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3 Months later

Anthony DiNozzo was convinced that he was going to die.

His whole body ached, and he felt as if he couldn't take another step without falling over. He blearily eyed the floor and decided that that didn't sound so bad actually. A little nap would be just the thing right now, the carpet didn't look all that uncomfortable. Just a few seconds to rest his smarting body and stretch his shaking limbs - that should be doable, right?

And that's how Gibbs found him, five minutes later, as he carried the last moving box into the apartment.

"Get up," the team leader said, nudging the still body on the floor lightly with his toe before he put the box down. "You barely did anything."

Tony merely lifted his head off the ground to shoot his boss a disbelieving stare. "Barely did anything? I feel like I carried your boat in here and not just my stuff."

Gibbs lifted an eyebrow and inspected the dozen or so moving boxes in the corner with a skeptical eye. "You trying to tell me something DiNozzo?"

The Italian's upper body shot up, a denial on his lips, until he saw the small grin on Gibbs' face. "Oh har har. When did you discover your sense of humor?"

"About the same time you discovered how to work the washing machine," the older man retorted.

"Add too much detergent one time and they never let you live it down." Tony groaned theatrically, only a tiny bit sorry for the chaos he'd created that day.

Before Gibbs could remind his agent that it had happened twice in one week, Abby bounced into the apartment with her house warming gift clutched tightly to her chest; a house plant with black petals. Tony appreciated the sentiment, but he was still a bit wary about it since it felt a little too 'Hitchcock', even for him.

"Wow," Abby gushed. "Your new place is amazing. I'll miss the movie nights at Gibbs' place though."

Tony grinned, but it was tinged with sadness; he would miss those nights curled up on the couch with Abby too. Getting Gibbs to watch a movie that the older man would never watch in a thousand lifetimes had been just as much a challenge as convincing the Marine to allow him to set up his TV in the living room. Tony had almost despaired before his boss had finally agreed. It had been more than worth it though, to see the little furrow between the agent's eyes grow deeper and deeper the longer a movie played. Tony could never tell whether it was because Gibbs was actually getting into the story, or whether he found it ridiculous and wondered why someone would watch stuff like this.

The three months had been an up-and-down kind of affair; Tony enjoyed his time with Gibbs greatly. Movie night, which included Abby and Ducky a lot too, was just one example of the many incredible and comfortable times they had spent together. Tony looked back on it with a wistful sadness which was only soothed because Gibbs had assured him that the little guest room would from now on always be his room and that he would always have a place there.

And Tony intended to take advantage of that. Just a few months ago he would never have even considered taking Gibbs up on his offer, but Tony had decided to just close his eyes and chance that step out into the unknown. Gibbs had asked him to trust him, and Tony was willing to risk it. So if, from time to time, he claimed he'd had too much to drink to drive home after a movie night at Gibbs' house; well, then that was just his way of reassuring himself that the older man wouldn't push him away.

But, while Tony would have loved to stay with Gibbs for a while longer, there were also the days when the Italian felt an almost physical need to put some distance between himself and his boss. Those occurred mostly on mornings when the night beforehand had been spent talking about all the issues he didn't want to discuss. Gibbs had been relentless in his mission to get Tony to at least tell him a bit more about his time with his father. Tony secretly thought that the man was keeping a book somewhere where he noted all the cruelties DiNozzo Sr. had inflicted on his son in case he ever met the millionaire again. Tony shuddered just at the thought of a meeting like that. He imagined that it would be a lot like Godzilla meeting Mothra; two superhuman fighting machines leaving a lot of carnage in their wake.

Then there were the days when they got home from a difficult case and practically had to tip-toe around each other. In moments like those, they both needed their space and Tony would usually go on a run while Gibbs worked on his boat. It didn't happen often, but it was often enough to bring home to the young man that, as much as he liked living in that house, it wasn't a permanent solution.

So, he had started looking for his own place and had quickly grown frustrated with the lack of acceptable living accommodations available. Or rather, the lack of acceptable living accommodations according to Gibbs' standards.

Tony still didn't know how he did it, but Gibbs had somehow managed to be at every viewing, even those the Italian hadn't told him about. At first he hadn't known whether to be alarmed or pleased that Gibbs took so much interest in his well-being.

He had soon settled on feeling irritated when it became apparent that no place was good enough in Gibbs' eyes. Sure, some had been a bit... shabby or in a neighborhood that even the local LEOs tried to avoid having to patrol, but Tony wasn't willing to spend all of his money on a high-end real estate so what could you do?

It had been mostly okay for Gibbs to tag along until the man had threatened to arrest his potential future landlord for financial fraud because 'trying to rent out such a shithole for that price is criminal'.

