a surprise.

He was short, but not exactly small. His body was a dark blue as he trotted along, making his way towards the suit case. Red eyes glowed in the darkness, but a smile was on his face, or what could be seen of it that wasn't under an enormous flower. He waved to the contestants, and even the audience looked surprised, although Bellsprout and Alakazam both had simple smirks on their faces, alerting everyone that they had been on it the whole time. Wooper's jaw dropped. Gardevoir gasped. The Pokemon stood on the podium before the briefcase, smiling at the two new challengers.

"I give you...the winner of Total Pokemon Island...your old friend Gloom! Or should I say...VILEPLUME!"

Vileplume smiled. "It's been a long time guys."


"Of COURSE Vileplume was the champion!" said Gengar, smacking his forehead. "I should've seen that coming...after all, he DID win Season 1."


"Vileplume looks a lot stronger than back when he was just a plain old weed," said Mawile. "I hope Wooper will be okay..."


"Vileplume will guard the case from you two, so you're going to have to decide- will it be better to attack Vileplume, or the other player," said Mew. "Now, in case you get fatigued, you still have Piloswine and Froslass to tend to you, while Vileplume gets Clefable to be his nurse. That being said, they CAN'T help you fight, and the same goes for Clefable. Get the case from Vileplume, and you win. And you have to hold it with your BODY. Telekinesis won't count, Gardevoir."

Gardevoir folded her arms. "That doesn't matter."

"In case you faint or get knocked out, your medic can go on the battlefield and drag you out of harm's way to heal you up. But you really DON'T want to faint. Gives your enemy a lot of time to get the case."

Wooper gulped.

"Any other questions?" asked Mew. "No? Then get into your respective corners and get started!"

Gardevoir and Wooper moved over. Gardevoir glanced at Wooper. She would have to take him out...Vileplume would be difficult, but not too much of a problem due to her telekinesis.

Wooper frowned. Vileplume was the main threat. A Grass type? Not good news...but maybe...maybe if Gardevoir took him out first...Wooper could beat her and take the victory.

"On your mark...get set...GO!" shouted Mew.

Wooper and Gardevoir immediately made a break for the case, with Vileplume getting ready. Gardevoir glanced to the side, where Wooper was hopping along. Deciding it would be better to make the first move, she sent a Psychic blast at him. Wooper rolled across the ground and slammed into a wall. Groaning, he tottered to his feet. Gardevoir smirked. At this rate, it would be easy!

Or so she thought. Turns out that Vileplume had launched a cloud of yellow powder at her. Gardevoir raised her arms in defense, but it didn't work. Nothing really happened...Gardevoir was confused. What had that attack done? But then, when she attempted to move, she found that she was moving a lot slower.

"Stun spore, eh?" commented Gliscor in the stands. "Seems that Vileplume got more tricks while he was out."

"Now's Wooper's chance!" said Venonat.

Wooper shook off his daze, while Gardevoir made her way back towards Froslass. Scampering forward, he dodged powder attacks from Vileplume, before grinning and blasting water back at him. Vileplume staggered back, but didn't fall, and returned the attack with a blast of sludge. Wooper was hit, and when he tried to get up, he was slipping on the goop. Clefable, in the meantime, healed Vileplume.

"This isn't going to be easy," muttered Houndoom. "The two of them have to play it so that they get both Vileplume and the other finalist down at the same time."

"It's the's not supposed to be really easy," said Ninetales.

"Mew did a pretty good job this time!" said Gengar, grinning at the fight.

Gardevoir was healed and went back in the fray, this time launching a Psychic blast at Vileplume. Vileplume was knocked back, groaning in pain, while Clefable got onto him to heal him. Gardevoir grinned. Too easy! Now she just had to make a break for it and-

POW! Wooper had launched himself at her like a torpedo and his skull collided with her side. Staggering, she wobbled around the arena before grasping a wall for support. Wooper hopped back to his feet, dashing for the case, before Vileplume threw a bunch of leaves at him. Wooper was struck, and the powerful grass attack sent him skidding all the way back to Piloswine, who hopped over with his supplies.

"Looks like Wooper's in a bad spot," said Kabutops, scythes digging into the railings.

"Well, his one real weakness is grass," said Scizor. "He's going to have to not get hit by Vileplume once. The problem is Gardevoir."

Vileplume managed to beat back Gardevoir, causing her to scramble away to get to Froslass, while Wooper healed up and ran forward. When Vileplume attempted to attack him, Wooper opened his mouth and sprayed water, moving a lot slower, but deflecting most of the flower's attacks. Vileplume frowned, wondering how to handle the situation, but he was saved by Gardevoir picking up a rock and hurling it at Wooper. He rolled around it, but his spray of water stopped, giving Vileplume the chance to cover him in powder. Wooper gave a low groan as the poison hit him, and he rushed back to Piloswine. Gardevoir ran forward, flinging Psychic blasts at Vileplume.

"It's now or never for her," growled Gabite. "She won't get another chance like this."

"Who cares?" said Charmeleon, snorting. "I want more violence!"

Gardevoir prepared a powerful Psychic attack, but Vileplume was waiting for her and used a flurry of petals to push her back. Gardevoir hit a wall and crumpled to the ground, while Vileplume looked confused afterwards. Clefable got to work on healing him, while Gardevoir staggered back to Froslass. Wooper took his chance, spraying a jet of water...on the ground?

"Fishboy needs glasses," grunted Rhydon.

"No, you do," commented Bronzong, as Wooper dove onto the flow of water, sliding across it as if it was a slide.

