Soul Eater: My Way

Episode One: Return of the Medieval Arts Meister

The motorbike roared through the near empty desert, towards the isolated Death City. The spiked sun laughed above him. His black sunglasses reflected the light of the sun and the beautiful, deathly pale skin across his face was marred by the battle scar across one cheek and the long stitch across the other.

His black cloths were perfect, until you reached the black trench coat on his back.Two long stitches like the one on his face ran down the back and over his shoulder blades.

He roared into the city, his face placid with indifference. Finally he tugged hard on the handlebars, causing the bike to turn, almost on to its side. He placed out his foot to balance it out and looked up.

He hadarrived. The steps leading up to the DWMA faced him. Quickly he pulled out a mirrorfrom his pocket. He breathed on it and began to write numbers on its surface.

"42-42-364," he muttered as he wrote. He knocked on the glass and waited, as blue circles pulsed across the screen. Finally, a rather comical figure appeared in the mirror.

"Yeah yeah, hiya!" said Death.

"Medieval Arts Meister -" he began but Death cut across him.

"Sam! Is that really you? I haven't seen you in three years. You look great. So did youe little global mission go well?"

"Indeed Lord Death. Me and Sarah have collected the required total of nine hundred and ninety nine Kishin egg souls. It's been time consuming I can assure you."

"Well never mind that now. Maybe you'd like to come in? I can offer you some tea, maybe some coffee?"

"You know me Lord. I always prefer a nice pint of lemonade after completing a mission."

"Okay come on up. Oh and if you happen to see Kid on the way here would you mind bringing him with you. I need a word with him."

"Yes Lord."

The mirror darkened and Sam stretched his back, revealing the black scabbard and the sword it held. With a black flash the sword became a tall black haired girl.

"I hate being in weapon form for that long," complained Sarah. "It gives me back cramps."

"Sorry Sarah, but I can't drive the bike properly if I think you might fall off. I'm weird like that."

Quickly the Meister and Weapon ran up the steps to the academy. As they neared the opening plateau Sam could distinctly hear the sound of battle.

They topped the stairs. Sam saw a flash of black and a streak of white. A boy in a black suit. No three boys. One in black, the other dressed in a black vest and grey shorts. The third in a yellow and black jacket, with blue jeans. Two Meisters and a Weapon, seemingly in pointless combat.

"Should we stop this?" Sarah asked. Sam began to shake his head, but then saw someone he recognised. A blonde haired girl, dressed in a chequered skirt and black trench coat.

"Isn't that Maka?" he asked. Sarah looked and smiled.

"Yeah it is. We should go say hi."

"My thoughts exactly."

Sam spread his feet apart and concentrated. Then he splayed his hand at the battle. The force of the movement cracked the ground beneath him. In a wave of his own soul wavelength the power spread across the ground.

The three boys who had been fighting were flipped over by its sheer raw power. In synchrony they fell to the ground.

"Well," Sam said after a few moments. "That'll make crossing a little bit easier."

For the first time, everyone on the plateau noticed him. The blue haired boy leapt up first.

"Hey! Why'd you do that? Do you know how important I am and what this fight means?"

"Haven't a snowballs."

"Well you're finding out now! I'm Black Star!"

The boy rushed at him. Sam sighed. Black Star drew his fist back. Sam held out his hand. Black Star's fist met Sam's hand. Sam gripped the other boy's hand and his eyes flashed. Lightning bolted through Sam and into Black Star.

The blue haired boy yelled, and then collapsed in a heap.

"Arrogant sod," Sam muttered. Then he noticed the black haired boy getting up. "Hey, you! Death the Kid!"

The boy looked at him.

"Your father requires your presence at the Death Room!"

Kid looked at him.

"And who are you to give such statements? Just looked at yourself! That face of yours is hardly symmetrical!"

There was a squeal and the girl from across the court yard flew at Sam. Sam was tackled down into the hug before he knew what was happening.

