Never thought I'd be breaking the rules blatantly like this... but here is a concluding author's note. It is what little solace I can offer.

I'm going to be completely honest. I didn't see this particular end of The Boy and the Sea Dragon coming until it smacked me in the face. The hardest part as an author - and lover of happy endings - is writing something that is painful but you cannot work around. Maybe I could have had Spock go into super Vulcan warp-speed and break Bones' fall... but no, I couldn't swallow that scenario. Then the nasty sea dragon smiled at me and said, "I win." Harsh but true.

The good news is that I do see a potential sequel... but it's going to take a lot more than Spock and Bones to save Jim. (I am not even sure at this point if Bones survives.) There is a glimpse of Spock!Prime appearing on the scene. But where's Jim? I do not know.

I absolutely adore my faithful readers. Seriously. I wouldn't keep coming back with fics if I knew that no one cared. So in breaking your hearts with an unpleasant ending, I break my own.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that a sequel does enlighten my brain. Until then, you all are more than welcome to imagine your own. Preferably with the bad guy paying dearly for his crimes and facing down an enraged trio...

Much love,


PS: As of 12/27/10, there is now officially a sequel - The Man and the Memory.