"Well I'll admit it, he's a bit smarter than you'd think," admitted Lapras.

Wooper grinned as he slid closer and closer, before veering off to the side towards the wall. Rather than crashing, he slipped up on the wall, high above the battlefield below. He was riding the walls of the colosseum. Vileplume tried to attack, but couldn't hit Wooper, who was starting to slip around at a faster speed. Gardevoir gave a brief thanks to Froslass, before turning to see what was going on.

"What the heck?" asked Gardevoir.

Diglett was confused. "How is he...?"


"That explains everything," muttered Weavile, rolling her eyes.

Gardevoir turned away and shook her head. Wooper was a bit stronger than she had anticipated. Or he was nuts. Either one, really. But still, this was a good opportunity, while Vileplume was distracted with the Water Pokemon. Gardevoir slipped forward, against the wall, trying to be sneaky so she wouldn't get spotted. It was going well, but Vileplume soon spotted her.

"This is harder than I thought," he muttered to Clefable.

"I'm trying to help darling- you're doing great," encouraged Clefable. He nodded before spinning around. Wooper gulped. Gardevoir cocked a brow. What was he up to?

Vileplume started launching petals everywhere in the stadium. Wooper let out a yelp as a flurry of them managed to hit him, knocking him off the wall. Wooper tumbled to the floor, landing on his head and groaning. He inched on his belly for a few moments, before getting up and scampering to Piloswine. Gardevoir, on the other hand, held up a Psychic barrier, but Vileplume still pushed her far backwards. She grit her teeth. This was beginning to seem impossible. When Wooper was down, Vileplume was up, and when Vileplume was open, Wooper would block her. How was she supposed to do this?

"Wooper, you've got to think smart!" shouted Diglett. "You're a clever guy, you can do it!"

Wooper glanced up and nodded, thinking for a moment. What could he do? Vileplume had the advantage against him...but Gardevoir had the advantage over Vileplume. It was a bizarre game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Wooper cocked his head to one side. He'd have to use Gardevoir to trip up Vileplume, and then trip up Gardevoir in response. That was his best bet.

"Gardevoir...don't play this Mew's way," said Cacturne, his quiet voice carrying all the way down to Gardevoir. "You have to win using your own methods. Play your strengths. Strategize. You can do it!"

Gardevoir looked up, thinking. Banette said similar things during the competition. He grinned down at her and flashed her two thumbs up, jerking his head at Cacturne as if to agree. Gardevoir, despite the situation, rolled her eyes. Cocky guy. But they were right. Both she and Wooper were playing Mew's game, letting him and Vileplume set the tone of the battle. She had gotten this far playing HER way. Why stop now?

Wooper looked across the stadium, and his eyes met Gardevoir's. Neither of them were fire types, but both eyes were blazing with determination. Wooper gulped. They were both strategizing now, and he knew that as a Psychic type, Gardevoir would be a tough cookie to beat. She was probably trying to work out his weaknesses right now. Wooper stood tall, his head held high. He wasn't going to be that easy to crack. Luxio taught him how to be unpredictable AND strong.

Wooper charged Vileplume before switching to Gardevoir. Maybe if he could catch her off guard, he could throw off her focus. Gardevoir's eyes widened as Wooper blasted her with a large spray of water. She hit the back of the wall, and crumpled to the floor, more from the hardness of the wall rather than Wooper's attack. Everyone peered down below. Vileplume was being healed by Clefable at the moment. Now was Wooper's chance!

"Yes!" shouted Luxio.

"No!" yelled Banette.

Gardevoir struggled to her feet, looking over. Wooper was dashing towards Vileplume, head forward. He was preparing to headbutt the former champion right on the noggin. Vileplume turned away from Clefable in time to see Wooper leap in the air. Vileplume reared back, ready to try and block as much damage as he could. Wooper flew forward, ready to crash into the flower with a goofy grin on his face.

But then he stopped.

"Huh?" said Electrode.

"What the hell is going on?" barked Houndoom.

Alakazam's eyes gleamed. "Ah, I see...brilliant."

"Oui, that was most clever of her," commented Gothitelle by her side. Weavile glowered at them.

Vileplume stared at Wooper, who seemed confused. He was floating in the air, completely still, before he started to wriggle around. Wooper let out a grunt of effort, but he couldn't break free. What was going on? Vileplume seemed equally perplexed. Why wasn't he moving?

Then suddenly, Wooper flew forward into Vileplume, so hard he knocked Vileplume off the platform. Wooper and Vileplume rolled across the stadium floor, dust flying around them as they collapsed in a crumpled heap. Everyone was confused, until they saw Gardevoir running forward. Cacturne caught on, before grinning.

"There you go, Gardevoir!" he shouted, everyone else staring. Banette seemed confused before catching on.

"She stopped Wooper telepathically and hurl him into Mew!" said Crobat in realization. Everyone stared in shocked silence as the finale unfolded before their eyes.

Gardevoir ran forward, while Wooper scrambled to his feet, before she reached out and grabbed the briefcase, holding it up in the air.

Silence. Then Mew floated forward, microphone in hand.

"Attention, campers, and all viewers...the finals have been concluded...the winner of Total Pokemon World Tour is...GARDEVOIR!" shouted Mew.

The stands erupted into cheering. Even those who cheered for Wooper were fairly pleased with the outcome, as post contestants were equally popular. Vileplume smiled with Clefable by his side, nodding. Gardevoir just looked around, almost as if she was surprised she had won. Froslass was bouncing up and down, Banette was screaming his head was insane. She had actually won. She felt someone tap her hip, and she looked down to see Wooper. He had a good natured smile on his face.

