"Hey guys!" Mr. Schue walked enthusiastically into the bright colored room and grinned.

"Hey." Everyone grumbled.

"Hello Mr. Schue." Rachel grinned excitedly at her teacher.

"Hello Rachel." He responded.

"What's up with all the hype Mr. Schue?" Finn smiled.

"Everyone, I have some very exciting news to give you." Mr. Schue started.

"Are you going to creep us out again with your personal life?" Santana rolled her eyes and flipped her ponytail.

"No Santana, this actually applies to you guys." he sighed at the tan cheerleader. "Yesterday I was fortunate enough to meet Kelly Wainright who is the assistant of Gustavo Rocque of Rocque Records! She told me that he is actually scouting for talent right here in Lima and we are more than welcomed to try out."

Everyone's faces lit up and they all gasped, smiled, and high-fived each other.

"Gustavo Rocque? Is he like an opera dude?" Puck asked dimly, un-amused by the news.

Rachel shot him a daring glance and frowned. "Gustavo Rocque is one of the most accredited music producers of the 90s!"

"My favorite song of his is Girl to my Heart. It's a classic." Kurt stated pompously as Mercedes laughed obnoxiously at him.

"Girl to my heart heart heart!" Sam sang randomly and made others burst out laughing.

"Yeah, but he hasn't had a hit for like nine years." Mercedes giggled. Everyone, with the exception of Rachel, chuckled at this statement.

"So Mr. Schue, how did you meet her?" Quinn quietly asked the curly-haired teacher.


Doo doo doo...One Day Before...

"Terri, you can't keep sabotaging my life! Leave glee club alone!"Will yelled at his ex frustratingly. He grabbed the attention of some of the store's customers, including an anticipated African American woman.

"Will, I'm sorry that you couldn't appreciate me when you had me, but that is no reason for you to come here to my work and cause a scene." Terri responded snobbily.

"But it's ok for you to do that to me?"He tried to control himself from shouting.

"Excuse me ,but I couldn't help but overhear-"the woman started to speak up.

"Then don't." Terri looked piercingly at the girl.

"Hmmm. You know, I have some connections and I can easily get you fired so I suggest you to not talk to me like that. Also, leave this man alone and quit trying to control his life." the woman put her hands on her hips and squinted her eyes at Terry who became speechless. "Now, can you do your job and find me these special bath salts that give 'the aroma of victory'?"

Terri sighed, her nostrils flaring, and then suddenly walked off into a different direction.

"Uh, thanks. Sorry about my ex she is kind of-"

"Don't worry about it. I have to deal with people like her all the time." The dark skinned woman laughed. "I'm Kelly, Kelly Wainright." Kelly held out her hand for a handshake.

"Will Schuester." he smiled at her.

"So...what's all this about a glee club?"

Bum Buh!...Present...

"Let's just say she saved me from a lot of trouble." Everyone looked at each other in confusion as Mr. Schue laughed.

"Is Mr. Schue going crazy?" Brittany asked Santana dimwittedly.

"Anyways, your assignment for this week is to find and perfect your audition song." he gesticulated.

"She gave me the inside scoop that a newfound boy band will be there to give their advice to Gustavo and they may even visit our school today. So, solos, duets, groups, it doesn't matter. But just remember that this can be your ticket to stardom. "

Grins spread on each and every one of their faces. "Ok, go and enjoy the rest of your lunch!" Everyone hooted and cheered as they all walked off to eat.

Rachel was left behind in the room by the club and Mr. Shue. She was acquaintances with mostly everyone in glee, but she did not have simply, a friend. Finn considered himself her friend but, she knew in her heart that even he could not fully understand her. She sat there lonely in her chair, taking out her baked ziti she made at home, and slowly started to nibble on the food in the silent room.

After she ate, Rachel sat at the piano and depressingly hit a few notes out of boredom. Her head lay rested on her hand, tangling in her hair. She sighed and suddenly straightened up.

"Well, I should at least practice for the audition. Even though I hardly need it, I don't want to waste any time." she raised her head proudly and flicked her hair around her shoulder. She started playing "On My Own" from the seminal-musical classic Les Mis.

