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Martin pressed his foot down on the gas pedal, causing the car to lurch forward. Skidding on the rain, his tires squealed in protest to Martin's sharp turns at an accelerated speed. Turning on his police lights, Martin sped through several red lights, ran stop signs and veered severely to the left so as not to hit a small bird which refused to move out of his way.

Double checking the address. Martin pulled in to the driveway of a small suburban house. Looking around, Martin saw no one. He checked the address once more, verifying that it was indeed the right house. Martin pulled out his phone, speed dialling Vivian's cell.

"Sorry Martin, we're stuck in traffic," Vivian reported.

"Can't you put your sirens on?" Martin asked.

"We tried that but no one can move, the street is packed with cars," Vivian said anxiously.

"What are we going to do then?" Martin asked.

"I called local police and they should be on their way. Martin, you wait for back up. Do you hear me?" Vivian said urgently.

"Yeah Viv, I hear you," Martin said shortly before hanging up.

Martin looked around the seemingly desolated street, rain dripping off of his eyelashes.

A scream erupted from the house, causing Martin to jump. Grabbing his gun, he knew that he couldn't wait any longer.

A shaft of light penetrated the darkness as a rotting wooden door swung open on its rusty hinges. A man entered the room. Tall, strong, menacing. He surveyed his hard earned possessions with a with sadistic smile.

"Are you hungry boys?" The man called out, causing the noise of the barking to increase.

A tiny sob reached the ears of the man, causing his smile to get a little bit bigger.

The man reached over and opened the huge wire enclosure that was barely containing the small pack of rottweilers.

The man leaned back onto one of the many concrete pillars and smirked before shouting, "Go get 'em boys!"

The dogs raced forwards, four attacking Jack and three more going after Samantha. She screamed as a dog bit her hand, tearing open her skin.

Jack, too, roared in pain as one dog shook his leg in his mouth, ripping his jeans and piercing his skin.

Martin entered the house stealthily, creeping around corner, gun in hand. Hearing many cries of pain emitting from the basement, Martin started down the stairs. Approaching the door, Martin heard the sound of dogs barking. He frowned, reaching out slowly to open the door.

What he saw in the basement churned his stomach. There were so many dogs in the small space. Watching as the dogs attacked Jack and Sam, Martin snapped out of it, holding his gun and firing at the dogs, hitting several. Now that he had made so much noise, Martin had attracted the attention of Erik.

Martin turned to the doorway as he heard Erik's steps thundering towards him. Martin was surprised when Erik didn't turn into the basement, but instead raced out of the house. Martin was about to give chase, but stopped when he saw Viv cuffing Erik's hands firmly behind his back.

Two Weeks Later

Jack sighed as he pulled his suit on, careful to avoid the various bruises and dog bites layering his body. He did up his tie, straightening it in the mirror. Kevin was living with his aunt while Erik was facing various charges. He wouldn't get out of jail for a very long time.

Jack forced himself to stop thinking about work and concentrate on his date with Sam.

He had to admit, although life can throw you curveballs, most of the time things turned out alright.

Giving himself another check in the mirror, Jack grabbed his car keys and headed out.

"Yes," he thought to himself, "Life is good."