"Good game, deserve it," said Wooper, smiling.

"It was an honor facing were a tough opponent, Wooper," said Gardevoir, holding out a hand. "Good game, Wooper."

Wooper stared at her hand. Gardevoir smacked her forehead in embarrassment, before picking him up and hugging her.

"How the heck does HE get more girls than me?" muttered Electrode in the stands, annoyed.

"She did it, dude!" shouted Banette, pumping a fist. "That was so rad, right Cacturne?"

He glanced to his side, seeing an empty seat. "Cacturne?"

"You're a little slow, dude," commented Kabutops, chuckling. Banette followed his gaze. Cacturne had leaped down from the stands and was jogging towards Gardevoir. Banette started laughing as well.

Cacturne ran up to Gardevoir. "I knew you could do it!"

"I couldn't have done it without you...Banette...everyone," admitted Gardevoir, still holding her briefcase.

"But you did," said Cacturne.

Gardevoir stared at the case. "I...don't know what I'm going to do with'll be able to help me right?"

"Help you?" asked Cacturne, confused.

"Well, we're obviously going to be living together- I can't leave you alone again," said Gardevoir impatiently.

"Living...together?" said Cacturne, gaping. " me?"

"I'm not going to break my promise," confirmed Gardevoir.

Cacturne stared for a moment before moving forward and hugging her tight, though careful enough not to scratch her with his thorns.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"Thank YOU," she responded.

"Okay, okay, enough with the lovey dovey nonsense!" yelled Mew, swooping in above the two of them. Gardevoir looked up at him, a bit annoyed.

"Now what?"

"What do you mean now what?" asked Mew. He pointed to the door where Vileplume had emerged from. "We're not done yet, and let me tell you, I did not set up a massive party for nothing!"

"A party?" said Gardevoir.

"This show was WAY more successful than the first one!" said Mew. "We might get a THIRD SEASON! And anyway, you all deserve a break, alright? Point is, beyond that door, we've got a massive party all set up and ready to go! All campers are you'd better be ready to have fun all night long!"

Gardevoir frowned for a moment, before gesturing to the mic. Mew groaned, but handed it to her. Gardevoir looked up.

"To my fellow's PARTY TIME!" she shouted.

Loud cheering soon followed.


"PARTY TIME!" shouted Gengar.


The party was everything that first class had been and better. There was a beautiful buffet prepared by Mewtwo and a few other special chefs, as well as bowl of every kind of drink imaginable. Music was playing, with a foreign Scrafty as the DJ, complete with a dance floor and dazzling lights. All of the campers had been invited, although a few weren't there (Hypno had apparently decided not to come, not that anyone minded, really). However, the former players weren't the only ones who decided to show up- Mew and Mewtwo had pulled out all of the stops and invited several legendaries to come along. Ho-Oh, Articuno, Regigigas, Rayquaza, Heatran, and many more who hadn't even been seen on the show. The craziest thing to happen was Arceus himself making an appearance...or...well...two of them. According to Mewtwo, there was an Arceus of each type.

"Well, Mew, you've done it again," said Steel Arceus, looking around and nodding. He looked down at Mew with a piercing gaze. "Perhaps the lawsuits were wrong- you really DO seem to have this show in capable hands."

"Ahahaha...thanks, Steel Arceus, sir...mister...yeah," said Mew, sweating bullets. "No trouble at all!"

"Yeah right," said Psychic Arceus, smirking down at him. She nudged her companion. "Did you see when Celebi invaded the set?"

Steel Arceus chuckled. "She always was a feisty one. Although...what did she mean by cheating to get the job, Mew?"

Mew giggled nervously. "Nothing, just...angry words, you know, meant nothing!"

Psychic Arceus laughed as well. "I don't care. I caught the whole thing on tape."

"As did I," agreed Steel Arceus.

Mew groaned. He just couldn't win, could he?

"Also, we'll be investigating Giratina...going over his rules and sentence," said Steel Arceus, his voice stern. "While such acts are fine off screen, on television it is completely inexcusable."

Mew brightened up. "Oh, that's great! And uh...while you're at it...can you do something about Palkia?"

Psychic Arceus snorted, while Steel Arceus stared at him incredulously.

"Palkia?" he said. "Do something about PALKIA? Mew, you can't possibly mean that. Giratina is one thing, but Palkia? You might as well ask all of us creators to get together and destroy the planet first!"

"To be fair, it's probably easier for us to do that," admitted Psychic Arceus. "I know Electric has done the calculations."

"Regardless, it would be far easier to break the world than control Palkia," said Steel Arceus. "That's a whole different story. Come, Psychic, let us get more punch."

They both strode towards one of the punch bowls. "Control Palkia...what will they think of next?"

Darkrai gave a sympathetic chuckle from behind Mew. "We can only wish, right?"

"Not even Jirachi can stop that psycho space freak," sighed Mew. "Enjoying the party?"

"Yeah...and don't let Steel and Psychic get you down- they ARE your producers, and they ARE impressed," said Darkrai. "Bug called them earlier and Psychic was gloating to him."

"Tch...yeah yeah, I get it," muttered Mew.

"When you're uh...ready...Celebi wants to talk to you. Talk. You know. Not kill you."

Mew frowned, glancing at the cup in his hand. "I don't know...I don't know if I can face her yet, Darkrai."

"You won't know if you don't try," pointed out Darkrai.

"...yeah, you're right...I'll...I'll try and talk to her," said Mew.

"There you go."


"Can't believe another season is over and done!" said Bellsprout.

