Valentines Day oh how Karin hated the day. There was no point to it. Giving chocolate, flowers,and jewelry what kind of holiday was that? Hoildays shouldn't be wasted on something as stupid as Valentines Day. She hated it to the point that when she sees anything that has to do with it she wants to puke.

"Ugh chocolate, flowers,and jewlery what a waste of a holiday!" she spurted out after looking at all the heart shaped chocolates shown from the school stores window.

Some thought she was jealous of girls like Ino and Hinata because of the fact they got those things. Well they're wrong. She didn't want to be loved,she just didn't want love to have a holiday. It was as stupid as jumping into a yard of angry pitbulls when you're dressed up as a steak.

Eventually she was approached by a hunk of a boy who obviously wanted to say something but before he did he ran off. This shocked her because the boy was the usually confident Sasuke who's surrounded by girls.

Later in the day she went into her locker to find some roses, hersey kisses,and a heart pendant. The flowers came with a note that read:


Sorry about earlier today, I didn't know what got a hold of me. I think shyness just over took my body. Please accept these flowers and presents as a symbol of my affection. I know this isn't like me but I couldn't help it.



Maybe Valentines day wasn't a stupid holiday afterall.