So here is a new story :) It's got 9 chapters finished right now and if you've read my previous fics you might know that I'm a bit notorious for short chapters. I hope you enjoy it!

(It was brought to my attention that this chapter was filled with grammar errors. I read it again and realized that it needed quite a bit of work. Hopefully this is better.)

The room was cold and small, filled with the noise of barking dogs. Water dripped off of the moldy concrete walls and ceiling, landing into tiny puddles on the hard floor.

A shaft of light penetrated the darkness as a rotting wooden door swung open on its rusty hinges. A man entered the room. Tall, strong, menacing. He surveyed his hard earned possessions with a with sadistic smile.

"Are you hungry boys?" The man called out, causing the noise of the barking to increase.

A tiny sob reached the ears of the man, causing his smile to get a little bit bigger.

The man reached over and opened the huge wire enclosure that was barely containing the small pack of rottweilers.

The man leaned back onto one of the many concrete pillars and smirked before shouting, "Go get 'em boys!"

Days Earlier

"Kevin Randolph, five years old, was seen being forced into a van in the South Bronx after he ran out into the street. His mother was carrying the groceries to the car." Jack announced, sticking the blonde little boy's picture to the whiteboard before writing his name and case number beside the picture.

"Is the mother coming in? Interview room one is free." Danny asked.

"The mother's dead. She was shot and killed at the scene. The kid saw the whole thing." Jack said shortly, trying to keep any emotion out of his voice.

There was a moment of silence in the office as the team both respected the woman's memory and attempted find a good reason as to why the young boy was taken and his mother brutally murdered.

Samantha broke the silence, "I'll start looking into the registered sex offenders in the area."

"Good." Jack confirmed, "Danny, Elena, you go to the grocery store and see if you can find anyone who will give us a sketch. Martin, help Sam with the sex offenders. Vivian, come with me, we're going to the jail."

"Is there someone there we need to see?" Vivian asked, surprised.

Jack responded grimly, "The father."

So what do you think? Continue? Question for everyone, I've got a very suspenseful Martin fic that I'm writing, is anyone interested in me posting it? It doesn't really have Jack Sam or Martin Sam or anything like that yet. It could I guess but I haven't written it in so far. Let me know! Thanks!