Lileep giggled, glancing to Vileplume. "How have you been Vileplume? It's been so long since we've seen you, and who knows when you'll disappear again?"

"They were keeping me busy with interviews and advertisements for the perfume companies," explained Vileplume. "But I bought myself a nice penthouse apartment, and I've still got almost half of my winnings left. I guess I've really been living the dream, although I do really miss you guys. I have some friends from home, but you guys are special."

"YOU'RE special," said Clefable, pecking him on the cheek (Bellsprout tried not to gag). "But we missed you too."

"Do you miss competing?" asked Lileep.

"Oh god no," said Vileplume, shuddering. "It was fun while it lasted...but you guys all enjoyed the competition, right?"

The three other Pokemon exchanged a glance before bursting into laughter.

" I'd much rather host my little show than be on the show," said Bellsprout.

"Likewise," agreed Lileep.

"So what will you do now that the season is over?" asked Clefable, curious.

"We'll probably get a break for a bit, but who knows? The producers might give us something else to do," said Bellsprout, shrugging. "It's all a matter of time- but the reviews I got were pretty great. I'm done competing- hosting is more fun."

"What about you Clefable? You loved competing," said Lileep.

"Mew's gotten too crazy for me- I'd rather just relax and have a quiet life," said Clefable. "I won't be coming back if he decides to do another season- Vileplume and I are planning on living together, and I've started searching for jobs in the area."

"Sounds like a plan," admitted Lileep. "We should get on that."

"Y-yeah...but for now...let's just relax and have a good time!" said Bellsprout, smiling.

Vileplume raised his glass. "Amen to that!"

Behind his back, Bellsprout and Clefable smirked at each other.

"Truce?" whispered Clefable sarcastically.

"You wish."


"Pidgeot didn't attend, huh?" said Crobat, quietly to Gliscor.

Gliscor shrugged his shoulders. "No big deal. Hypno and Hitmonlee didn't show either."

"Hitmonlee is still knocked for a loop," said Honchkrow, shaking her head. "Pidgeot chose not ta come...are you okay with dat?"

"I don't want to get back with her...she can do what she wants...," said Gliscor.

"You took it better than I would've...or...well, did," admitted Crobat.

Gliscor sipped his drink for a moment, before tossing it to the side. "I'll bounce back. Who knows? I plan on partying all night long- maybe a cute girl will show up and I can start playing the field again. Anyways, I gotta get more punch."

As Gliscor flew off, Crobat sighed. "Poor guy."

"Well, Pidgeot made no secret of how she felt about it," said Honchkrow bluntly.

Crobat frowned. "But...secrets shouldn't be in a relationship...she shouldn't have hid her love of him for money's sake."

"True enough," admitted Honchkrow, before frowning. Speaking of secrets...there was one she had to tell him.

"Crobat? I uh...gotta tell ya somethin," said Honchkrow.

Crobat looked to her curiously.

"I'm, a gang."

"A gang?" asked Crobat, before laughing. "'s the secret?"

"Crobat I just told you!" squawked Honchkrow. "It's a HUGE secret, you can't tell anyone, capiche?"

"Honchkrow, it's a bit obvious...the accent, the hat...," said Crobat.

"...oh...well, don't tell anyone anyway. Besides, I gotta introduce ya to da family."

Crobat blanched. "What?"

"Y'know, they'll get to know ya, make sure you ain't gonna rat and...Crobat?"

Crobat was curled up on the floor. "Oh god."


"So what are you plans with the money?" asked Dragonite, looking curious.

"Buy a house...and after that, who knows?" admitted Gardevoir, shrugging. "I don't want to spend it all at once."

"Well, what do you want to do with your life?" asked Lapras.

"Aside from modeling? Maybe singing or dancing," said Gardevoir.

Lapras gave her a smile. "Are you planning on, ah, taking a certain someone with you when you get the house?"

Gardevoir looked over, where Cacturne was casually playing a piano, Kabutops chatting beside him. She smiled at him, and very briefly, he returned it. Kabutops gave him a weird look, before looking over at Gardevoir and snorting in amusement. He walked off to go find Scizor, while Gardevoir politely said goodbye to Dragonite and Lapras, walking over to talk with Cacturne.

"So...are you sure about this?" asked Cacturne.

"Sure about what?" asked Gardevoir.

"You. Me. Living together."

"It'll be FINE, Cacturne," said Gardevoir, exasperated. "You have your problems, and that's okay. We'll work on them together. How have you been feeling?"

"Admittedly? A bit better," said Cacturne, quietly. "My head is hurting a lot less...I think...I have a good feeling about all of this...I think it's time for a change."

Gardevoir smiled. "I'm happy to hear that."


Gardevoir and Cacturne both looked up. Mew was grinning down at them teasingly.

"Sorry. Show policy. With no Hitmonlee in sight, there has to be a song every episode. So! For the finale, how about our champion and her boyfriend give us one last tune for the road?"

Gardevoir gave Cacturne a look, half amuse and half annoyed. "Do you think you have one more in you?"

"I'll manage," said Cacturne, smirking.

Gardevoir hopped to sit on the piano, with Cacturne rolling his hands up the keys. Everyone in the room turned to watch.

((The final song, a less sad song than "Gone" and "Together, Alone". Gardevoir and Cacturne sing their third and last duet in the series, finishing it up with a final song. This one is called "I Love You (Always)". Slow, romantic tune that reuses some old lyrics from the older songs.))

Gardevoir: It started so long ago...
The beginning of you and I...
We met one day, and things were never the same...

