Author's Note

Greetings all. After a very thoughtful review I have decided to cut this story right here and just do a sequel. This story is going on much longer than I initially intended and I would like to continue the story line, just in a different story. The characters are at a different point in their lives now, and I would like to express that without all of the previous baggage they experienced in You Said Yes. I just want to give Naruto and Sakura a fresh start, truly. Just to clarify, the rest of the story will be told, just in a different one. I will be out of sight for a while to prepare for finals and a trip out of the country. Thank you to everyone who reviewed and continued to support.

Now onto more important things. If you see anywhere, that anyone has copied any part of this story, know that they did so without my permission and feel free to repot them to your hearts content. You don't need to ask my permission. You already have it. Thanks.