Musical Meme

Chapter IX


'Missundaztood' - Pink

Lyrical inspiration:

I might be the way everybody likes to say
I know what you're thinking about me
There might be a day you might have a certain way
But you don't in my luxuries
And it's me, I know I know my name
Everything I want I always do
Lookin' for the right track
Always on the wrong track
But all you're catchin' are these tracks that I'm
Layin' down for you

It's not that complicated I'm just misunderstood

Ratchet glanced up from his datapad as the doors to the medbay slid open, revealing a limping Ironhide who was followed (much to the CMO's dismay) by the Lamborghini twins, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. His eyes roved disapprovingly over the three mechs before he stood from his desk, tossing the datapad back into the appropriate drawer. He approached Ironhide, eyeing his obviously injured leg in exasperation as it leaked energon all over his pristine white floor.

"What have you done now, you afthead?"

Ironhide huffed an indignant sigh through his vents, hauling himself up onto one of the berths before supplying simply, "Sparring with Bumblebee."

"Why do I not find myself at all surprised?" Ratchet grunted, before eyeing the twins warily, "And why are you here?"

"The boss-man asked us to 'escort' lughead here down to the bay, because he was refusing to go," Sideswipe responded as Ratchet gave Ironhide's somewhat mangled leg a once-over.

"This will sure make it hard for them to have any fun in the berth anytime soon," Sunstreaker snickered, elbowing his twin slightly and wiggling his optic ridges suggestively.

"Do you not have something better to do, you little critons?" Ratchet grumbled as he popped the armor plates on Ironhide's leg open.

"…Maaaybe," Sideswipe appeared thoughtful for a moment, and Ratchet snorted sardonically.

"Good. Now, get out."

"Hoo," Sunstreaker laughed, "You're in a mood today, Ratch."

"Out. Of. My. Medbay," Ratchet ground out, not even bothering to spare a sidelong glance at the twins as he worked at the bolts in Ironhide's leg. He did not have the patience to deal with those two today… Or any day, for that matter.

"Somebody got up on the wrong side of the berth," Sideswipe mumbled to his twin, who snickered in response.

"Maybe he just needs to be 'faced," Sunstreaker offered helpfully.

"Get OUT!" Ratchet roared

"Primus, you're mean!" Sunstreaker quipped, giving Ratchet a rude sign with his finger.

"Awh, Sunny," Sideswipe pretended to pout; "Ratch isn't mean! He's just misunderstood."

Ratchet was positively seething, a venomous glare plastered across his features as he finally looked up from Ironhide's injury at the twins.

"Pffft! Misunderstood my aft. And he wonders why mechs form mean opinions of him before they even have the misfortune of wandering into his medbay…," Sunstreaker mumbled, making a beeline for the double doors.

"That's why we call him Ratchet the Hatchet," Sideswipe supplied, assuming Ratchet couldn't hear him as he scuttled out the doors behind his twin.

But the CMO heard perfectly. He waited until they were a good distance down the corridor before he stepped out of the medbay, wiping his hands on a rag and sliding an autobot-sized wrench from his subspace pocket and into his deft fingers.

Ratchet flipped the wrench over in his hand a few times, seemingly testing the weight before he pulled his arm back and snapped it forward so fast that Ironhide was hardly able to see the motion. The wrench went spinning through the air with transcendent speed and accuracy. The weapons specialist winced slightly as the tell-tale CLANG! attested to the CMO's flawless aim and he watched as Sideswipe fell forward with a pained yelp, rolling twice and impacting the back of Sunstreaker's knee struts, effectively taking him down as well.

"Primus…," Ironhide mumbled as Ratchet reentered the medbay, "Remind me never to piss you off."

Ratchet grumbled.