Cacturne: Something special between you and I,
We'd laugh and then we'd cry...
But in the end, there was no one to blame...

Gardevor: You were alone so long,
They thought you had no heart, but you were broken...

Cacturne: I was a fool, I made a choice
Gave into a darker voice...
When instead both voices should have just spoken...

Both: But now that's all behind!
We're together again!
You'll never be left alone in that lonely haze!
Don't be afraid!
And always remember...
I love you...always...

Cacturne: The pain was all too real
The suffering, the sorrow...
Where I was silent, and you were blind...

Gardevoir: But that doesn't matter anymore!
We've moved on from all of that!
The past is the past and should be left behind!

Both: We've moved on from the past!
It wasn't meant to last!
Look to the future, look at all those days!
You'll never be alone!
And always remember...
I love you...always...

Gardevoir: Life isn't easy...
Nothing never is...
The world can be a terrifying place...

Cacturne: That may be quite true...
But not while I'm with you...

Both: Together there is nothing we can't face!

Both: So let tomorrow come!
We will not be afraid!
Together now, we won't be torn apart!

Gardevoir: You'll never be alone...

Cacturne: And always remember...

Both: I love you...
From the bottom...
Of my heart...

Cacturne played a neat little outro, and when he was finished, took Gardevoir's hand. They shared a smile.

"You really do have a nice smile, you know."


A thunderous applause followed the song, with most of the campers cheering for the steady couple. However, it was cut off by a loud tune of music playing loudly. Everyone looked around wildly, even Mew. Suddenly, a Pokemon walked in. She was short, with long green hair, a white face, and a black dress. She had a confident smile on her face as she strode into the room, before looking around.

"Meloetta?" asked Mew, looking confused. "What are YOU doing here?"

"Relax Mew, I'm not here for you," said Meloetta, preening her hair slightly. "No, I'm here for your contestant. More specifically, your champion."

Mew gaped, before smiling. "I'm afraid that you have to tell me- you see, under contract, she's still MINE, so anything you have to say-"

Meloetta scowled and sang a small song for a moment. Everyone watched in confusion, but Mew looked scared. She continued to sing before she stopped. Every watched as her appearance changed- her long flowing locks changed into a more curly style that glowed brown. Her dress resembled more of a tutu now. She grabbed Mew by the neck and yanked him close.

"Listen, pinky, I'm here for one reason only, and it isn't to play around with you!" snarled Meloetta to a terrified Mew. "Now lemme do what I came here to do before I knock your block off! Understand?"

"Understood," muttered Mew weakly. Banette smirked. Meloetta sang again, and switched back to her original look.

Meloetta strode up to the piano, where Gardevoir was staring at her. "Gardevoir, correct? My name is Meloetta. Like your so called host, I am a Legendary Pokemon, one who is known for music and dancing. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Gardevoir, who looked really dazed, held out her hand, with Meloetta shaking it. She smiled politely before speaking again.

"I've been following the show since Total Pokemon Island- specifically the singing episode. Of the contestants, you've shown considerable talent in both singing and dancing. However, due to the fact that you have a contract with Mew during the shows, I couldn't make you this offer sooner. But now that you have passed the show and possess ample funds, you're not only free of the contract- I've come to give you an offer."

"An offer?" asked Gardevoir, glancing to Cacturne. She turned back. "I'm listening."

"I'd like to give you an offer in a music career," said Meloetta. "Provided you can give me a little bit of money at the start, but it's an insignificant amount compared to your winnings- at the most, a couple thousand dollars for equipment will suffice. You have extremely well developed musical talents, both in your voice and in the way you can dance, so I want to help you hone it."

"Yeah right, what's in it for you?" snapped Mew.

"I get SOME profit out of it, but mostly, I enjoy filling the world with beautiful music," said Meloetta, shrugging. "After all, that's my duty as a Legendary Pokemon, something that YOU wouldn't understand. You don't have to do yours because you're hosting the show!"

"My duties stink anyway," muttered Mew.

Gardevoir was still trying to wrap her head around all of this. "I...really? You're serious?"

"I would have offered halfway through this season, but Mew has his contracts. But he won't be bringing back a champion to compete again, so now you have a free reign to do what you want," said Meloetta kindly. "I truly do want to help."

"Do you think she's evil like other Legendaries?" muttered Gengar to Banette.

Banette frowned and turned to Mewtwo. "Is she?"

"Meloetta's okay," said Mewtwo. "She's not mean unless you push her. She's a benevolent girl- she truly wants to help Gardevoir. This is a good deal."

Gardevoir folded her arms, thinking for a moment, glancing at Cacturne. "What do you think?"

"You love singing and dancing- you and I both know that," said Cacturne. "This is an amazing opportunity for you. But no matter what decision you make, I'll support you all the way."

Gardevoir bit her lip, before turning to Meloetta. "I accept- on one condition. You have to bring Cacturne with me."

"What!?" asked Mew.

"What?" asked Cacturne, eyes widening.

Meloetta glanced at him, before frowning. "'re the one that plays the piano in the Aftermath segment, right?"

"Uh...yeah, that's me?" responded Cacturne flatly.

" were the one singing with her, correct?" asked Meloetta. "Apologies. You look familiar, but I don't seem to remember seeing you too much."

"Well, I left the show much earlier than Gardevoir," explained Cacturne.

"But you were singing with her, just now, yes? That was you."


"Okay, yeah, you're coming too."

"What?" asked Cacturne, blanching.

"Look, I don't care what it takes to get a new pianist, Sawk keeps breaking all of the pianos he attempts to play. Point is, I could use a pianist, and you two form lovely duets together," explained Meloetta. "I would love to have Cacturne come with you."

