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Boy Lollipop Chapter 8: My Best Friend.

'One more day' Damon thought 'One more day'

Kyle woke up in a large comfy bed the little boy stretched out his arms and legs feeling the sun hit his face, a smile spread across his face as the sun warmed him up. The toddler jumped out of bed landing on the floor with a light thud before creeping out of the room and into Damon's. The door to the Vampire's room creaked open smirking the red headed boy tip toed into the room sitting on the empty bed, the sound of running water filled the room making the boy curious. It was almost like the sound was compelling him making him want to find out where it was coming from, without noticing Kyle was off the bed and into the foggy bathroom. A slight humming noise was coming from the shower which was fogged up so you couldn't see anything, the sadistic vampire was humming a tune Kyle seemed to know very well. The little boy giggled placing his small hand over his mouth to help quiet his soft giggles so Damon wouldn't hear, mischief danced in Kyle's eyes as he softly walked over to the toilet. The boy waited for about 6 seconds before he flushed the toilet, the roaring sound caught Damon's attention

"Who is out there?" Damon asked trying to look over the shower door Kyle remained silent before running to turn on the tap and back to the toilet where he flushed it again hoping to give Damon a surprise "I said who is out ther-" Damon stopped noticing the water had just gotten extremely hot burning his skin making the vampire yelp out in pain.

"Ahhhh!" Damon yelled trying to avoid the beads water, Kyle couldn't hold it in any longer the boy bursted out laughing making the charming man curse under his breath "Kyle you little demonic child you!"

"Hi Damon!" Kyle said sweetly flushing the toilet again making Damon yell again

"Would you stop-" Damon started only to be interrupted by the burning pain Kyle was causing man did he hate this little Kid and when he was gone he surly would not shed a tear.

"Could we got to the park today?" Kyle asked hoping the man would say yes

"Could you get the fuck out!" Damon replied harshly leaving a bitter taste in his mouth

"No need for the harsh words now my best bud!" Kyle said cutely placing his hands behind his back slightly swaying "cause we're going to have fun today you'll see!"

Damon scoffed what is wrong with this Kid he just couldn't seem to take a hint "Kyle you have three seconds to get out before I throw you out the nearest window, We are not going any where. We are going to stay here and wait for your parents to come and when they pick you up, you little annoying ass. I'm going to throw the biggest party in history and guess what?" Damon started not waiting for the litttle boy to reply "You're not invited because you are not I repeat not my best friend and you will never ever be my best friend now get out of my presence."

Kyle was fuming he was Damon's best friend no one could tell him otherwise "No, you listen" Kyle barked back with attitude "We are going to the park and I am your best friend and and if you don't come with me and Bonnie well then I'm going to tell my mom you yes I repeat you Dammy that you forced me to drink beer and burned me with cigarettes. Please do this for me Dammy It's my last day and I know your going to miss me you wanna know why... because you loooooovveee me!"

Damon swore under his breath Kyle was a lot smarter than he seemd and he somehow knew how to get his way...Damon liked that about him. Damon sighed knowing he wasn't going to win, this was going no where"If I agree to go to the park will you leave?" Damon offered

"Yes sir!" Kyle said happily, he was going to miss Damon and Bonnie and wanted to cherish every last moment with them

"Fine" Damon said defeated hearing kyle scream with happiness before exiting the bathroom leaving the man to shower in peace...

Kyle and Bonnie were downstairs the little boy was putting on his buzz light-year year shoes which lit up every time he took a step while Bonnie was on the phone talking to Kyle's parents wondering when and where they would meet them. Damon felt something squeeze his legs tight only to be greeted by Kyle "Oh Dammy were going to have so much fun, Do you like my cool shoes!"

"You betcha!" Damon said without being sarcastic Kyle smiled letting go of Damon's leg, Bonnie smiled watching how Damon was being somewhat kinder to the little toddler.

Bonnie who had just come off the phone turned to speak to Damon "Hey you, alright the smith's said they would meet us at the park around 3:00pm so that means we have 5 hours left with Kyle"(An: It's about 11:00am) She said ruffling his hair. It was going to be... different not having Kyle around anymore. Bonnie was positive that Damon was going to miss the little guy, even if he didn't want to admit it.

"Come on old man time is ticking!" Kyle said addressing to the charming vampire grabbing the man's hand leading him to the door way, just before the two could reach the door Bonnie called out making the boys come to a stop

"Wait!" She said happily "I have a surprise for the two of you!" Damon glanced at Kyle who had the exact same questionable stare as he did Bonnie laughed before exiting the room, The witch quickly returned with a large bag in her hands. Kyle's face lit up like a light bulb as he rushed over to Bonnie attacking her with questions

"What is it, what is it!" Kyle said excitedly jumping up and down

Bonnie smiled she herself was really going to miss Kyle "Why don't you see for yourself" She replied ruffling his hair Kyle grabbed the bag from Bonnie and quickly looked inside pulling out a small black shirt with large red writing saying My Best friend with a picture of him and Damon above it. Kyle's jaw dropped forming an O-shape while Damon's was speechless. He couldn't believe she made a shirt, the exact shirt Kyle wanted to get. Kyle happily put on his new t-shirt over the one he was wearing.

