A/N: So, here's my closing and author credits. As in the description, may I remind everyone that I basically stole other people's titles to form my prompts list, which are credited as follows:

1 Forgive and Forget (evilestguyever)

2 The Gullwings' Gaea Journey (Gryffindor-RikkuChan)

3 Three Simple Words (evilestguyever)

4 My One And Only (Chibylove)

5 Last Sunset (smilingxqueen)

6 13 Nights of Halloween (Jacqueline Auditore)

7 Cloud's Despair (flowergirl7)

8 The Reunion (flowergirl7)

9 Since I've Been Loving You (Cloudy Flower)

10 Her Smile (Cloudy Flower)

11 Streamline (xxDarkAssassinxx)

12 Be All My Sins Remembered (Alantie Mistaniu)

13 A Change Of Pace (drivenBYaBEATINGheart)

14 Cloud's Heart (LadyTeefStrife)

15 Corazon of Mine, Heart of Mine (The rEsistance Cero Doble)

Okay. Now, for various snarky remarks: for the two people who did "Cloud's Despair" and "Cloud's Heart", try harder next time. I mean, they're nice titles, but intuition much? The Gullwings' Gaea Journey should be in the crossover section anyway, but I couldn't skip out on it because I already skipped out on every fic written in Spanish. Spanish is a lovely language, but I cannot speak, read or write it, so I felt justified in skipping all Spanish fics; however, I didn't feel justified to pick and choose from what was left.

Be All My Sins Remembered: Whoever made this title, I love you. Honestly, it was a godsend. Ditto Streamline. I am very thankful for those two titles, which are fairly unconventional compared to most things on this list.

Corazon of Mine, Heart of Mine: As much as I tried to avoid it, the I couldn't completely skip all the spanish. Corazon means 'heart', or thereabouts, so I assume there's some sort of reason why you would repeat the same thing twice but with a bit of spanish the first time. Not my business.

13 Nights Of Halloween: It was hard to figure out what to do with this. Nice title, but not the best prompt. (Of course, I understand that you guys don't make these titles to be obliging when I want to rob them for drabble titles. This is perfectly fine.)

Other than that, nothing to say. Challenge completed, and my first time writing Clerith. Or, Aerith, whilst alive. I originally started this collection because I was having trouble finding drabble collections in the Clerith pairing; plenty of drabbles, and quite a few abandoned 100 Themes Challenges, but very few good, completed drabble collections. Add one more to that number. And, if anyone reading this would like to add another one to that, I can only encourage it.