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"Why...Is..It..So...HOT?" Edward exclaimed.

Kagome glanced at him and giggled. His expression showed exhaustion and irration, but it mixed in the awkwardest way. His hair clung to his face due to him sweating. And he slumped, like the hunch back.

Awhile back they had entered the town called Liore, a strange place she added. The buildings look to be at least over 50 years old. The clothes that people wore were more modern than the fedual area, but less modern than Tokyo.

Then there were the statues.

Every corner and at every street there was a statue of a man holding a staff, attached to the sun.

'Sun god..?' She guessed.

"Are you okay Brother?" The armored brother asked.

"No! I hate this-"

He paused. Kagome turned to his face, as she noticed he was sniffing the air, then he ran forward in total delight.



Kagome sweat dropped as Alphonse chased Edward down the road toward the water fountain ahead. Kagome jogged after them, but stopped at the funny smell in the air. Kirara, who was on her shoulder, meowed unpleasantly.

'Something tells me that fountain isn't full of water'

She walked along side Edward and looked in the cup his held. The 'water' was red and had that strange odor.

"It's.. wine" She said

"More like blood red wine," Edward said huffing

"Hey kids!" A man walked up to them as Edward dropped the cup.

Kagome blinked in surprise when he was easily pulled into the air by a man, with a beanie and a mustache.

"You know that's not for kids!"

"Hey! Put me down!" Edward squirmed in his grasp. Alphonse explained to the man who they were, and after he found out, he laughed.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were trying to sneak a bit, but your out of towners!"

Kagome looked around the mans shop, which held many drinks.

"Would you like something to drink?"

She turned to Edward who held his own juice. He held the most calm look on his face, it made the heat rush to her face. She turned away slowly, "I.. I don't want to be a burden or anything." She started

Edward blinked but smiled, "It's no big deal," He turned back to the man with the beanie, "Can I have one more juice for her?"


Kagome looked back to the older brother who continued sipping his drink. 'He's generous'

"Here you go lady!" The man handed her the drink. She responded with a thank you to him and Edward. "So, why are you guys here?"

"We are just here to search for something.." Kagome noticed he didn't want to go into details.

"Well, why in the desert of all places! And with gloves and armor on, that's kind of suspicious."

No one said anything.

The bartender turned to her and blinked. He seemed to be looking at her clothing, "You... are you even from around here?"

Kagome blinked, "She's traveling with us." Edward said for her. Kagome looked to him when he winked to her. She smiled and nodded. Not stopping the blush.

The bartender 'hmed' for awhile, before he frantically turned on his radio, saying something about prayers.

Kagome listened to the broadcast as a man spoke the words from the bible. He spoke about the sun god, which watches over this town.

"Spiritual broadcasting?" Alphonse guessed

"Who is this guy?" Edward asked

"Oh that's sir Cornelo,"

"Who? Never heard of him" He sucked his drink again.

Kagome watched as some villagers stopped by to explain to them who he was. To her, this prophet seemed to be everything to this village. Like Kikyo was to her village..

She felt herself sadden, remembering Inuyasha's words.

"Ah!" She heard Edward exclaim. He turned to her, "Are you ready to go?" She blinked and nodded. Edward motioned for his brother that they were leaving, but when Alphonse rose into the air, he knocked over the radio.

"Oh damn!" the bartender exclaimed.

"Hey don't bust a lung grandpa, he can fix it." Edward huffed.

Alphonse apologized and started to draw a very unusual drawing around the ruins of the radio. Kagome lookedat the seal intently. Something about it seemed to spark something within her but.. she couldn't place it.

When the armored brother placed his hands over the seal it started to react. Lighting, blue lighting, reacted with the seal and his hands.

That's when it happened.

As she watched the lighting, she felt herself get dizzy. As Alphonse continued using the seal, she got more and more dizzy. Her vision blurred, and she felt like her energy was draining from her.

Edward turned to the girl next to him. He watched as she starred at the the alchemy, and gained this look in her eye.

"Kagome?" He said only to her. She didn't respond, but her eyes... her eyes were turning red. He looked back to the alchemy as it ended, the radio back in place.

Then he turned back Kagome, her eyes were back to normal.

"Hey!" Edward caught her before she could hit the ground. The cat on her shoulder leaped out of the way before she could get squashed.

"Kagome! Al, somethings wrong!"

Alphonse rushed to her side, "Miss Kagome!"

But she wouldn't respond..