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Chapter 1: The Call

"Make sure that you are paying close attrition class because you will never know when there will be a pop quiz on this stuff" said Dr. Von Weber. 'Why do I have to know stuff like Math, Science, or even English when I don't plan on going on to college? I already have my dream job.' "Mr. Martin!" yelled Dr. Von Weber. "Yes s…sir?" stuttered Martin. "Please tell me what a kenning is and give me three examples of it." "Ok ….. Um….." Beep-Beep. Beep- Beep. "Young man first you don't pay attention and disrupt my class and now your phone is on?" said Dr. Von Weber furious now. "No sir that was my watch." Explained Martin. "Well I don't care what it was it is disrupting my class go to the principal's office NOW!" screamed Dr. Von Weber. "Okay that is fair" Martin said standing up. 'That is fine with me then it gives me the chance to get Diana and go find the portal and get to the center.'

-At Beverly Hills University-

"I am so glad that today was a half day otherwise we would not have had any time to clean up the house!" exclaimed Sam. "Ya and so far no call from Jerry." Said an astonished Alex. Just before Clover could say something their television moved out of the way and all three of them were sucked into a tunnel. "So much for no call you should have said no woops form Jerry." said Clover.

-At Kadic Academy-

"Hey Jer what is up? Anything new with Xana?" Odd questioned. "No Xana has been quite so far. I'm glad too cuz it gives me time to work on the program to free Franz Hopper." Explained Jeremy "Well that is good news especially for Aelita she will be happy if you can finish the program and free her father. Well just an FYI we are going to go watch a movie at Yumi's house that way when you get to a stopping point you can join us.' Odd told Jeremy the added jokingly "Aelita will probably want to cuddle with you if you hurry." With that Odd left Jeremy's room and went off to find Ulrich. Just as Odd and Ulerich got to Yumi's house and she opened the door Odd's phone rang. It was Aelita "Odd where are you?" "I'm at Yumi's house with Ulrich why? What is wrong Princess?" "Get Yumi and all three of you hurry and get to the factory Jeremy and I will meet you there" explained Aelita. "We are on our way" Odd replied. As he hung up the phone all three of them raced off to the woods.

-At the Leaf Village-

~Burp~ "Man that was so good. Thank you for finally agreeing to go on a date with me." 'I can't believe this it is just like a dream' "I have always loved you. But I was blinded by Sasuke's good looks. Oh I almost forgot it is time to wake up. NARUTO WAKE UP NOW!"

*Groggily* "Uh…Sakura?"

"Naruto get up and get dressed Shikamaru is waiting for us so we can find out what our next mission is." Sakura explained. "Ok I just have to put my jacket on and I will meet you at Grandma Tsunade's place." Naruto said jumping out of bed. "Well hurry up we have to get briefed NOW!" exclaimed Sakura. When Naruto was ready he and Sakura sprinted off to find out what their mission was.

*The next set of events happen simotanlsy*

MOM: You are to team up with three other teams that are not from the center. There is a great evil coming and you need to meet them and work with them.

Jerry: There will be evil coming soon and these are the people that you will be fighting with and their names are Martin, Diana, Jeremy, Ulrich, Odd, Yumi, Aelita, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura. You will know and fight with them.

Jeremy: I got a warning saying that all the evil in the world will attack at once and I have a list saying who we will team up with and fight alongside with we will meet them in 30 days.

-At the Leaf Village-

Tsunade: Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru your mission is to go and train in prepeperation to fight all of the world's evil at once but there will be three other teams that you will help you save the world. You shall meet them in about 20 days. This is an S-ranked mission. I know that the three of you are ready for this. You may not tell anyone what you are going to go do or tell them where you are going. Pack what you need and you will be leaving within a week. "Where are we going?" all three ninja exclaimed excited to get away from the village. "You shall be going…


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