AN: Another fic. This one will be a short-chaptered one to avoid total lack of inspiration and new ideas...So enjoy! :)

Chapter One

Look at him. Just fucking look at him, with that dumb ol' grin on his face and his chin held up high…I bet he's bragging. I fucking bet that kid's bragging about something! Well, I knew Naruto Uzumaki well enough to figure that one out real quick, before I even tried to take a whiff at the evening air outside and smell his testosterone booming at higher levels than usual. It disgusted me, so I didn't bother to piss myself off even more. Instead I tried to see him in a different light; her light…But I just wasn't able to. I was kinda blind, in that department. There was just nothing I found to be attractive about Naruto, even when I tried my very hardest to imagine myself as a girl who was…Ugh, dare I say it? Attracted to that dumb blonde. Maybe there was just something wrong with Hinata Hyuga. Maybe she needed glasses, or the realization that his pubes were probably just as bright blonde as the hair on his head. I was sure that the last one was enough to make most girls in Konoha barf, but obviously, not Hinata…

Did she even have a damn gag reflex? How did she not wanna puke up her half-digested cinnamon buns every time he bent over too hard and his eyesore-orange pants ripped wide open?

…Oh wait, that was just me. Minus the cinnamon buns. But hey, beef jerky doesn't taste so good either when it's being forced up your system and out your mouth like some kind of gooey-geyser from hell. However, I'd throw up only when I was exposed to Naruto's farting; not really his Christmas-tree-green boxers. It had happened a few times before, though, luckily, not in a long while. Over the years, I learned to carry a clothes-pin in my pocket to protect my nose from him. If only I could do the same for Akamaru…His snout was just too big to be clipped shut. But maybe I could just make him one. Maybe, as soon as I was done taking care of Hinata's injured leg.

I reached over the laundry machine she sat on and shut the blinds behind her. Naruto was out there with Sakura Haruno, his girlfriend of about a year. I didn't want to see him, and neither did I want Hinata to. She was hurt enough already from knowing he only liked her as a friend, despite how much of her life she spent idolizing him, loving him, praising him, looking up to him, ignoring my efforts, not noticing me, treating me like the invisible mutt-dog that I was-…

…Yeah, you get the point already.


"Shit, sorry." I practically jumped at hearing her tiny voice. It wasn't that Hinata scared me. It was just that I was afraid of accidentally hurting her. See, I wasn't exactly built to do delicate work like taking care of that giant gash on her pretty little shin. Every day now for the past week, I was having to wrap it and unwrap it for her, wash it with a mild soap I bought myself, apply an ointment, and make sure the stitching didn't make her skin swell or leak an excess amount of pus…But only because I wanted to take care of her and loved doing it anyway, no matter how hard I had to work trying to be gentle and careful. It just wasn't in my nature. I was more of the rough and reckless kind of guy. But with Hinata, people would swear not to recognize me as the same person. She'd render me into a soft, pathetic, warm puddle of goop…Though, things were okay like that. Hinata was the only person I could be downright affectionate with either way.

"It's fine, don't worry…" She smiled shyly up at me. "I think my skin is just starting to pull a little around the scabbing when I move this leg."

"Oh, do you want me to put lotion on it, if the ointment isn't helping?"

"No no, it's okay. The ointment is helping a lot to soften up the scabs…Hm, you do such a good job taking care of me, Kiba-Kun."

My heart practically leaped at that, and even more at the way she uttered my name so sweetly. It was like music to my ears.

"Thanks." I beamed, scratching the back of my head. " I um…I like taking care of you, Hinata."

Hinata blushed as her smile widened. I think I did too, judging by the heat that rose to my face and the way we both laughed before looking away from each other. I soon forgot why I was mad in the first place. I knew it was about Naruto, but it seemed so unworthy to think about him while Hinata was with me. She made me happy. I should have strived a little harder to remember that in times like these.

"I don't understand why some people complain when you have to manage their injuries…" She added after a brief, nervous silence. "You're so gentle and attentive…I really can't imagine why anyone would be put off by that."

Gentle and attentive? Hinata really thought so?

"Erm, I'm not really like this with anyone else…" I confessed, taking the tube of ointment from her. "Like, if a guy is hurt on a mission and I have to take care of any of his wounds, it's kinda awkward so I always wanna do it as quick as possible, y'know?"

Hinata nodded.