"Oh thank you soo much Bonnie!" Kyle said hugging her tightly

"Yeah thanks a lot Bonnie" Damon grouched knowing Kyle was going to annoy him about the t-shirts all day.

Bonnie giggled "Wait there is one for you too Damon!" She laughed harder seeing the vampire's face drop

"I am not wearing that" Damon responded simply

"Damon" Kyle said sweetly before continuing "Put the shirt on!" Damon looked at Bonnie who had her arms crossed over her chest with a large cheeky smile similar to Kyle's

"Fine!" Damon sighed putting the shirt over his Kyle smiled jumping on Damon's back as the three headed out the door, The three spent a couple of hours at the mall and went to the grill for lunch. Kyle decided after eating he wanted to go to the park because time was running out and he only had 2 more hours left with his friends. The three soon left the grill and started heading to the park Kyle smiled before jumping on the charming vampire's back

"You know what this means now" Kyle whispered in Damon's ear "It's time!"

"Time for what?" Damon asked confused looking at the beautiful witch

"Best Buddy singing time!" Kyle giggled

"Kyle I am not singing anything with you" Damon said sternly trying to pry Kyle off of his back Kyle just smiled taking that as a yes and started singing the song

"People let me tell you about my BEST FRIEND"Kyle sang loudly making Damon groan

"Kyle, shut up!" Damon said harshly

"Oh Damon be nice, it's his last day!" Bonnie laughed watching how annoyed her boyfriend was

"Yeah Dammy besides I know you know the words!" Kyle said in a sing-song tune

"You must be crazy if you think I am going to sing that!"

Bonnie pouted looking up at Damon "Please Damon, for me?" She said sweetly pouting her lips and batting her eyes Damon groaned before slightly mumbling something

"He's a warm hearted person" Damon muttered underneath his breath

"I cant hear you!" Kyle mocked

"He's a warm hearted person who loves me til the end" Damon sang loudly embrassed

"That's better now together now... Bonnie join in too" Kyle giggled as he sang in unison with the two jumping off of Damon's back to show off his cool new shirt holding Damon's hand.

"People let me tell you about my best friend
He's a one boy cuddly toy my up my down my pride and joy
People let me tell you now he's so much fun
Whether were talking man to man
Or whether we're talking son to son
Cause he's my best friend now."

Somehow they managed to get a crowd cheering them on after they finished singing Bonnie just laughed while Kyle and Damon smiled Kyle hugged Damon "You're my bestest bud in the whole world!"
Damon just smiled as he watched Kyle run off to get one of the good swings Damon felt Bonnie's arms wrap around his torso

"I think I'm going to miss the kid" Damon said making bonnie smile

"I knew you liked him"

"Think what you want witch" Damon laughed kissing Bonnie on the cheek, Damon already knew he somewhat liked Kyle and that he really was going to miss the little prick Damon watched as Kyle swung high on the swings without noticing a smile crept up on his face

"Hey Bonnie don't tell Kyle this but he has some best friend material in him" Damon said sweetly finally saying something kind about crazy Kyle "But if you ever babysit him give me a heads up so I can get the hell out of the country"

Bonnie just laughed "Shut up you know you love him and will want to babysit him again, you wanna know why?" She said reaching up to him giving him a sweet kiss

"Cause he's your best friend!" She said loudly making the blue eyed man laugh "I'm telling Kyle you think he's your best friend!"

Suddenly Damon stopped laughing looking down at Bonnie "You wouldn't" before he knew it Bonnie took off towards kyle's direction "Hey Kyle Damon thinks your he's bestfriend too!"

"I knew it!" Kyle said happily waving at Damon, the man shook his head laughing that's it Bonnie was going to pay for spilling his secret "You better run my sexy unicorn" Damon laughed chasing Bonnie, the three spent the rest of the day playing and enjoying eachother's company until Kyle's parents came. Kyle hugged Bonnie goodbye before she went to talk to his parents, the little boy glanced at Damon before running into his arms saying goodbye

"Bye my bestest buddy I'll miss you !" Kyle said sweetly

Damon smiled looking fown at the little boy "Bye brat!" Damon laughed ruffling the boy's hair

"Aren't you going to miss me?" Kyle asked him his eyes wide with exicitement

Damon sighed "Yeah... I'm going to miss you bud"

"And why is that?" Kyle asked raising an eyebrow at him like he's seen Bonnie do before


"Damon..." The boy mimicked

"Alright cause you're my best friend" Damon muttered

Kyle smirked looking up at the man "I already knew that from day one!" He said happily "Bye bestest buddy"

Damon laughed he was really going to miss the annoying boy he had grown so used to, Kyle waved the supernaturals goodbye before heading off with his parents, Damon pulled Bonnie into a hug watching the little boy walk away before saying

"goodbye best friend"

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