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Chapter 6: Covering Weakness's

Two days had passed and the heroes, Alex, Clover, Sam, Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Martin, Diana, Odd, Ulrich, Alita, Jermie, and Yumi, had finally landed in the Bermuda Triangle. "I can't wait to start training! This is going to be amazing!" exclaimed Naruto. "Wow what is wrong with him?" asked Odd "I don't know if I have ever seen anybody so excited to train." added Diana. "I have and that person is here in this group." Yumi pointed out. "Never mind about that we have to start training. It is time the villains know who they are messing with and stop terrizing the incent citizens that we protect." Ulrich said trying to pump everyone up. "I say we first divide up boys and girls then fight each other." Martin yelled as the others were starting to pair up to spar. "There is no way that I would beat up a girl who is on the same side as me!" yelled Naruto and Ulrich in unison, while their face was turning bright red. They yelled so loud that they scared Martin silly. "Here is what I think…" offered Diana "we should break up into two teams and practice with them and when we believe we can beat the other team we will have a small tournament." Sakura and Shikamaru agreed with Diana. "That is an amazing idea." Everyone else nodded in agreement. "So we need to mix the teams up so we can learn how to fight along with each other and cover up all of our weaknesses." instructed Sam. "On the first team we will have Alex, Odd, Naruto, Alita, Martin, and Yumi." Shikamaru announced. "And the second team will be made up of Ulrich, Sam, Jermie, Sakura, Diana, Clover, and myself." Shikamaru concluded. "We will stay on this side of the island and train." Naruto said then he continued "Maybe we will head north for a few miles that way there is plenty of space between the two teams so if we wind up destroying something it won't affect the other team." "That is fine. And just to be on the safe side we will go five miles south and train." Ulrich said. "We will meet back here in three weeks" commanded Shikamaru. "Come on! We can train and be done with this in three days!" exclaimed Naruto. When Naruto had said this everyone had a shocked expression on their face. "Stop being so foolish Naruto. If we have everybody train nonstop for three days strait then they would be to tired and mentally dead to fight." Sakura scolded then continued "So we will stick with the original plan we will meet up again in three weeks." "Fine." Naruto solemnly agreed then whispered to himself "But I'm going to do my training for three weeks strait. That way I'm still training the required amount of time but I'm getting more training done." Nobody had heard this except for Sakura and Odd. Odd looked over at Sakura and thought to himself 'Wow she is so beautiful… I have never felt this way about anyone before. My goal is by the time we are done fighting she will be my girlfriend.' After he thought this he realized that she wore an expression of worry. Odd walked over to her, leaned in and whispered in her ear "Don't worry too much about him I'll make sure that he takes it slow." Sakura focus her gaze at Odd, smiled and replied to him "Thank you. Please do that for me. And make sure that he doesn't get too mad." This statement had puzzled Odd and he didn't understand what she meant about Naruto not getting to mad. 'Maybe she meant that when he gets mad he doesn't listen to anyone that is talking to him. Or maybe he disappears. Whatever the reason is I'll watch out for him.' Odd thought to himself before he said to Sakura "No problem!" After that Odd turned to keep up with his group and start keeping an eye on Naruto. This started their training.

-POV Naruto-

As I walked ahead of the group, I looked back to see them taking their slow time. 'What are they doing? We got training to do!' I thought to myself as I watched them. I turned back to face the way I was walking and I clenched my fist, feeling the energy inside of me rising. 'Yes! I'm going to train for 3 days straight and learn a cool jutsu to blow those enemies away!' I happily thought as my fist pumped. "I'm going to be the strongest so that one day, I will be Hokage!" I shouted enthusiastically out at the island. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say." Odd lazily said. 'That little jerk! He reminds me of Sasuke with that tone of voice.' "This spot looks as good as any" I said angrily. "Let's set up camp to start off with then we can talk about a training schedule." Yumi instructed. "That sounds great then tomorrow we can start training at noon." Martin pitched in. "I agree with that" Alex said while looking at Martin and blushing just a little bit. Everyone disagreed with them. Naruto was furious but Odd intervened "That may sound like a good idea but then we will not be pulling our own weight. We will have to start a.s.a.p." With that comment Naruto lightened up a bit and had everyone start with a light warm-up and after he instructed them to do that he turned the reigns over to Yumi.

-POV Sam-

As we watched the other group walk off I realized that compared to me, Alex, and Clover all of the others seemed to know exactly what they were up against. "Okay let's get started with…" I started but was then interrupted by Sakura. It seemed like she thought she was all that with her short pink hair pulled back into a bun. "Let's move more inland then we can get started with some serious training." Everyone turned and started to follow her without letting me finish what I was going to say. For certain, I knew that I didn't know what I was doing. I followed along with the rest of the group, sadden. 'What am I saying? I don't know how to train the way these other guys do. I mean, I can kick those bad guys' butts, but we didn't need special training like this!' I thought to myself. I looked around to see that everyone had stopped and it looked like they were getting ready to start running because they were stretching. "Hey Sam do you know why everyone is acting like if we don't go hard core for the training then we will fail when we go up against the bad guys' in the FINAL BATTLE?" questioned Clover. "Because I think they feel if we are not serious during training then we will slip up and show a weakness and it is possible that we will lose and there will be casualties." I answered. Then I continued. "Clover these people have had years of special training and you, Alex, and I … well we don't have any kind of special training. We need to take this more serious than any of the others. I want to make a difference in the lives that we protect." I explained. Clover nodded in agreement and replied, "What can we do though? These people look like they've been kicking butts all of their life!" I made my hands into fists, and said determinedly "Well… so have we! We can do this, girl!" I placed my hand out. "Are you with me or are you against me?" Clover put her hand on top of mine and was now pumped up. "Oh yeah! We can totally kick butt… with style!" When Clover finished saying this she flashed a victory sign. "Hey! Are you two coming?" Shikamaru yelled at us as he sprinted with the others. "Right!" We shouted while we started into our sprints. 'We can do this…I…I have to.' I thought to myself encouraging.

-To Be Continued-

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