"So that usually doesn't go well cuz I might be too fast to treat him properly. And if it's a girl, she'll usually be glaring at me the whole time so I get kinda uncomfortable. Eh, it's like that with guys, I guess…" I shrugged, squeezing the tube over my fingertip. "First-aide just isn't fun for us. Someone always has to be accused of either being gay or a pervert; it's really annoying sometimes, but not as annoying as having people complain after a job not being done as well as it could be. But whatever. At least you don't give me problems like that."

Hinata was a good sport about having me clean up her battle-wounds. She did always get shy in the beginning, and still would when I had to handle anything close to intimate on her body, but nevertheless, she was a good sport about it all. Maybe because I was her closest friend and knew her longer than anyone else. I hoped for a little something more, but then again, I couldn't be too greedy. I was already getting to touch her and look after her. That was perfect just by itself, right?

"Of course…" She smiled, watching me massage the ointment into her wound. "I know you're not a pervert…"

True, I wasn't a total horndog, but sometimes I did have a bit of a concentration problem while working with Hinata's injuries; especially right now, with her silk-smooth, milky legs exposed to my sight. They seemed to glimmer a bit under the dim light of my laundry-room. I knew this was due to the incredible job of waxing she'd do on herself; better than the other kunoichi of Konoha. And though sometimes Hinata had tiny cuts near her ankles and knees from occasionally shaving, I still thought her legs were absolutely gorgeous, feeling more like rich velvet of the Gods to me than mundane human flesh.

I took a new roll of bandage wrap, almost sad to cover up part of her slim, creamy-pale leg. It was too sexy to be put away, in my opinion. She should have worn shorts more often outside of her house and my own here. "Yeah. You won't see me sneaking peaks of girls at the hot-springs or shit like that."

"Oh my, I just remembered…" She eased her calf into the palm of my hand. They fit together perfectly. "Naruto-Kun used to peep on the other girls when we were younger…"

Hinata's smile faded slightly. I noticed and my heart instantly dropped with dismay at the thought of her still loving that worthless Uzumaki-bastard. How could she? She deserved so much more of a man than him!

"Oh, Naruto-Kun…" She sighed softly, more to herself than me. "I wasted so much time…So, so much time…"

I gave her a brief moment of silence before questioning her words. "…On what?"

"Hm?" Hinata lifted her delicate face. Awareness filled up her eyes again when she saw me. But she drooped with glum soon after. "Oh, it's nothing…"

"You can tell me…" I watched her expressions as I bandaged her wound. "I can keep a secret, Hinata. You know that, right?"

She kept staring at me with those pleading, lilac-grey eyes I found so hard to detach myself from. We just held a solid gaze together; a very tense, intimate, solid gaze. I could tell Hinata was scanning me. She searched for a reason to open up her heart and let her emotions be known. But wasn't it reason enough that I was madly in love with her?

…If only she knew.

I put her finished leg down and came forward, lightly pressing against the edge of the laundry machine, keeping a distance far enough to keep our bodies separated but close enough to feel each other's heat. Our energies mingled between us. Our breath entwined as one. I could feel the warmth hers brought, like a soft, teasing caress brushing past my lips and into my mouth. I could smell her anxiety and see the tenseness in her shoulders as they hunched up slightly, her cheeks being tinged by a nervous pink.

"You can tell me anything, okay?" I lowered my voice, maintaining our level privacy and knowing how close we were to a touch. "I'm not gonna judge you or think anything bad of you, don't worry…"

Hinata hesitated for only a second longer.

"…You swear?" She whispered.

"I swear."

After a brief moment she had of pondering, she finally dropped her shoulders, along with her head. Hinata was able to relax but found her thoughts to be unpleasant by the way she refused to look at me anymore.

"I hate myself because of everything I felt for Naruto-Kun." She silently confessed. "I wasted my time on him. I should have either told him how I felt a lot earlier than I did, because maybe I would have had a better chance sooner, or I should have just found someone else to take my mind off of him…But instead, I wasted such a great deal of my time and on the stupidest of things…I would worry about him, and if he were looking at me. I'd put in extra effort on my appearance to be pretty for him. I'd dream of him. I'd get lost in my own imagination…But in the end, it was for nothing. Naruto-Kun never stopped loving Sakura-Chan…He let me down gently, but-…It still hurt a lot. It broke my heart, as dumb as that sounds."