"Yes!" said Gardevoir, punching the air.

"Hold on, I never agreed to any of this!" protested Cacturne.

Gardevoir turned to him. "If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, but for it for me, please?"

Cacturne sighed, shaking his head with a low chuckle. "I suppose just this once...I can do it for you."

"We accept!" said Gardevoir, pulling Cacture into a hug. Cacturne struggled for all of a moment before relaxing.

The remaining campers all cheered and applauded the musical duo, but there was one person who wasn't happy at all.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" shouted Mew, floating in. "You can't just take them away! Gardevoir is my eye candy! And Cacturne is a ratings GEM! You can't just take two of my most popular campers from my show!"

Meloetta grabbed him after shifting into her other personality. "SHUT UP THEY'RE MINE NOW! GET LOST!"

"Y-yes...y-yes ma'am..."


Arcanine sighed unhappily as he sat alone in the back of the party. He was happy for Gardevoir and Cacturne, but he himself wasn't too great. Houndoom and Ninetales were talking with Gengar and Froslass near the buffet. Ninetales had a cheerful expression on her face. She didn't even spare him a second glance. Giving a huff, he glanced out the window.

Gliscor landed beside him. "You seem down."

"Yeah...well...I just don't think it's fair...I didn't think she was taken, she kissed me, and I didn't do anything wrong!" said Arcanine miserably. "But I'm the one who crossed the finish line without a prize, you know?"

"I feel you," said Gliscor. "And you're right- it isn't fair."

"I feel like I wasted the whole competition," muttered Arcanine.

"Nah, you didn't do made a lot of friends and had a blast, right?" asked Gliscor.


"You know what you need?"

Arcanine turned to him. "What?"

Gliscor grinned. "Club."

"A club?"

"Yeah, c'mon! You, me, and the single guy crew! Let's go out for a night on the town! Yo, Electrode, Rhydon!"

Electrode rolled up, with Rhydon stomping forward.

"Better be good, claw boy," grunted the rhino.

"You guys up for a club night? We go out, paint the town red, cheer up Arcanine a bit?"

Electrode grinned. "Oh my god...duuuuude, that'll be SWEET!"

Rhydon grinned meanly. "Well whaddya know, you had a good idea after all, Gliscor."

"Nevermind that- c'mon Arcanine, let's go, we've got some ladies waiting!"


"You're gonna be singing! Dude, that's so rad!" said Banette.

"Eh. We'll see how it goes," said Cacturne, sipping a drink quietly.

"Oh come on, be a LITTLE excited!" said Banette, rolling his eyes. Mewtwo walked past. Banette gave a wave, which Mewtwo returned. Cacturne seemed confused.

"Are you and Mewtwo cool now or something?" asked Cacturne.

"Let's say I cut a deal," said Banette.


"Mewtwo and his girlfriend came to rescue me from Giratina, who turned out to be a total jerk, but anyway, he let me go thanks to a little deal I made. Since Mewtwo rescued me, I sweetened it for both of us."

Cacturne seemed impressed. "What was the deal?"

Banette grinned. "I give up my war with Mewtwo, and instead torment Mew."

"So Mew's your new enemy, not Mewtwo," said Cacturne. "Interesting. Mewtwo wants to go along with it?"

"I think he just wants a friendly rivalry. It should be interesting, to say the least...and uh...speaking of battles and is your head feeling?"

Cacturne gave a small smile, eyeing Gardevoir's back from afar. "Better, Banette. Better...I'm sorry for everything."

"No problem, man. Best friends, remember?"



Gardevoir was talking excitedly with Scizor about the opportunity. She, quite frankly, couldn't believe it. Singing, dancing, as a career? WITH Cacturne? It was almost as if a dream had come true.

"Hold on a minute- I could use some water," she said. Scizor nodded. Gardevoir headed over to the table and started pouring herself a drink.

"Seems like you pulled it off after all, eh?"

Gardevoir turned to see Bronzong, leaning casually against the wall, his red eyes focused on her. Gardevoir turned and leaned on the table, giving him a wry smirk.

"You're not congratulating me, are you?" she asked.

Bronzong scoffed. "Why should I, I was pretty sure you were going to win. There's no need to congratulate an expected outcome."

Gardevoir's smirk slowly slipped away, leaving a perplexed expression on her face. "What are you going to do now, Bronzong?"

"Wait for another season and fail miserably now that my plan got thwarted," grumbled the bell.

"Well...what do you even do in your spare time?"

"Nothing in particular. Read. Eat. Sleep. There isn't much to do. Not much to care about doing," droned Bronzong.

"...I guess you really don't care about anything, huh?" said Gardevoir. Then she narrowed her eyes. "But you changed. I felt something inside of you in the competition, something you don't want to admit."

"Shut it," growled Bronzong. "There's no need to talk about something that we both know happened. Yeah, maybe for a brief moment, I felt something. But that's in the past. Gone. Out the window. So like I said, our slate is clean. We don't have to pretend to be friends anymore."

"...then do you want to be friends for real?" asked Gardevoir.

Bronzong was quiet for a moment, before shaking his head. "No."

Gardevoir looked disappointed. "No?"

"No. time, maybe."

"In time?" asked Gardevoir. Bronzong gave her a small smirk before floating away.

"Don't push it."

Gardevoir watched him go, before a small smile appeared on her face. If it was in time than it would be in time.


Wooper shuffled impatiently, glancing over at Mawile, before looking back at Diglett and Piloswine. "I don't think I can do it, guys...I mean...this is different than last season!"

