Isabelle's P.O.V

It was just another day i was sitting down in my room. I hear my door crack just a little. Mrs. Anni came in and told me someone was here to see me. -Odd no one usually wants to look at me. Everyone wants a little blonde girl. I am the farthest from blonde as you get. I have glossy back hair and blue eyes. My name is Isabelle Rose. And i was dropped off here when i was just a day old and have been here ever since.- But you know i will just be back in this room tomorrow. I walk into the main room to see a bunch of beautiful people.

Esme's P.O.V 3 hours earlier

It was just another day i was sitting at home reading a book until Carlisle came home. But instead of the usual kiss on the cheek i got a bunch of papers.

"Carlisle what is this?" i ask confused

"Well honey you've looked a little lonely lately so i thought you might wanna. You know adopted a child.", he explained as our other "children" entered the house

"Oh Carlisle i would love a little girl of my own to raise!" i exclaimed and started to look though the files.

But one of them just called to me it said:

Isabelle Rose (No last name)

Age: 3

She was found on the porch of theorphanage no one knows who her parents are but they do know that they left a note with her first and middle name.

As i was just about done with it i found a note on my lap that must of fallen out of her profile.

Dear people,

Hello my name is Isabelle rose. And if your thinking about adopting me i would love to meet you. But most likely you just came across this profile. Because i'm not a blonde girl you do not want me. But heres about me. I'm 3 i love to draw and play and no matter what i will love whoever adopts me. And that is all i have to say.


Isabelle Rose

I felt like if i could i would cry for this little girl.

"Carlisle i would love this little girl", i say as i hand him the profile.

"Ok Esme then we will get her", he says and we head to theorphanage.

I knew today that our lives would change for the better and the little girls included.