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Summary: Bonnie takes up babysitting and Damon offers to help. What happens when they end up babysitting Damon's "best friend" Kyle for the entire weekend? … Oh so much; BAMON + Kyle Lool

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My Best Friend: CH.1

The doorbell rang, and bonnie hurried to go answer it. Damon slowly walked behind her placing his drink on the coffee table.

"They're here" Bonnie said opening the door.

"Aw hell no!" Damon muttered.

Bonnie and Damon's Jaw dropped when they realized who they were babysitting. A smile was plastered on the kid's face


"If you need anything here are numbers you can contact us with" Mrs. Smith said to bonnie

"And Kyle, be a good boy have fun. We love you!" The smiths said in unison

"I will bye mommy bye daddy !"

"Oh and not too much sugar and drinks before bed…. He's a bed wetter" Mrs. smith whispered

"BYE MOMMY BYE DADDY!... Have fun"

Kyle said shoving his parents out the door.

"Bye sweetie, remember be good! … Bye bonnie call me if anything"

"Um.. Okay have fun you two" Bonnie replied.

The smith's kissed their soon goodbye one last time before heading out. Kyle entered the boardinghouse with a huge smile on his face. Unlike Damon who showed one emotion… Anger.

"Kyle…." Damon said voice low and dark.


The little boy said rushing to the annoyed vampire; hugging him tightly.
Bonnie laughed at the scene. Kyle was a sweet kid… a sweet kid who just happened to know what buttons to push to piss off Damon.

"Get off me before I tear you to shreds!" Damon hissed removing himself from the little boy.

"Oh we're going to have soo much fun! We can play games, ooh and watch movies. Mommy doesn't want me to watch anything too scary though but oh Dammy we're going to have a blast! You want to know why? Cause you're my best friend!"

"No, I'm not… in order to have a best friend the other person has to like you as well… and you, you just piss me off."

"Oh but I know you like me! You're my Bestfriend!" The little boy smiled moving closer to Damon "Bonnie you're cool too but you're a girl and you still have koodies"

"I see how it is Kyle" Bonnie teased

"Whoa… you guys grew up so fast!" Kyle said in awe

"Magic … remember" Bonnie smiled ruffling the boys hair.

"That's really cool; you look really pretty bonnie…. What happened to Damon?"

"Fucking prick" Damon muttered under his breath.

"Thank you Kyle, you look handsome today" Bonnie laughed.

Kyle smiled sweetly before reaching in his backpack pulling out a grey plastic bag. Opening it up and pulling out 3 brownies.

"Here I brought us brownies!"

Kyle said handing one to Damon and Bonnie.

"You didn't do anything thing to them did you?" Damon trailed looking at the brownie

"Nothing" Kyle smiled biting his brownie

Damon shrugged taking a big bite. Mhmm the brownie was warm and fresh.
Damon took another massive bite of the brownie.

"But I did put a special surprise in yours Damon… look at it" Kyle said laughing uncontrollably

Damon looked down in the brownie and noticed a yellow-greenish gooey substance. Damon was terrified; last time kyle shown him green it ended up being his boogers and he put it on His Face… Damon looked horrified.

"WHAT IS THAT" Damon shrieked running to the bathroom, feeling slightly queasy.

Bonnie looked at the 3yr old who was currently giggling.

"What? He doesn't like melted Gummy bears?" Kyle said innocently

"Oh Kyle we're going to have a lot of fun"

Bonnie laughed; bringing the toddler to his room.

Chapter End

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Preview: "What is wrong with you?" Bonnie shrieked

"What it was just harmless fun" Damon smirked.

"Yeah, just harmless fun, if he pees the bed you're changing it."

What did Damon do to poor Kyle? Why is there mention of bed wetting? Read the next Chapter to find out Lool: p

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