"It's not any different!" said Piloswine, shaking his shaggy ahead.

"Minus the fact that we're all cyborgs written into a story," piped up Luxio.

Everyone turned to look at Luxio for a long time, before DIglett broke the silence. "Just talk to her, and tell her how you feel...Mawile's no fool, she'll at least hear you out."

Wooper drooped before puffing out his chest. "Right! I can't just let her slip out of my fingers! I'm going to talk to her and set things straight!"

Wooper headed over to her, chest still puffed out, while Piloswine and Diglett glanced at each other.

"He doesn't even have fingers...right?" asked Diglett.

"I mean, he CAN use Ice Punch," pointed out Piloswine.

"This is complicated on way too many levels for me to calculate," said Diglett, shaking his head.

Wooper walked over and tapped Mawile on the shoulder with his tail. She turned around, her smile slipping off of her face when she saw who it was.

"Oh...hey Wooper."

Wooper grinned. "Hey, wanna date again?"

Mawile stared. "What."

"Well, I mean, you didn't want to date me because we weren't on the show together and stuff, right? Of course, it probably would've better if I won the money because girls like money and shopping, but I'm still famous so maybe-!"

"Wooper, stop," said Mawile, shaking her head. "I...uh...I don't want to date you again. I'm already seeing someone else."

Wooper's smile quickly vanished. "What?"

"'s uh...look, Wooper, you're a really swell guy, and you're very attractive but...we want really different things in life. You want to have fun and go on adventures, while I...well...I like things quiet, know?"

"I can relax!" shouted Wooper, before quieting down. "But I mean, don't you think we could...try?"

"Wooper, I don't want to- I'm not going to give you false hope," said Mawile, shaking her head. She gave him a small smile. "Still, I have no regrets. We can still stay friends."

"...okay...I guess if that's what you want then I should respect that and honor it," admitted Wooper.

Mawile smiled and leaned in, kissing him on the cheek, though Wooper knew it didn't feel the same. "You're a sweetheart, Wooper. Friends?"

Wooper gave her a smile in return. "Yeah...friends."

Mawile sighed in relief as she walked away, with Wooper moving in the opposite direction. He hadn't won the game or the girl, but still, a huge weight felt as if it had been lifted off of his shoulders. Glancing back, before deciding against it, Wooper scampered off to find Diglett to see what their next adventure would be.


But while the party was raging on inside, someone was outside- alone. By themselves. Weavile sat on the steps outside, overlooking the region beyond quietly, as if contemplating. For once, the meanest girl around wasn't scheming or angry. She seemed sad. Almost wistful.

She heard footsteps behind her. "Mind if I join you?"

Weavile looked back, to see Banette standing behind her. Weavile shrugged, with Banette popping a seat beside her.

"Taking a break from the festivities?"

"Fresh air is nice now and then, even if I'm a ghost. Cacturne said he'd call me back when they start up another video game tournament. Noticed that you weren't there, and thought it was odd- most of the other contestants showed up."

"Not all of us," pointed out Weavile dryly. "Hypno and Pidgeot aren't there. Hitmonlee isn't around either. And Bronzong only showed up for free food."

"True enough. You, on the other hand, are sitting right outside, which I don't get- not all of us still hate you anymore."

"And why is that? Because I got impaled by my own sword?" snarled Weavile. "Look. Season one, I played the game. I played it the way I thought I would win. Yeah, I got a little nasty, a little paranoid, we make mistakes. If it takes me getting crushed to gain sympathy, than I'd rather be hated."

Banette frowned. "You say that, but you don't mean it. You were lonely after the first season. Hypno knew that, and reeled you in. You just think that we're only reeling you in to use you too, but we're not. Now that the game is over, we COULD actually be friends."

"Huh!" scoffed Weavile. Then she looked thoughtful. "Maybe."

"You never DID explain why you were out here."

Weavile gave a deep sigh. "Alakazam and his glorious, gorgeous model of a girlfriend are in there. I don't hate him or her, but I REALLY do not want to be in there right now...seeing them together, you know?"

Banette gave her a sympathetic glance. "First Hypno, now Alakazam?"

Weavile gave a blunt nod. "And then there's me. Evil Weavile, getting her just desserts. Well, can't say I'm shocked, but it still sucks."

"Honestly? I get how you feel. Hypno screwed me over this competition as well, and now I can't be with Mismagius anymore," said Banette, solemn.

Weavile turned to him, surprised. "She said no?"

"Yep. She doesn't trust me, so she decided to say that we wouldn't work if there wasn't trust. And there you go. I'm kicked to the curb because I had another friend who was female."

Weavile made as if to grab his arm, before deciding against it. "I'm sorry."

"I'm coping."

"I guess we both got screwed by Hypno, huh?" said Weavile, laughing bitterly.

Banette sighed. Yeah, that was the case, wasn't it? Two lovestruck fools getting anvils dropped on their skulls by a yellow jerk with issues. So that was how things ended...but maybe only for this season. If the show continued, that was one thing, but for now...well, it could be time for a start. Banette got up, glancing at Weavile.

"Wanna head down to the town?"

Weavile looked up at him. "What? With you? I thought you were having fun at the party?"

"I'm friends with Gardevoir and Cacturne, I can hang out with them anytime. This is their night. I'm thinking of going to see a movie or something. Wanna come with?"

Weavile pondered for a moment. Banette and her...seeing a movie? That sounded odd on so many levels. It didn't feel like it was a thing that would happen.

But...maybe, tonight, odd was for the best. She reached up and took his hand.