"Ow! Maka! That hurt!"

Maka quickly got off Sam and gave a bashful smile.

"Sorry. It's just, well. It's been three years."

"Time sure does fly. I see you've enrolled at the academy as well. That's good. Yet your weapon is not by your side?"

The white haired boy walked up behind Maka.

"Who are you? In case you didn't notice we were in a fight just then."

"Yes," Sam smiled. "A fight of no purpose whatsoever. But I am concerned for someone at the moment."

"Oh yeah who?"

"Maka. You see she appears to have a white haired shark toothed idiot standing where her weapon should be."

Three distinct veins popped up on the boy's forehead, whereas Maka giggled slightly.

"Who do you think you are!" roared the boy.

"I know that very well. I'm me, Evans."

The boy froze, then grabbed Sam by the shirt collar.

"How do you know that name?" he hissed. Sam smiled.

"I'd let go of me or you'll be in a world of hurt, Soul Eater."

Soul seemed too shocked to even say another threat. Slowly he let go of Sam's collar. Sam smiled and got to his feet.

"You do realize I was only joking Soul," Sam said, ruffling the Weapon's hair. He looked at Maka. "I'll see you later for the catch up. I would offer to leave Sarah behind to talk with you, but, 1: I'm sure Lord Death wants to talk to her as well. 2: We've grown a bit closer over the years."

And with that he walked towards the academy entrance, Sarah close behind. He stopped as he passed Kid.

"Your presence is still required in the Death Room. Your father seemed quite insistent."

And with that the Meister and Weapon walked into the academy. Kid stood still for a few moments, then followed suite.

"You never said who you were?" said Kid. Sam smiled.

"My name is Sam, and at the moments that's all I'm saying."

Sarah smiled at his mystery then looked at Kid.

"I'm Sarah. Pleased to meet you. Um, do I have to call you Death the Kid, or can I call you just Kid?"

Kid gave a gracious nod.

"Not many people ask me that. I prefer to be called by just Kid for the sake of time and convenience. Thank you for asking."

"Well at least we can be thankful for small mercies," Sam muttered. Kid looked at him.

"I'm curious."


"What you did on the plateau."

"What I did to your friend Black Star or what I did to all three of you?"


Sam closed his eyes and smiled.

"Well I shall start with your friend-"

"Black Star is currently a trial friend. I have yet to see if he is worthy to be my friend."

"Whatever. Black Star attempted to attack me with his soul wavelength. I simply altered my own so that they matched and cancelled each other out. Then, I attack with my own wavelength."

"I take it you had lessons with Professor Stein?"

"You could say that."

"So. What happened with the ground flip?"

"Ah, now that was something I developed myself. I call it the Ground Wavelength Attack. I charge my wavelength throughout my body and then when the charge reaches the desired level of energy, I release it through the ground. It's like my own personal earthquake wherever I go. Doesn't work as well on snow or sand but that means I need to charge up more power."

"Uhuh, you do realize we just passed the entrance to the Death Room?"

"Eh? Oh yes I see you're right. Thanks. Three years, you can forget the layout of the school a bit."

And they walked into the Death Room.

"Who the hell does that guy think he is!" yelled Black Star. "I mean he ruined our fight! Nobody does that to me! I'm BLACK STAR!"

"He didn't even seem to do anything," muttered Soul. "Yo, Maka. You seem to know this guy best. Who is he?"

Maka started, jerking out of her revere.

"What? Oh, yeah."

"He's obviously a Meister," Tsubaki said. "But who is he?"

"Yeah, and how do you know him?" snapped Soul.

Maka scowled at Soul.

"His name is Sam. I know him because he was, no, is my oldest friend."

"Sam eh? So what's his second name?"

"Medieval Arts Meister Samuel F. Stein, reporting Lord Death."

Well another one, goodie. But well, this idea had to come out. This series starts during the fight in episode six of the real Soul Eater anime. Hope you like it.