I shook my head in disagreement, furrowing my brows in curiosity as I tried to see the look in her eyes. I didn't dare brush her hair out of them and cross the friend-boundaries, though. There was just that fine line I wasn't sure that I could tread across.

"He was my first love…He was my only." Hinata quietly continued. "I was never able to love anyone else…And now, it's too hard to, because every man that could have loved me in the past was completely ignored by me, because I was so brainwashed over my love for Naruto-Kun…I just want to forget about him…I want someone to love me, so I can give that someone what I never got from Naruto-Kun: Love. All I want is exactly that…Love. I'm tired of being lonely. I understand that I can never have Naruto-Kun, no matter how much I wanted him before…Now I just want someone who can make me happy, who can love me, and who I can do the same for back. That's the most I can get out of my life, because Naruto-Kun was out of the question from the very start. I see that now…I see how stupid I was before…"

Hinata finally looked at me. Her big, sad eyes had a soft sheen to them. She was near crying. If she did, however, I knew I'd be very capable of kissing away any tears she'd shed to calm her…But I knew I couldn't. I was torn about what I could do, knowing there wasn't very much at all. Hinata wasn't mine to comfort. She wasn't mine to please. She wasn't mine for me to take her mind off of Naruto…And if she was, I would have been making love to her at this very moment, giving her everything she wanted and needed from a man.

I yearned for someone to love, just like Hinata. I craved her to love. Was it really too much to ask for? I was practically dying to be her slave! Her fucking slave of passion! Hell, it wasn't like I wanted her just for sex and a good blowjob. I could get that from a lot of girls, and I had many, many times before. The thing was that I wanted Hinata to love her. When I'd think about us two together, I hardly ever thought about her pleasing me; most of the time, I'd just lay in my bed and imagine myself pleasing her instead, giving her all of my love, giving it to her for hours and hours on end. I gave a crap about Hinata. I wanted her. I loved her. I could see us together as a couple, a family, a damn match as soul mates for eternity.

…But I just couldn't have her, out of all the things I could do. I really doubted that Hinata would have wanted me. Sure, a lot of people had to settle for second-best in life, but I was-…Aw damn it, I was at the bottom of the food-chain! Who was I kidding? Hinata was an absolute princess, while I was-…

…Well…Kiba. Wild, cocky, hot-tempered Kiba, more of a mutt than any kind of prince that that lovely girl needed for herself.

Eh, I was pretty much a beast while Hinata was the beauty. That's the best way to sum things up.

"Oh c'mon, you're not stupid…" I rubbed her upper arm tenderly. "You were just young and a girl in love. Love can really blind a person…It's not your fault, Hinata. All you need to do is quit blaming yourself and find someone who'll love you for who you are. You're twenty and have the years you lost on Naruto as experience. You can do it."

"But how? I'm such a nervous, babbling, stuttering, blushing mess and-"

"Who's also smart, pretty, loving," I cut her off before she could go any further. "Loyal, understanding, fair, and who has a heart of gold. A good guy isn't gonna give a shit that you're a little shy sometimes…He's gonna give a shit that he loves you and you love him and that you two belong together."

We did belong together. Why couldn't she see that?

"Easier said than done." Hinata sighed. "I can't just find a guy like that out of nowhere."

"No, but you can look at what you've already found…"

She furrowed her brows with confusion. I guessed that I needed to explain it a little further for her to get it, but I needed to explain without giving myself away so soon.

"Look at the guys you already know." I leaned off of the laundry machine, helping her jump down from it. "Would you be willing to try a relationship with any of them? Cuz our friends are great guys, and I guarantee a lot of them would wanna give it a shot with you."

Hinata didn't seem to believe me. She scoffed softly and crossed her arms, shrugging her shoulders at me. It almost looked like she was appointing me, in some way; like she wanted to know what I thought of her. It was a barely noticeable gesture from body-language, but I understood it. "Like who?"

I kept myself vague, however, still doubting that Hinata would ever want me of all people. "Uhh…I dunno…" I looked off to the side, pretending to really think about other options as I propped my hand onto the machine, shifting my weight there. "I mean um…I would, yeah, but I'm sure other guys that've known you for like, ever, would too…"

Okay, so maybe I didn't do a very good job being vague. Hinata caught that one right away and blushed at me, widening her eyes in shock. I could have sworn I heard her angelically-high voice give a gasp. Did it really surprise her? It shouldn't have. I always tried to hint how I felt about Hinata, and the one time that I did the opposite, she did too!

