Sara Tudor, Duchess of Buckingham.

Charles Brandon was called to the king's presence and he complied. When he got there he found Anthony Knivert was there too.

Your majesty- he said- I am here as you asked me to be. What's wrong?

Charles, I've been thinking who could fill the position that the duke of Buckingham left free. And then it came to my mind, since I am giving my sister Margaret away I shall have my other sister near me.

Sara? Isn't she too young to handle a whole state? if I may say your majesty

Indeed Charles, but I trust our good friend Anthony here to help her with that.

Of course your majesty, anything you want- Anthony answered. By the math they could made Sara must be about fifteen and they expected to see an innocent little girl, but when the doors opened they revealed a beautiful woman followed by single lady in waiting that looked a lot younger.

Hello your majesty- she said giving a dirty look at Charles and that single look confirmed it was in fact Sara, she never had liked Charles; she often had said she hated him.

Please we're among friends, you know you can call me brother.- Henry said and gave her a hug

I did not want to risk it, a lot of heads had been rolling lately and I like mine exactly where it is.

My lady, it's an honour to have you here.- Charles said

Thank you Mr. Brandon, it's only a shame I cannot say the same about you.

Sara, please...- Henry said

I apologize Mr. Brandon. So what do I owe the honour of being called here?

As you know the duke of Buckingham has been... stripped of his duties and we are in need of another person who can take over the charge... now I cannot trust anyone better than my own family for this, so I am making you duchess of Buckingham sister...

Duchess? But I... as you wish your majesty.

Now I do not doubt your ability for this, however I'm entrusting someone to administer you assets. Anthony, can I trust you to be my sister's guardian?

His majesty can trust that I would give my life to guard that of his sister. - Sara stared at Anthony as he bowed to her and Henry, but looked always as he rose up.

Does this mean I get to move in to court?

Well, only if you want to. Though I would love to have you here, it would be nice to have my other sister around, since I'm giving Margaret's hand in marriage.

What? To who?

The king of Portugal.

Henry he's a decrepit old man. You don't suppose Margaret is going know- Henry laughed hysterically

Would you take her place then?

Oh God no! - Henry laughed and so did Charles and Anthony. But the later stopped at Sara's disdainful look

If you may excuse brother I would like to speak to our sister...- Sara bowed to the king and he lowered his head in sign of improvement. Charles and Anthony bowed to her and she left the throne room followed by her lady in waiting. Henry got up from his throne and with a gesture he asked Anthony and Charles to join him in his private chambers.

I can't believe I just talked to my little sister. She does not look little at all- said Henry still astonish by the encounter with Sara.

How old is his majesty's sister? - asked Charles trying to keep his curiosity hidden from the king.

Fifteen, but she looks much older, doesn't she?- answered Henry

Indeed. Oh Anthony is very lucky he'll get to share all that time alone with her.- Henry laughed hysterically

Sara grew up with Arthur, if you do not remember Charles. All that Arthur lacked in strength she had it, and all she lacked in sensitivity well... you'll never get her Anthony.

You're majesty must be careful or I might accept the challenge.- said Anthony to which Henry's smile evaporated

Must you not forget, Sir Anthony that is my sister you are talking about; a princess.

I apologize your majesty- said Anthony but he had upset Henry deeply. The king sent both of them away and stayed alone to receive the visit of Anne Boleyn

Both Charles and Sara were invested on the same day and during the whole ceremony they exchange dirty looks. By that afternoon Margaret was supposed to leave for Portugal.

Oh sister, I wish that I could come with you- said Sara to her moaning older sister

There's no need- answered Margaret whipping her tears with her gown's sleeve- I can only pray to God that he shows himself more kind to you and allows you to be betrothed to a more pleasant man.

Margaret, you and I both know I'll never be married.

You will, I know Henry won't allow you to be unmarried and he'd rather marry you himself before sending you to a nunnery. – They both laughed at the incestuous thought, but a knock on the door broke the sudden halo of joy.

Madame, it's time.- Margaret stood up with her head held up high and walked to the door but as she got to the threshold she stopped and looked back at Sara.

Would you come with me sister? I want to see you face as I say farewell to my beloved England.

Of course Margaret, I promise you I will be the last face you see on this land.

Henry was waiting in the throne room with Charles, both Margaret and Sara kneeled before Henry and then Sara stepped back and stood next to Anthony and William Compton.

My lady - both of them said

Gentlemen- she answered but she looked troubled and Anthony noticed.

Is everything all right Madame? You seem a bit disturbed- he said

A bit? I have a terrible feeling about all of this; I don't trust him Mr. Knivert.

Charles is a loyal subject to his majesty. I'm sure he'll do as it was commanded- Sara looked up to Anthony sweetly

You put too much trust in people Mr. Knivert that I'm afraid one day you'll be disappointed, and your heart would be irremeably broken.

My heart is long broken Madame, for it desires with all it is, the one person it can't have. - The moment was broken by the sign that Henry was realising Charles and Margaret so they could go.

As the party was getting ready to leave to the docks, Sara was ready to join them but Henry intervened.

Where do you think you're going?- he said

To the docks, to say farewell to my sister

You already said farewell here

But Henry I promised her I would...

I'm not going to let you ride to the docks all by yourself and returned here. And I don't need to explain myself to you I'm still you king and if that isn't enough, your older brother.