After that Tony had forbidden – yes, forbidden!- his boss to accompany him again. Gibbs had grudgingly agreed to let him deal with it on his own, and Tony had barely been able to contain his glee when he'd not three days later found an ad in the paper for this little gem. Lots of room in a good neighorhood close to work, and the rent was a joke. Tony had almost felt bad for accepting the conditions, convinced that he was ripping his landlord off, but Mr. Jones had assured him that he didn't really need the income. His daughter had even lived there for free until she'd moved in with her finance so it really wasn't a problem.

'I'm happy I can help such a nice, young lad.' he'd said, and Tony had happily signed the contract, convinced that Gibbs would find no fault with his new living conditions.

And he hadn't, which was why they were now moving his stuff in.

"I know, right?" Tony said, still sitting cross-legged on the floor. "I can't believe my luck."

Abby put the pot of doom down on a table, and regarded her favorite Mini-agent with a bemused expression. "Why are you sitting on the floor?"

Tony shrugged. "I was tired. He who works hard gets to rest." He decidedly ignored Gibbs' snort, and only shot the man a dirty look when the agent turned his back on him as he carried another box into the kitchen.

"But why didn't you use the couch?" Abby asked and pointed at said furniture.

Tony blinked a few times, wondering that himself, before he patted the spot besides him. "It all looks bigger from down here. Wanna try too?"

The Goth didn't even think twice before she flopped down, swinging her legs in the air and putting her head in his lap. "You're right!" she exclaimed brightly and eagerly looked around. "It does."

"I see you are already comfortable," A voice said from the open doorway. They both looked over to see Mr. Jones leaning against the door frame, watching them with a fond smile. Abby waved at him and Tony copied the motion, thinking 'why not'. It wasn't like the older man wouldn't get to meet all his crazy friends at some point. It was probably better he got used to them sooner rather than later.

"Hello, Mr. Jones," Tony greeted. "Very comfortable, this place is great. This is Abby and this," he continued pointing to Gibbs, who had emerged from the kitchen, "is my boss, Gibbs."

The two older men nodded at each other before Gibbs turned back to Tony. "Why don't you two go and get us something from the Thai place I've seen downstairs."

"Now?" Tony asked, sending Mr. Jones an uncomfortable look. He had manners and he didn't want to leave now that his new landlord had come to visit him. Abby saw the problem immediately from her spot in Tony's lap and jumped back to her feet.

"Well, I'm starving. Mr. Jones, you'll eat with us, won't you?"

"Oh, I wouldn't want to impose-"

"Nonsense," The Goth interrupted and pulled a groaning Tony to his feet. "It'll be like a house warming party, and you'll be able to experience first-hand just how loud Tony's parties can get so you'll know what to expect."

"ABBY!" a flustered Italian shouted as he was pulled out of the door.

"We'll be back soon."

"How can you say something like that? Do you want him to kick me out before I've even moved in?"

"Aw shucks, I'm sure he knew I was joking. And you can still move in with me. You know that I have a spare coffin waiting, just for you."

"Ah, well-" Tony trailed off, obviously searching for a way to let his friend down gently.

Gibbs and Jones listened to the bickering until the two youngsters had disappeared down the hall. Blessed silence fell over the two of them until Jones gave a throaty chuckle.

"You got your hands full there, don't you Jethro?"

Gibbs grinned, and slapped his old friend on the back. "Wouldn't have it any other way."

Jones let his eyes wander through the room, taking in the movie collection and the TV system until landing on the black plant. He blinked at it a few times before he decided that he'd just have to get used to his quirky new tenant.

Speaking of...

"Remind me again, why is it that he can't know that we two know each other? And why did I have to run an advertisement in the paper just to reject all those interested until your boy called? Wouldn't it have been easier for you to just tell him about my place?"

Gibbs shrugged. "You would think so, but nothing is ever easy with DiNozzo."

He could still clearly remember how angry the young man had been with him when yet another viewing gone bad and he'd made Gibbs promise to leave the apartment hunting to Tony. He'd kept his promise, up to a point. Surely, asking an old friend who still owed you a favor to run an advertisement and then placing the paper with said advertisement face up on the kitchen table so that a certain agent would find it while drinking his coffee, wasn't considered meddling, was it? The fact that it was close enough to work and to Gibbs' place in case of emergencies was just a bonus, of course.

"Won't he be mad when he finds out?" Jones inquired.

Gibbs knew his agent. Without a doubt, Tony would not be too thrilled with Gibbs if he ever found out that he'd been manipulated like that; that his boss had more or less inserted his own spy in order to always have an eye on the young man.

In the past, when Gibbs had seen the dump his agent had called his home back in Baltimore, the former Marine had told himself that he would never let his child live like that, no matter how stubborn they may be.

And Gibbs believed in taking his own words to heart.

"You know how it is," he said with a soft smile. "You do what you have to for family'."




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