Women…Go figure.

"O-o-oh, u-um…" She stuttered, becoming bright red down to as much of her chest as I could see. "Y-yes, um, maybe, since there are other guys I've known for um…Ever. Well, maybe a few…Erm, a couple…Any?"

No. I knew Hinata more than anyone else. I knew her from the inside out.

"I dunno…Shino? He was one of your first friends, right?"

"Oh, Shino-Kun…Yes, b-but-…He's too quiet…"

"Oh yeah, you like the loud type, huh? I should have figured that cuz of Naruto…"

Indeed Naruto was loud. But, so was I.

"Uhhh…" I thought again. "What about Lee? He's kinda-"

"Never!" Hinata shouted over me. "Oh my God, Kiba-Kun! Lee-Kun? Really, now? I'm not desperate!"

"Huh? What's wrong with Lee?"

Other than his freakishly huge eyes, the bowl hair-cut, that weird tone in his voice, basically everything about the way he looked…

"He's hideous!"

Exactly. I couldn't have said it any better myself.

"Oh wait," Hinata covered her mouth with one hand, reaching the other one out between us and shaking it. "Don't tell him I said that. Please. I didn't mean to. He's just not what I consider to be attractive."

"Hah, I won't." I laughed. "Don't worry, I'm with ya on that page…But are you picky, at all?"

"No, I don't think so…"

"So then…What do you like, physically?"

"I don't care too much about physical appearance, honestly."

"So someone decent is fine?"

"Of course."

"He doesn't have to be some kind of fashion-show runway model?"

Hinata finally managed to smile over her nervousness. "No!"

What a relief. I was able to ease her growing tensions with a little humor.

"I was just kiddin'." I grinned, crossing my arms. "Let's see…Who else? What about Shikamaru?"

"He's quiet, remember?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot you don't like quiet…Okay then…Uhh…I dunno, what about me?"

It took a lot, but I forced those words right out of me, finally, all while keeping my cool and looking as smooth as ever. (Well, at least I hoped). I knew what was at stake…My friendship with Hinata, my pride, my reputation, and my nuts if this was upsetting enough to make her kick me there. Maybe, just maybe by the way I saw that leg of hers move.

…Oh wait, no, Hinata was collapsing!

"Hinata!" I crashed onto my knees, grabbing a hold of her before she could hit the painfully hard floor. But luckily, she fell onto the comfort of my lap, and into the protection of my arms. I got to hold Hinata against me and feel the softness of her touch, only leaving her eggplant hair to fall all around us and spread over the ground. "You okay?"

By the look on her face, it appeared as if she were about to faint. Her eyes were glazed over, her brows were knit together and upwards, while her cheeks remained embarrassingly red and her lips parted. Hinata was wobbly as well. I realized I was supporting her entire weight, and simultaneously closing the distance between our bodies. She accepted my advances no matter how unknown they felt to us both.


I heard my voice hush itself into a mere whisper as I took in how close our faces were. I could feel her breath again. I could smell the enticingly sweet, warm aroma of her mouth salivating. Mine salivated as well. I was aching to kiss her. I-…I couldn't stop myself anymore. Hinata and I were just drawing each other in, inch by inch, inch by inch until-…


She became speechless. Something silenced Hinata, and I found out exactly what when I felt her eyelashes sweep against my own.

…My lips. My lips were what rendered her silent.

I froze completely still, savoring the moment, afraid to let it slip away by time. It was-…It was beautiful, as if Hinata's body heat was entering me breath by breath, second by second into my mouth while my own filled hers with warmth. And we still stared at each other, unable to shut away the image of each other's eyes. I didn't grow one bit hesitant or one bit uncomfortable with those vast, lilac pearls being all I could see. They were beautiful. Beautiful, and pooling over with all the love in the world. To my relief, Hinata wasn't uneasy either. I could tell by how she further relaxed, like her body melted, molding against mine to cast into my shape. We became pieces of the same puzzle. We shared a single breath. What was mine was hers now and what was hers was mine as she gently rubbed her way up my chest, around my neck, embracing me in the slowest, most tender hold I had ever felt.

I touched Hinata's face and made sure she was real, doubting for a second that I wasn't just in another wonderful daydream about her. But I found her incredibly warm, baby-soft skin right beneath my fingertips along with my faith in the recent events of reality. This was real. I swore by the enamored look in Hinata's beautiful, crying eyes.