Bam! Bam! Bam!

"Come in!"

As Mykee walked into the dark smoky room her nerves relaxed. This was an old trick that had worked on anybody and anything.

"So glad you could join us."Big Pa-pa said

"Could we cut the chase and get started?"

"Sure. Why not Mykee? So would you like to talk alone or in private?" he replied with a look that told her that being alone with him would not be a good idea.

"You could bring out Ray-ray and Trey." She replied coolly.


"HERE WE COME!" they both said at the same time.

When they entered the room they both received scowls from Big Pa-pa. Once everyone was seated Big Pa-pa began with formalities.

"Excuse me, but like I was saying earlier I'm on a time crunch. So could we please move past this? We all know each other wither we like it or not."Mykee said

"Sure. Tr—Ray-ray ask the first question."

"Why did you dump Trey after coming back and spending the night with him?" Ray-ray asked with a smile he knew she could not resist.

"Do you want the short or long version?" she asked

"Short but please elaborate."

"Ok. I didn't. There we are done."

"Wait one second" all three of them said at the same time. "Did you or did you not say that he would be a regret and that you would not love him because you had a job to do, putting it in short terms?" Big Pa-pa asked

"Yes I did but I did not say Trey you and me are over now did I. and not being rude but I believe you have one more question."

"Who is this person that is so much worthier of your time than ours?"

"First off I came here as a favor, two it is none of your business, and three good bye because that was question number three." Mykee said before rising to leave.

Mykee was the only person to ever do that and that caused a weird silence. Of course they let her go because she had given them her requirements. They were men of their words.