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"AH!" Inuyasha screamed before he went head first into the dirt. Sango, the demon slayer, Miroku, the monk, Shippo, the fox demon, and Kirara the neko, shook their heads at Inuyasha.

Kagome, who had tears brimming her eyes, bit her lip, "It wasn't my fault!"

Inuyasha, who rose out of a two foot crater, frowned and shook the dirt off. "Feh, the way I see it it is your fault! Your a miko, dumb ass, and you couldn't even save her! Your Useless!"

Kagome grounded her teeth and yelled, "SIT BOY!"


Kagome ran from the area, hurt. Inuyasha always blamed her. He always blamed her. 'It wasn't my fault... It wasn't..' She ran as far as her legs could got, passing thorn bushes and long tree trunks, she ran on until she collapsed in a field. She balled up and hid her face with her hair. 'Inuyasha your such a jerk...'


Kagome lifted her head and spotted the cat Kirara, cocking her head to the side, in the cutest way.

"Kirara," Kagome petted the cat through her tears, "Sango sent you huh?"


Kagome let out a small smile, "Well well well, what do we have here?"

Kagome snapped her head up and got up in a sitting position. She looked forward, as Kirara hissed, her fur rising. It was Byakuya of the Dreams. He was smiling at her in the weirdest way, "Its the Inuyasha girl."

Kagome narrowed her eyes, "I have nothing to do with Inuyasha."

"Is that so?" Byakuya walked forward toward her. He unsheathed his sword, and pointed to her, "You know the gods say that a life is as precious as an apple. When you take a bite out of the the apple, it represents one person dieing."

Kirara took her place in front of Kagome and hissed. Byakuya smiled at them, with red lips. "Others say, human life is bought in a market, it all adds up to a law of equivalent exchange,"

Kagome had no idea what he was talking about, "Where are you getting at?"

"You Inuyasha girl," His sword started to glow a purple color, "Are the Stone.."

Byakuya then slashed his sword toward the sky, creating a big hole. All of a sudden, wind started to suck in everything. Kagome blocked her face as she was lifting from the ground.

"Kagome!" She turned in the air and saw Inuyasha and the others running toward them.

"I-Inuyasha!" She tried to escape from the warp hole as Kirara transformed and tried to pull her back down,"Its no use!" Byakuya then disappeared. Kirara felt herself rise from the ground and up in the air with Kagome..

"Kagome!" Kagome felt tears stream down her face as she was finagling entering the darkness..



"Argh! I hate the desert!" He had long blond hair and was wearing a red coat. "Its nothing but sand!" He fell head first into the sand, "No grass, means no food, I'm starving!" He rose to his knees and looked around, "Al! Hey Alphonse!"

"Under here!"


He yelped as he was grabbed by the foot. "Dammit Alphonse!"

His name was Edward Elric, the Full metal Alchemist. "I'm sorry brother," His name was Alphonse Elric, Ed's younger brother. "Why do you keep sinking in?"

"I don't know!"

Edward rubbed his head in frustration, He got up and took his bag. "Come on lets g-" He was stopped as he felt the wind start to pick up. It all centered into one spot and rose quickly into the sky, "A sandstorm?" Alphonse asked.

"I don't think so Al!"

As the wind stopped the sky suddenly ripped and formed a hole, "Look Brother!" They saw two figures fall from the sky, it landed on the sand with thud as the hole closed with a gust of wind. "What was that?"

The brothers shrugged their shoulders, and ran toward the figures. Edward dropped his bag and picked up the figure, that was a girl. She was about his age, and they looked to be the same height, Thank god.. He thought.

"Look brother," Alphonse showed him a cat.

"Shit not another cat," Edward said, 'Hmm.. it has two tails?'

"Mhmm.." Edward looked into his arms and noticed the girl was coming too. He took the time to notice she had long raven hair and pale skin. She wore an unusual outfit, that looked fit only for hot days. When her eyes opened, he saw bright brown beautiful eyes. "Who... Who are you..?" Her voice was hoarse, like shes been crying.

"My names Edward," Kagome opened her eyes to this Edward person. He was handsome, to say the least. His long blond hair was in a braid and his eyes were gold.. even golder than Inuyashas.

"Edward?" Kagome blinked, realizing she had a headache. "W-where am I?"

"Were on our way to Liore, How did you fall from the sky?"

'Liore? what is that?' Kagome thought, "I-I.. Don't know... the only thing i remember is Byakuya and then-" She paused, realizing that he must have transported her somewhere, But maybe it was an illusion. He was the master of illusions and dreams.


Kagome turned and saw Kirara in an armor mans arms. "Kirara!"

This can't be an illusion, if Kiraras here..

Edward furrowed his brows, curious of this girls background. "Bother," He looked to Al,

"Lets take her to Central Command, maybe they know her?"

"But why would we go all the way back to Central Command! We have business Al."

Kagome sat up and looked around, only to see sand. She rose to her feet and fixed up her self, although she felt her face puffed from crying. She turned to the Boys who looked at her curiously. Kagome turned to the smallest brother, who was the same height as her, and muscular... Did she just think that?

She swallowed, she had to admit, he was unusually cute.

"Uh, Miss." The Armor man asked.

Kaogme's face turned pink, "Gomen, I'm Kagome Higurashi,"

"Kagome Higurashi..." The blonde said, "Well Kagome, looks like you'll have to come with us."

The armor man bowed, "I'm Alphonse Elric, and this is my Onii-chan Edward Elric."

Kagome semi nodded. "Nice to meet you.."

The brothers walked ahead as she followed them, Kirara on her shoulder, "When we get back East, we'll help you find your way home." Alphonse said. Kagome nodded a thanks.

If she could get back..