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It was fitting, really, that the sky was crying. She watched the raindrops fall, splashing into the puddles; listened to it hit the roof of her car while she sat, silent, staring.

He was gone.

The idiot had believed nothing could touch him. But something had, and now he was gone. Never coming back. Leaving her here, alone, lost.

He had somehow managed to handle the first Yin/Yang case, the second one he had scraped through, and the third…Who knew the third one would take him away from her forever?

She followed the path of one of the raindrops as it fell down her window, transfixed. It was calming, in a way. It numbed her, slowed her racing thoughts. She blinked, shaking her head to break herself from her stupor.

The idiot! The stupid, brave, moron. If she could, she would kill him right now for putting her through this. How dare he! How dare he leave her like this! It wasn't fair. Her head fell to the steering wheel, exhausted. Why, Shawn? Why did you leave me? The police had received the ultimatum: turn over Shawn or suffer a murder spree. And what did Shawn do? He had lost his protective detail and sacrificed himself. She hadn't expected Yin to beat him so badly. She had assumed his game would be purely psychological, but she was wrong, and each bruise she saw cut her like a knife.

So much had happened while Yin had held Shawn captive. More than the physical things she saw…She couldn't imagine undergoing the mental torture he had gone through. When she saw him, saw his eyes, they were so different. Not full of life, not twinkling in mischief, but flat…broken. His eyes had rested on her, and they were like a stranger's eyes.

When the police had finally found where he was being held and rushed the building, Yin was using him as a shield, his gun held against Shawn's head in warning. And Shawn didn't even seem to care. They pushed the boundary, her and the other officers. She had no clear shot, no way to get Shawn free from the monster.

And then the shot rang out.

And Yin fell to the floor, dead.

Lassiter had a coolly smug look, and she knew it was him who had taken the shot. She rushed to Shawn, enveloping him in a gentle, but fierce embrace, which he returned, almost in desperation. It was too short, though. After only a few seconds, his arms fell to the side, and she pulled back confused. He looked at her, running his fingers across her face, down her nose, tracing her features and looking at her like he was memorizing everything about her.

"Shawn!" Henry and Gus ran into the room, their yells mixing together, concern and relief clear in their faces and the tone of their voices. They rushed to him, enveloping him in their own embraces, and Juliet had seen tears running unashamedly down Gus' face.

Juliet stepped back from the group, watching Shawn. Something was wrong, something beyond the obvious. Shawn pulled away from the two of them, eyes roving over both his father's face and Gus' in the same way he had studied Juliet.

Lassiter stepped up, offering some sort of comment that Juliet hadn't heard. The old Shawn, the one she knew from before this incident, might have cracked a smile and said some sort of smart comment. This Shawn held his hand out for Lassiter to shake. Lassiter looked taken aback, but grasped his hand.

He had left the next day. Without saying goodbye...without saying he loved her one last time. He had left her.

It was a week later and Juliet knew she couldn't handle it. At first, she thought he would only be gone a few days. She had called his cell-phone and left a short message, saying she would be waiting for him when he returned, that she understood his need to escape. He hadn't called her back, or returned Gus or Henry's calls.

It was during their processing of the scene that they came across the camera, and it showed every moment of Shawn's torment and every single word that Yin said. She knew why he left now. Yin had used her, Gus, Henry, and Lassiter against him. Yin had told him he didn't deserve them, that he was nothing. When that didn't completely break him, Yin had turned to saying Shawn was going to kill them with his actions; that he was too careless, too self-absorbed, and it would get one of them killed. There was more; comment after comment that said Shawn had a target on his back because of his brilliance and that each person he got close to would be in danger. Insult after insult, dig after dig, wearing at Shawn until he couldn't take any more.

Watching that tape had been one of the hardest things she had ever done.

Juliet had a horrible feeling that Shawn wasn't planning on coming back. That he had left for good. Deep, deep down, she knew he wasn't coming back.

She sighed, looking at her phone that lay on the dashboard, thinking. Just because she had that awful feeling he would never return, it didn't mean she had to accept it without a fight. She grabbed her phone and dialed his number before she could think twice. It went straight to voicemail, which she expected. It had gone straight to voicemail when she had called him that first time. She wasn't even sure he still had his phone, but if he did, then he would keep it turned off so they couldn't trace it.

"Shawn…it's me. I…" She sighed, not even sure what to say. "I hope you're okay…no, I, uh, I know you're not. I wish you were here. I want to help. And…I need to see you; I miss you." She closed her eyes as she continued, trying unsuccessfully to block the images that her next comments brought up. "Shawn, I saw the, the tape. He wasn't telling the truth. Please, please come home. And if you're not ready for that yet, at least give me a call and let me know you're still alive. Please, Shawn. I love you."

She snapped the phone closed and continued to look out the window, watching the rain.

Maybe it was raining wherever Shawn was, too.

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