Ahhh...Meanwhile In the Hallway...

"Dudes! We haven't been to a small town school in forever!" a tan boy in a black helmet yelled in the hall. His smile gave off the effect that of puppy dog eyes. You could just faint at the sight of him.

"Actually it's been one year, three months, two weeks, five days, two-point-five hours and uh thirty six seconds. Ohp! Make that forty." A light skinned guy with short, black hair stated. He smirked showing his long, sweet dimples on the sides of his face.

"Guys, guys, we're here to scout for talent! Remember, we were once in some of these kids' shoes. Now, we all need to spread out-" a tall, blonde boy with gentle eyes said, trying to calm the two down. His hair gently lying on his forehead, barely covering his thick eyebrows. He looked to his side to see another boyy who is just focused on himself, fixing his newly dark hair with a lucky comb. The teenager started walking into people and even pushing some out of the way.

"James...James..." the light haired boy tried to get the self-absorbed one's attention. "James!" the blonde teen shouted, frightening 'James'.

"Kendall! Why'd you scare me?" he whined.

"Stop admiring yourself and scout!" Kendall commanded. James's eyes suddenly went wide with excitement and looked into the "camera". Model music unexpectedly started playing in the background and James gave a pout of the lips and a squint of the eyes, shading his eyes with his hand pretending to search for something.

"James." the three boys said in synchronization, breaking James's concentration and creating a record ripping sound in the background.

"Fine! I'll go scout!" James threw his arms up dramatically and walked harshly down the hallway, to the right.

Oh oh Ooh OH...

"Scout James! Scout!" James walked violently down the hall, imitating Kendall in a high pitched voice. All of the sudden, he heard a soft melody coming from a room.

In the rain the pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river...

"What is that?" he stopped in his tracks and turned his head to the side. He crouched down a bit and crept silently to the clear window to see where the tune was coming from. He saw an olive-skinned girl playing softly on the piano and singing harmoniously.

He is gone, the river's just a river
Without him the world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere
The streets are full of strangers

As he turned the door handle, the girl's head perked up and looked to the door.

"Quick! Super-Model Spy Prince!" James quickly slammed his back to the wall, avoiding the window. When he heard the soft melody continue, he listened close up to the door.

I love him
But every day I'm learning
All my life I've only been pretending
Without me his world will go on turning

Slowly, he leaned over to see through the window but lost his balance. As he fell, he grabbed onto the door handle for aid but it did him no good. His face slid against the handle and he felt a sting across his cheek.

A world that's full of happiness
That I have never known-

The door opened wide and he still had his grasp on the handle."My face!" James quickly tried to twist his body around to save his features which made his back crash onto the hard, marble floor of the large room.

"Oh my god! Are you ok?" the girl quickly went to his aid as he looked at her upside down from the floor.

"Is my face ok?" James looked pitifully at the innocent girl.

"W-well, you have a scratch-"

"WHAT?" James swiftly jumped up and took out his mirror, his eyes showing horror when he looked into the mirror and saw a small scratch on his right cheek. "NOOO!" he threw himself onto his knees and looked up at the ceiling. "And my hair..." he cried.

"Don't panic! I can help!" the girl screeched.

"Really?" James's worry rapidly disappeared and he looked up at the terrified girl.

She hurried to a small office and ruffled through everything in the room. She ran quickly back out where James was with a wet towel and a first aid kit.

"Don't move!" she orderd. James froze with a pout of the lips and stared into the abyss. The girl took the towel and patted it gently on his scratch. James flinched but quickly went back to pouting.

A couple of seconds went by which was filled with silence, until James spoke up.

"Thanks." he eyed the girl who was taking care of him. He didn't realize before because he was too busy focusing on himself, but this girl was actually sort of beautiful.

"You are very welcome."She smilesd sweetly at him. "May I ask you your name?" she asked while applying an antibiotic.

"James, Diamond that is." he lowered his voice to a more manly tone which made her laugh. "And yours?" James looked dreamily up at her.

"Rachel. Rachel Berry."