"Sweet! I know this kick ass horror movie that came out a week ago..."


Mew sighed, sitting on the top of the Pokemon League, quietly watching the stars. Mewtwo had sent him a telepathic warning. And so it would be. Mew knew who was coming up. It was just a matter of facing it. And then, in another moment...


Mew turned, gulping. "Celebi."

Celebi floated forward before sitting down beside him, staring at the stars. "It's a lovely night."

" is."


"So...uh...," muttered Mew, unsure of where to start.

"I'll say my piece first," said Celebi dryly. "Mew, you know exactly what you did to me. During college, you arrived at school and you were bright, caring, and...a good Pokemon. You weren't some big hotshot that everyone noticed right away, but you were sweet. And then, when the competition came around and you...changed...I just...I don't know."

"I didn't change on purpose!" protested Mew. "Plenty of Pokemon were playing the game hardball! Giratina and Palkia hatched that insane plot, and I know for a fact that Darkrai knocked out Heatran after a fight, preventing them from going to one of the tests. And as honorable as she may be, Articuno certainly didn't try to help Moltres out. You paint me as a bad guy, but-!"

"You weren't a bad guy!" snapped Celebi. "Everyone else played the game that way, but you and I believed that we could get the job done with hard work! Mewtwo was that way too, and he didn't change, even when Deoxys-S left!"

"I did work hard!"

"At the beginning, Mew, and then when you felt threatened, you took all the work we did for yourself and threw me under the bus!"

Mew looked away, guilt in his chest. He knew exactly what he did, that faithful night with a computer. It hadn't been out of malice, but by combining two really good essays into one amazing one...

"That essay boosted my chance of getting in immensely!" shouted Mew. "We didn't have good odds with Giratina and Palkia playing the rules! I would've made you my co-host, but-"

"I didn't want you to bring me along out of charity!" hissed Celebi. "And in the end, when we had something special, behind my back and put a show before me!"

Mew tried to respond but, for the first time, the host seemed to be utterly silenced.

"And you know what, Mew? I go back in time. I time travel through all of those times where I could've stopped you and you would've been none the wiser. But...I don't. Because all I know is what your intent was. And that was to steal a position by stooping as low as everyone else."

"I never claimed to be a good person, Celebi," said Mew quietly. "I'm sorry for what I did, okay? I just figured an apology wouldn't suffice. Like I said, I never claimed to be good."

"You never had to because you already WERE," said Celebi. "I feel like I don't even know you anymore. You're not this flashy host. You always were a little snappy and sarcastic, but never like this."

"What am I supposed to do, huh?"

"Change. For the better."

"What, give up the show?" said Mew, rolling his eyes.

"No. on it. Look at Gardevoir and Cacturne, what they've gone through this season. Are you not capable of the same change?"

Mew frowned. "I'll try. won't be easy."

"Nothing is."

"What convinced you to try this approach?" asked Mew, cocking a brow at her.

"Because for the first time in years, Mew, you apologized for what you did. And you meant it. And for the first time in years, I was willing to listen...I...I'm sorry too, okay?"

Mew looked at his hands. "You never had to apologize."

There was another silence between them.

"Would you like to do something with Mewtwo and I sometime in a few weeks. Now that S is staying, it could be almost...a double date?"

Celebi gave a smile. "I' that."

"I'd like that too," said Mew, smiling back at her. For once, it wasn't the coy, clever smirk of a jerk host, but more soft, subdued, of a young, caring boy who had first arrived at college long ago.

"That's the Mew I remember."


The party was a night to remember. Everyone sang, danced, talked, and enjoyed themselves when attending. Eventually, at the end of the night, only two Pokemon remained on the dance floor.

Gardevoir turned to Cacturne. "You ready to go?"

"I'll follow your lead."


The party ballroom was quiet. Everyone was gone. No one was doing anything anymore. Yet soon, a noise broke the silence. The sound of rustling. The rustling became thumping before it changed into loud clanging. There was a loud noise and Diglett plummeted out of the vent.

"FINALLY! I don't know who talked me into that, but it's not going to be forgotten!"

"It was me!" shouted Wooper, landing beside his friend. "It was great!"

"Why did we even have to do it?" asked Diglett. "The season is over! The STORY IS OVER!"

"No fourth wall breaking," said Wooper, frowning.


"We had to initiate Piloswine into Team Vent!" said Luxio triumphantly, hopping out of the vent with Piloswine in toe.

"Did...did we miss the party's end?" asked Piloswine.

"Uh...probably!" said Luxio, cackling loudly.

"Great. Well, now what do we do?" asked Diglett, shaking his head.

"End the season, I guess!" said Wooper brightly.

"Me! Let me do it!" shouted Luxio.

Diglett sighed. "Fine."

Luxio charged her thunder. "THAT'S ALL FOLKS!"

There was a flash of light and the screen went black.


Alright, that's it. The end of the season. And it may be the end of the line. However, if it's not!

Stay tuned. Keep watch on me. If I decide to do a third season, I'll post a poll on things you want or don't want in the next season. Anyways...

Gardevoir is the winner, she beat out Wooper by a large margin. Wooper actually led in the polls for the first few weeks, but Gardevoir beat him in the end. And so, she and Cacturne get to be music stars! Hurrah!

Which means in a third season, they will not be returning as players. They WILL make cameos, however!

And some things in this chapter! Mewtwo and Banette made up! Wooper and Mawile stay apart! Bronzong and Gardevoir may be friends? Weavile and Banette on a date? A bunch of male Pokemon hitting up a club? TEAM VENT!?

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